David Bowie has been such a tremendous influence on me creatively. He seemed to approach narratives in his music with an honest and relatable simplicity while simultaneously cloaking them in a scintilatingly theatrical veneer. He said in an interview I saw recently that all of his creative endeavors were sort of experiments in communication with the common theme being loneliness, isolation, and the desire to reach out. I feel like he’s so well loved because he presented himself as both otherworldly and intensely human. Giving us mysteries to explore and an assurance that we’re not alone in them.

If only we as entertainers, communicators, and storytellers could all perform so well. Thanks for everything, Bowie.

Last week, I bought a Wacom Cintiq 22hd for my home.  It’s the same model we use at work, so I was excited to have such a great tool to use in my free time, as well!

My old 21ux was a fullscreen display, so none of my previous wallpapers would fit the new dimensions.  As such, I decided to whip up a new image to adorn my new desktop!

It’s a pretty standard “Drew Green beefy guy” but I like him.  You’re welcome to use it for your own desktop, if you feel so inclined!

As usual, this was created using my cartooning brush set.


So, I’m doing some early concept work for a film a friend of mine is making. I can’t give you any details of course, but here’s a sample. Stylistically this is pretty atypical for me. Honestly, it’s a lot more like what I was doing when I first got to college years ago than what I do now but I’ve been having a blast experimenting with all of the hatching! I feel like it might be fun to do a whole book like this. Might wear my poor elbow down to a fleshless nub though!


Muerte Lenta. Exposición colectiva. 

(by Gastón Pacheco

Muerte Lenta es el nombre de una muestra colectiva en la que participan grandes artistas de México celebrando el día de los muertos. Tuve el honor de ser invitado junto a otros artistas de latinoamérica Esta es la ilustración con la que estuve participando. Espero les guste!

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