Ultimutt faces off against an unruly robber; and pie splatters and other things ensue~

Reasons I desperately want the Voltron/Korra people to make a Percy Jackson cartoon:
  • They wouldn’t have to do anything but animate it because the dialogue is already perfectly written
  • You can slap an educational label on it for the parents, but it’s way too entertaining for kids to care
  • There’s more than enough material for 5+ seasons, and no end in sight
  • There’s a huge built in fanbase 
  • Animation means no terrible live action effects
  • IMAGINE THE MERCHANDISING OH MY GOSH like just imagine the Argo II Lego set!! and CHB shirts at Hot Topic and Festus on everything
  • They clearly know how to capture/choreograph water-based fight sequences (Also imagine Jason, Leo, and Hazel air/fire/earth bending)
  • As far as I know, Fox still holds the adaptation rights. Meaning, they could probably contract the animation studio to make the show and then air it one of their networks 
  • Seeing Rick go from, “Movie? What movie?” to “Lol yeah, I wrote that.”
  • Representation. Like a cartoon made with kids with ADHD and dyslexia in mind? Yes please. Main characters of all different races/backgrounds? Gotchu. Gays? Doesn’t get gayer than Greek mythology
  • People loudly and proudly supporting team Greek or team Roman 
  • Also people sporting their Godly parent like a Hogwarts house
  • The very first Percabeth kiss breaking the internet. 
  • Nico Di Angelo breaking the internet. 
  • Characters dying onscreen and it being traumatizing but necessary
  • Getting to see whats going on at both camps simultaneously and filling in some of the gaps
  • Kids getting to grow up with Percy in a completely new way



This 10 week heap of a project is finally done.

My wrists are ready to snap off but other than that I’m happy with how this came out in the end! :,D

no I’m not coloring the other 14 something pages either
please excuse while I collapse on the couch over there

Many thanks again to all my friendly lovelies that let me cameo their characters a few times in this project <3 Havin something to work on as a gift for you guys made those spreads honestly my faves of the whole book to work on 

(and kept my sanity in check)

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