I draw too many white people.

Every now and then, I get a totally legitimate piece of criticism about my work:  I need more diversity in things besides queerness.  Regrettably, it’s a piece of criticism that I don’t work hard enough to correct.

Not to get too tumblr-y about this, but I recognize that being a white male means subconsciously I ignore my desire to be more racially inclusive with my work in favor of doing that which comes easily to me:  drawing people that look more like me.  It’s not a good excuse, and me being gay doesn’t give me a free pass either simply because I’m also a marginalized individual.  I think it’s just important for me to point out my problem so I can work to fix it in the future.  I appreciate the criticism!

In any case…enjoy the cute artwork!


Created using my cartooning brush set!


@mangaday Draws the Things He Can’t Say

To see more of his sketches embracing solitude, follow @mangaday on Instagram.

For Winai Namwong (@mangaday), his comic strip “Mr. Fail: Cartoon for Inter-Human Relationship” is a way to say things that he couldn’t. “It started when I felt sad, disappointed and broken-hearted, and I couldn’t talk to anyone,” the art student at Silpakorn University in Bangkok explains. Winai’s series about solitude helped him feel a little bit less lonely. “It felt good to draw,” he explains, “and it felt even better when I met people who have the same feelings as me.”

I received some bad family news this evening, and needed to de-stress.  What better way to do so than to draw a pinup?  (My recent heightened stress level in general is probably partially to blame for the plethora of naughty drawings on my blog lately - apologies if that’s not your thing, I suppose.)

I did the “sex arm” again - you know, what the visual-left arm is doing.  Initially the arm was doing something else but the pose got out of hand, so I fixed it by just drawing it in this position.

Drawn using my cartooning brush set!



Day 16 of celebrating illustrators, painters, artists, myth makers, and melanin mages of the past, present and future of the african diaspora.

Give it up for the wonderful Tiffany Ford, @toffany here on tumblr.

Cartoonist, Illustrator, Comic maker, and all around magnificent creator of things.

Tiffany’s images make me squeal with delight, fall over in uncontrollable laughter, or swoon as I imagine inhabiting those spaces. I honestly had trouble narrowing down some images to share, because JUST LOOK AT THIS.