Cartoon network’s promo on Nickelodeon This is so cute, the way my favorite characters interact is beautiful! 🙌


While searching through some old boxes, I found the first-ever drawings of the cast of Mighty Magiswords! I drew these in 1996. I had intended them as “fish out of water” characters in a high school comedy called Zeddy. You can see Zeddy there next to Vambre, who I drew first. They are presented here next to their current iterations for comparison, contrastium, and amusementitude. 

Steven's Birth

Pearl: Ahh! This is ridiculous! We should be in there with Rose, helping her! Not waiting around for that thing to come along!

Garnet: The doctor clearly stated for Greg to be the only one present for the child’s birth. Besides we…we all said are goodbyes.

Pearl: …It won’t be Rose, you know.

Garnet: Rose would kill you if she heard you say that, even you Pearl. You have to love Ste-

Pearl: Don’t even say his name!

Garnet: *sigh* You have to love the child, for Rose’s sake.

*Garnet and Pearl hear Rose scream*

Pearl: It pains me that I can’t help her Garnet!

Garnet: She’s Rose Quartz! She can handle it.

*Amethyst, who was sleeping next to Garnet, wakes up*

Amethyst: wh-wha-whaa??? *Gasp* IS HE HERE YET? IS MY BABY BROTHER HERE YET!


Amethyst: oh right, that’s why I fell asleep! *yawn voice* wake me up when the baby comes.

*Amethyst falls back asleep*

Pearl: *whisper screaming* Its like she doesn’t even care!

Garnet: *whisper screaming* you and I’ve known Amethyst for a long time now! She’s bottling her feelings inside so she isn’t upset like you are!

Pearl: *whisper screaming* Well, excuse me! What do you expect me to do? Oh. It’s all just dandy! Everything’s going to be fine! Nothing to bad. Just that Rose Quartz, my liege, will be gone from my life forever. JUST THAT THE LOVE OF MY LI-

*Pearl is stopped by a beaming pink light coming from the delivery room. Garnet stands up in awe. The light wakes up Amethyst. The light dies down and shortly after, Greg exits the door with a small bundle in a blanket in his hands. He has clearly been crying but the tears of grief have turned into tears of joy*

Garnet: Is that?

*Greg looks up and smiles, sniffling a bit*

Greg: Say hello to Steven Quartz Universe *sniffle*

Amethyst: I…I’m a sister?

*Greg handles the baby over to Garnet*

Garnet: I…we love him. Just like I knew we would.

*Greg looks up from Steven and sees a Pearl with her arms crossed and leaning against the wall. Garnet hands Steven over to Greg. Greg walks over to Pearl*

Pearl: What do you want? *sniffle*

Greg: Steven wants to meet one of his favorite aunts.

Pearl: *turning around* What on earth are yo-

*Pearl starts to Marvel at the bundle of joy*

Pearl: …he…he has her

Greg: Her gem? Yeah, I know

Pearl: No…he has her smile
Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios Encourages Children To Create Original Ideas
Major network creators like Rebecca Sugar and Ben Bocquelet will participate and teach children how to create cartoons.

Cartoon Network is launching a worthwhile online initiative to help budding animators create their own cartoons — and some of the studio’s most well known creators will participate in the program, offering creative advice to children.

Beginning this month, Cartoon Network will roll out its Imagination Studios initiative in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) to teach kids aged 6-12 the basics of animation and hopefully “inspire and celebrate [their] imagination and creativity,” according to a recent Cartoon Network announcement.

Imagination Studios will offer lessons and activities about drawing, coloring, storyboarding, special effects, music, voiceover, and animation, in an effort to give children the necessary toolset for developing their own ideas. Additionally, Cartoon Network creators like Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe) and Ben Bocquelet (The Amazing World of Gumball) will offer guidance and tips on the platform.

“We often receive fan art and story ideas inspired by our shows, so we wanted to create a destination to encourage and facilitate all the amazing creativity stored in the minds of our young audiences,” said Patricia Hidalgo, svp and chief content & creative officer for Kids at Turner Broadcasting EMEA. “Cartoon Network Imagination Studios is a place where kids can learn, gain inspiration, have fun and, ultimately, be themselves; it promotes the value of being different and, in turn, creating something unique.”

Cartoon Network will also offer kids the opportunity to enter their finished work into consideration for Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios Awards, which so far is available to UK children and may be expanded to other regions. Some of those ideas may be “brought to life on air on Cartoon Network.”

In the UK, the Imagination Studios project is supported by the British Film Institute, which will help judge the awards competition and will host tie-in events at the BFI Southbank. The UK will also offer a specially-created “teacher toolkit” for primary school instructors to incorporate lessons centered around the theme of “friendship” into the UK national curriculum.