cartoon salon

~drawing exercises, shop talk, coffee, solidarity~

Drop by to catch up with fellow cartoonists and comics makers in Pittsburgh. We’ll be doing some drawing exercises together, talking shop and shooting shit. Allison Strejlau, regular artist on the Regular Show Comic & Breadwinners Comic is going to talk about her work processes, her past comics making experiences and her current projects.

It’s been nice when people have copies of their own work to show other attendees the kind of comics making that you do. Your comics and sketchbooks work wonders at helping people get on your wavelength! Bring ‘em!

The one and only Copacetic Comics, two floors above the Lili Cafe will be staying open until 6 PM, so get there early and pick up some new comics, poetry or prose to feed your brain!

All are welcome ♥

WHAT: Pittsburgh Comics Salon - August Edition.
WHERE: Lili cafe - 3138 Dobson St. (back room)
WHEN: Wednesday August 5th 6-8 PM
WHO: Cartoonists and Comics makers of the area


I’m so mesmerized by this video set of short cartoons with traditional songs in Irish