The Fungusnazis 

(by Márk László

Im planning to make a comic about these poor dumb assholes. if you like fungus-infested skinheads and nazis beating the crap out of each other, youre gonna like it. …well, probably.

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Hey folks!

GOOD NEWS! I’m finally selling the brushes I use to make my art (and then a few extras for fun).  Yay!  For only $6, you get 14 professional-grade Photoshop brushes (tested for CS4 and above; may work in older versions, however), Many of which I use on a daily basis to create my own artwork for personal and professional projects, as seen on my tumblr.


You can see the brushes being sampled HERE

And you can see the brushes really in action HERE

(You can hear my weird voice in both videos, yay!)




Super Rockers 

(by Andrés Moncayo

I made this project because nothing inspire more as a child than superheros and music when I was a teenager.
so here it is. the two of them together. I hope you like it :)

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I’ll be moving from my hometown of Atlanta to Los Angeles in June (that’s just a month and a half from now!) and I need to make as much money from this point on to make that move go as smoothly as possible.  You can help by commissioning me!  I’ve included a brand new sketch commission option just for the occasion!

Note:  The sketch commission process is a little different than my regular commissions, so see the bottom of the post for those details.

The details:

Cost:   Cartoon-style busts - that’s shoulders-up - are $50 for a single character, or $45 per character if you purchase multiple characters.   Similarly, Full-body cartoon characters are $70 for a single character and $65 per character for multiple characters.  The more you order, the more you save!  Painted-style busts are $80 for a single character and $75 for multiple characters, and painted full-body characters are $100 for a single character, and $95 for multiples.  See the section below about backgrounds for information on background pricing.  Characters do not have to be in the same image to qualify for the discount.

Process: Contact me at snailsvenuedrew@gmail.com with reference photos of the people or characters you would like me to draw, as well as any relevant details.  After I send you the initial sketch, payment is due via Paypal.  If edits are needed, I will make them and then move onto inking and coloring/painting the finished image.  I will send you a high-resolution JPEG (or file format of your choice) and PDF as the final delivery.  I do not send printed copies at this time.  Thankfully, it’s really easy to find affordable and fast printing these days!

Content: Your commission can be a person you know, it can be you, it can be your pet or someone else’s pet, it can be a character from a show or comic or cartoon or whatever that you like, or a character you created.  I will draw just about anything.  I’m iffy about NSFW (Not Safe For Work) commissions but not against it.  NSFW, in this case, refers specifically to nudity.  I have the right to refuse any commission, but I’m flexible.

Backgrounds: All commissions come with a free, solid-color background.  However, a more locational background - like a beach or a forest or whatever you would like - costs extra.  I typically charge $50 extra for locational backgrounds, but that price could vary depending on what you want.  Just let me know!

Size:  Size doesn’t typically affect the price of an image, unless the image is really, really big.  I ordinarily work at 11x17 inches, 300 DPI or 600 DPI (depending on the project, really).  I’m happy to work at whatever size you want me to, and I will let you know if that affects the price at all (though really, it probably won’t).


Sketch commissions are black and white with a single gray tone.  I accept payment for sketch commissions up front.  The cost is $25 per character, and for my sketch option, there are no discounts for multiple characters as the price is already very affordable.  To keep the process fast (which helps justify the lower price), I only allow for one round of revisions, which is after I send you the finished inks (but before I add in any of the gray tone).  For sketch commissions, I work on an 8.5x11″ canvas.  If you insist on having a background in your sketch commission, let me know and I’ll figure out a fair price depending on what it is.  If you decide to upgrade it to full-body character commission after the fact, you can pay the difference depending on which commission option you choose.

To get the ball rolling - or if you simply have any questions - please email me at snailsvenuedrew@gmail.com (and please please PLEASE do not send me a tumblr ask/fan mail with more than simple questions.  I will not do business over tumblr’s message system, it is literally impossible.)

I look forward to hearing from you!



Moominland Tales: The Life of Tove Jansson

This documentary reveals the strong autobiographical slant in the Moomins series as it traces the author’s own extraordinary story from living the bohemian life of an artist in war-torn Helsinki to becoming a recluse on a remote island in the Gulf of Finland.

Enjoying unprecedented access to Jansson’s personal archive, the film reveals an unconventional, brave and compelling woman whose creative genius extended beyond Moominland to satire, fine art and masterful adult fiction - not least her highly regarded The Summer Book. With home movie footage shot by her long-term female lover and companion, it offers a unique glimpse of an uncompromising fun-loving woman who developed love as the central theme of her work.

Wonderful, one-hour documentary about Jansson’s work. I’m obsessed with her Moomin comics.

Here’s her drawing a couple Moomins:

FYI: nyrbclassics‘s “Tove Jansson” tag is a treasure trove.