*internal Scooby monologue*

“Hey. Gang. Hey. Look at this.”

“No, over here. Look. Seriously.”

“See? It’s the Scooby Snacks that we need to touch to escape this virtual world. Same as all the previous levels.”

“Grab it, and we’re done here. Just grab it.”

“No, seriously, I don’t have opposable thumbs, it’s way harder for me. Could one of you just–… wait, what are you looking at?”

“Oh. A shark way off in the distance. Cool. I guess the whole gang can hear long-distance sharks underwater now.”

“You know It’s like 30 feet away, right? Just grab the Scooby Snacks and we’ll be teleported out of here.”

“I… what are you doing? You can literally just– oh, for the love of….”

“FINE! Fine. Here, I got them. Now we’ll fade away, and teleport to safety at the last possible second.”

“Sheesh. If you want some done right, you have to Scooby-Dooby-do it yourself.”


Did you ever notice that a lot of the shenanigans Spongebob gets into, he is actually breaking the law? Well, if you didn’t, we have a list of 10 ways SpongeBob SquarePants could be arrested IRL! Featuring Vailskibum94

1. Shaggy pours out 11 peanuts

2. Peanuts take to the air, multiply into 17

3. Peanuts accelerate, becoming 21 in the process

4. Peanuts, still unsatisfied with their numbers, soar away and become 22, fulfilling their sacred destiny


1st trailer of “The Breadwinner” animated feature film directed by Nora Twomey at Cartoon Saloon studio (Song of the Sea, Secret of Kells).