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  • You can get all 27 episodes of the series plus the radio play of the unproduced final episode here. Or if you would rather only have 9 episodes for $1.50 less, you can do that here.
  • You can get a cheap used copy of The Grand Tour comic featuring the adult versions of the kids here.

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anonymous asked:

What about animator!R? R with back aches and carpal tunnel so bad he can't even hold a pen sometimes in his worse days. And him having to wear a wrist brace occasionally (which gives Joly a heart attack). R who may not be the best artist, but can draw incredibly fast, and his sketch book is filled with quick cartoon doodles. R who loves watching Disney films and knows the history of it. R who gives fun facts about the behind-the-scenes for disney films. R who loves his job because it makes-

himself and kids happy. R who believes that adults should appreciate the child inside them. Just. R being an animator.

  • Grantaire who sometimes draws those flip books that animate when you flip the pages fast. Sometimes it’s Enjolras flipping his hair l’Oréal style. Sometimes it’s a guillotine falling on a watermelon
  • When Grantaire needs a little money to make ends meet, he takes commisions to draw people cartoon/animation style. It’s pretty successful with tourists. Plus tourists take him for the quintessencial Parisian artist whenever he wears stripes
  • “If I really wanted to make money I’d make porn versions of EVERYTHING, Bahorel. But I have this thing called integrity. 5€ at the drug store, do not recommend it”
  • He’s secretly working on an animation series on the ABC and its members and he already has designs for all his friends but he doesn’t want to seem weird??? He just draws a lot of inspiration from them because they mean a lot to him
  • Randomly sketches in the métro or on post-its, and when kids get interested, he gives them the post-its

Here’s a big project coming up: my senior animation thesis!

Titled, ‘Dreading Water’, it’s an animated short (obviously) starring my two characters, Kana and Logan. Logan takes Kana out to swim, but the problem is that she doesn’t know how to. So Logan takes it upon himself to teach her!

Big thanks to the very talented Vannamelon for lending her voice to my short! Check out her channel, HERE!

As far as all-powerful genies go, Doris, the sweet, lovable genie equipped with a heavy Minnesotan accent, is the one to pair up with. While the notion that all wishes inevitably end in complete, utter disaster has been proven to be true, Doris is always prepared to soften the blow with some cosmic cookies, brownies, or lemon bars (on the house). As she likes to say, “A little brownie can cure the frownies, don’t ‘cha know!”


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