Zuko: My uncle, he used to say the best stuff. ‘Don’t work yourself into a lather. Look where it is and you’ll find it. Don’t put me in a home. Tell the truth and shame the devil. The devil knows where you’re hiding. If you take enough rides with the devil, pretty soon he’s going to drive.’

The Gaang:

Zuko: He was really into the devil.
Animated Justice League Cast Wants a Reunion Movie, Need Fans' Help
The Justice League animated series might get a revival with the original voice cast, but only if Warner Bros. knows you want it.

DCAU Justice League returning could mean the return of some of the teen heroes from that verse in a cameo or something more, so I support this idea. And it’s not so unrealistic when not only Young Justice rose from the dead but Batman: The Brave & The Bold has also found a way to be back for one last team-up.

Funny, I was recently thinking about which of DC events I’d like to see adapted to which of their shows and I could suggest a story that would be a good baseline/general premise for one last hurrah for Justice League of DCAU that would even fit into one of the open ends the show has left.

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