I wouldnt mind a new Josie and the pussycats cartoon if it was more on the lines of the Cartoon Network Groovies music video.


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Omniverse Halloween fanfiction

Contains Adventure and Romance with Brooken and Gwevin.

Chapter 2: Albedo joins Ben’s team and was adopted

The team are prepared to go to Ben’s house meanwhile Rook chose the wrong costume for him… He wanted to dress as Mayor Glory from Dexter’s Laboratory too! When Ben chose Dexter and change his hair color to orange, he wanted Rook to buy a Mayor Glory costume!

Rook: Ben, I need to change my costume…
Ben: Ok Blonko, let’s go to the mall quickly.

The lovable partners return to the mall to return Rook’s Agent Six outfit to trade for Mayor Glory. The cash is returned to Rook, and with his money he will pay the Mayor Glory costume, and then he’s ready!

Rook: Ben, I’m ready my sweetheart!
Ben: Ok Blonko that’s it and LET’S GO!!!

Both got out to the mall to go at Ben’s house and prepare to trick or treat! Gwen and Kevin are already dressed for the trick or treat, and of course Ben and Rook are ready!

Ben: Ok Blonko, what do you think with my new Dexter look?
Rook: Not so bad Ben. And what do I look with my Mayor Glory outfit?
Ben: Very great Blonko! Many years ago when I watched a Dexter’s Lab episode when Mayor Glory needs a sidekick Dee Dee and Dexter become sidekicks. And that’s because I’m your sidekick Mayor Glory!
Rook: Thanks Dexter! Hey Marshall are you prepared?
Kevin: Ok Rook, now we are… Ohhhhhh…. Rook you changed…..
Rook: Hahahaha! I’m the mayor glory and this is my sidekick Dexter!
Kevin: Oh my goodness! Gweeeeeen!!!!! (Runs screaming for Gwen)
Rook: Oops…
Ben: Let’s wait for Marshall and Bubblegum.
Gwen: What’s going on Kevin are you scared?
Kevin: Yeah… Rook has changed into a superhero from Dexter’s Lab!
Gwen: Well if we are trick or treating I will call you Marshall and you Bubblegum.
Kevin: Thanks Princess Bubblegum!
Kevin gives a kiss in Gwen’s Cheek.

The plumbers stayed in the base, and Max went for his grandchildren, Kevin, and Rook,to see their status of trick or treating meanwhile he bought a costume for him: Gazpacho from Chowder!

Suddenly Albedo appears… but he seems to be very sad… And he wants to be a hero…

Albedo: Ben, where are you? I don’t want to fight with you anymore! I want to be friendly with you and a hero like you!

Ben and Rook are filling their baskets of candy meanwhile Albedo arrived and grabs Ben!

Albedo: Gotcha Ben!
Ben: Leave me alone Albedo!
Rook: Hey Albedo! Release my boyfriend!
Albedo: Oops I’m sorry… I didn’t want to kill you.
Ben: Thanks for being friendly.
Albedo: Oh Ben, it’s you! I’m very sorry and I didn’t want to worry you and causing copies of yourself! Albedo starts crying again.
Ben: Oh! Don’t cry Albedo. Really you want to be a hero and join us?
Albedo: Yes! I wanna be happy and no longer evil! I promise you Ben.
Ben: owwww! Albedo, thanks!
Ben hugs Albedo.
Rook: Looks like Albedo joined us!
Albedo: Yes, and I still have the red Ultimatrix, with that I can help you to fight villains!
Ben: Thank you Albedo for everything. Now we are the Omniverse trio! Let’s go with Gwen and Kevin to have a trick or treat the five together!
Rook: It’s true my sweetheart Ben, and our new member Albedo! LET’S GO!!

Albedo joins Ben and Rook for his new heroic adventure: From villain to hero!

To be continued…

For CN’s Stop Bullying, I designed a month long course about self expression!

This is the week you get everything out of your system! Draw, or write, or sing, or dance your guts out. This is not about skill, just raw guts!

Suggestion- I like to put on music and draw furiously to try and get as many drawings done as possible before a song ends.

Try to draw so fast you can’t even think!

Another suggestion- write about your day & how you’re feeling, but when you’re done, keep going anyway, until you’re writing about something you didn’t even know you were thinking about.

If you’re mad, sad, scared, happy, whatever it is, express it and don’t worry if it’s not pretty or polished. Save the drawings/writing, or record your singing/dancing, keep it and don’t show anyone yet. This is just for you, for now.

Save this to come back to after week 4!

Hope you will do this with me! Week one starts NOW!