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A rough animation I did of Osmosis Jones breakdancing to Rappers Delight! This was really difficult to animate but so much fun! I’m going to revisit it some time in the future and actually draw in his features. 

I’ve made a rough animation of Tillie from Cats Don’t Dance. This is my 1st year exam at The Animation Workshop. It was really fun to make!


We’ve made our first animated short! I worked in a group with 5 others, and we decided to work with an abstract story and shapes. It was a big challenge but so much fun to do. Watch with music since it plays a big role :) 


We are very proud to finally introduce our short film GRANDMA’S HERO !!!

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This is the line test of a hand drawn animation I’ve made at The Animation Workshop. For this assignment we had to come up with our own idea of how Daffy would take down a bag of money from a tree. I decided to go with a magician theme and I had so much fun animating this!


Okay, so I know it’s a bit jerky, but there it goes anyway. It’s a small rotation test for my shortfilm in development called “The Golden Egg”, which I’m doing at the Open Workshop, in @theanimationworkshop .
If you couldn’t tell from the appearance, is a medieval fairy tale story. I have a couple of weeks more in here, so I guess I’ll be uploading more development and character designs and stuff in here and in the shortfilm’s facebook page (hidden at the time of posting, but I will enable it soon)
Hope you like it!


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Name: Abby.

Short description:  Abby is a little and mischievous ink demon who loves to play, sing and dance. She’s always in trouble.

Occupation: A cartoon character.

Species: An ink demon.

Gender: Female.

Personality: Abby is very energetic and cheerful. She’s always planning a mischief! Really loving and caring with her friend Flax (he belongs to a friend). She’s very curious and intelligent and can get away from problems pretty easily but… she can get on people’s nerves easily too.

Story: Many years ago, a young woman called Marian started to work at the workshop. She was only 25 years old when she started. In other words, she was a beginner animator. She worked in some animations for other cartoons.

In fact, Marian was a creative woman who was always thinking on new stories and character for the future cartoons the company may want or need. That’s why she ended creating Abby. You could find many sketches of Abby on Marian’s desk. She even did some story boards for the stories she made for Abby. She put all her heart and love into Abby but… sadly, Abby was rejected.

The company wasn’t interested in her at all so Abby just stayed inside a drawer for many years though Marian kept working on her a lot.

Thirty years later, the ink machine at the workshop managed to give Abby a real body, memories and a real conscience. She could remember Marian, even if she wasn’t working at the workshop anymore, and she could remember how much Marian loved her.

When everything went shady on the workshop (the main plot on BATIM), she started to hide around, trying not to be found.

Likes: She loves to sing and dancing swing. She loves listening to music and watching cartoons made in the workshop (this only happens after she got out from the ink machine). She’s a big fan of all the other cartoons that appeared on the big screen. You can ask her and she will provide you all the information of the other characters of the workshop.

Dislikes: She hates being ignored and small places. She also hates erasers, she usually hides those.


  • She can use her pigtails as tools. She can change their shape too.
  • Her biggest dream is appearing on the big screen.
  • Once she got out from the ink machine, she started to feel curious. She started to check every desk (specially Marian’s old desk) in order to find some of her sketches and feel that she was loved even if she was rejected.
  • Marian quit her job when she noticed things were getting weird. She took all the sketches she made of Abby. That’s why Abby couldn’t find any of them.