It was @crazybearlady‘s birthday yesterday, so I attempted a screenshot of her rubber hose style Owl Atticus’s cartoon show (featuring my Manfred the Moth). We talked about Atticus’s version of steam boat willie would be on a train, so have poor Atticus being berated by conductor Manny.

Sorry it’s late but happy birthday my good friend!

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jon always reminds me of like. a friendly little cartoon owl. softly goin 'hoo hoo' and imparting strange wisdom on the main character like 'friendship is in all of us we join the magical river of eternity weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'

yes !!! he is a fluffy nice cosmic owl boy i love it

So today I went to the store on my own and I had my ear defenders with me. This is the first time I have had the specific combination of shopping on my own and wearing them. (I’ve worn them in public before and had much different experiences.)

WOW. The looks I got from people as I walked around the store minding my own business. It was like I personally offended them by wearing my ear defenders covered in duct tape with a cartoon owl pattern. 

It was around midnight too, so like, a- there weren’t that many people there and b- the shopping population at that time tends to run odd anyway, and c- it was fucking wal-mart because nothing else is open at that time and it’s wal-mart you can walk through there wearing pretty much anything and not get a reaction.

I am both highly confused by the looks I got and also highly offended that people were that offended by me simply wearing ear defenders and looking autistic