Throwback to when I wore Beth to ECCC 2014 and got photos in front of the Boom! Studios booth like the big dork I am. I’m probably going to bring Beth back out now at some point soon since there’s going to be more Bravest Warriors. It’ll be nice to finally get to wear this cosplay again since I was really happy with the updates I made to it for ECCC, but didn’t manage to get any shots that day aside from these hallway photos. OTL

Emerald City Comic-Con 2014

Cosplayer - anyapanda-official



“You are the girl that I’ve been dreaming of, ever since I was a little girl."💖

Cosplayed Bubbline with my love for Valentines Day yesterday and totally forgot to post any pics on tumblr, so sorry it’s a day late!

Bubblegum is myself and Marceline is prince-vantas 💖👑




Hey there, my names James. Organising a meet up of any cartoon cosplayers attending London MCM May 2015 on Saturday 23rd May at 14:00 on the grass square by the Novotel, this is pretty close to the big fountain. Thought it would be really cool to get a cartoon meet up happening with possibly lots of fun crossover photos!!

Avatar, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Bee and Puppycat. So many cartoons out there!!

I’ll be going as Steven from Steven Universe and look forward to seeing lots of other cartoon lovers in costume, hoping with some boosting we can attract some interest from photographers. It will be a really fun and friendly meet!

Please boost and respond with who your cosplaying as!!


Bubbles cosplayed by alcblueyes

Buttercup cosplayed by crazigtarplaya

Blossom cosplayed by EclecticManiac

Professor Utoniom cosplayed by Foxykio

Photographed by HarajukuMonae

from the cartoon The Power Puff Girls created by Craig McCracken


Terra was in trouble from the day we met her,she war also powerful, and had a lot of potential, so we invited her to join the team. She was having trouble controlling her powers, and the Teen Titans ( beast boy knew it her problem) discovered that and  she left us.

Then she fell into the hands of an evil man named Slade. He promised to help her gain control of her powers if she helped him take us down…

finally with good resolution x3