HEY i was tagged by my baby @marissaofunderground and now im gonna list 10 songs in my playlist on shuffle without skipping nothin’. SO here we go.

1. Burial - Miike Snow

2. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

3. Aural Psynapse - deadmau5

4. All My Loving - The Beatles

5. Forget - Pogo

6. Pinocchionic - Pogo

7. What You Wanted - OneRepublic

8. Face to Face - Daft Punk

9. E X T E R N A L I N T E L L I G E N C E - Victor Delta (friend’s music B) )

10. Nicey Nicey - Pogo

w o w i have a lot of Pogo in my music lmao oops. only gonna tag a few: @dead-til-witching-hour @blobfishaesthetic @cartoonatics

bvdhjbhjd Messing around with designs for Shadow creatures. To the left is a Shadow cat, a small agile hard to catch creature that lives its life leaping from the towering cliffs carved away by rivers of colored ink. And to the right is a Marker deer, Vile tempered and forever craving the soles of those unfortunate enough to cross its path.