cartoon pug


Sorry to interrupt you regularly unscheduled injection of Gundam, but I feel the need to inform everyone that Space Brothers, aka Uchuu Kyoudai, is literally one of the best shows to have ever been made.

It’s been about a year since I finished it and I still think it’s fucking fantabulous.

Not only did it save me from my depression, but watching Mutta struggle against seemingly impossible goals, yet soldier on and succeed; it lit a fire in my heart and motivated me to become a better person. I might not be the person I want to be yet, but I’m still trying. And it’s partially in thanks to a fucking anime about trying to become an Astronaut.

Seriously, if you like space in any capacity, go fucking watch it. Otherwise if you just like good shows about people working toward a dream, go fucking watch it.


I am back from my vacation! I went to Florida to visit Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios! I rode the Men In Black ride and I was pleasantly surprised to see all of this pug merch in the gift shop! I would think they would have everything alien related, but it was all dogs! I think Agent J and K are awesome, but I supposed it’s really all about Frank the pug.