cartoon nature


Hi there my deers~~
Im horrible person when it comes to post new stuff here…I know x’D

Sooooo, recently I drew this two sketches that are focused on Pearl from SU and her past c: I was wondering and thinking about her origin….there is still so much stuff in this show that is still secret….but thats why its so exciting no???!

Hope you’ll like it!

Episode begins. Oh noes, a white wolf is howling at the moon!

Wow, that’s quite a blizzard… I hope he stays war–

*it cuts to closeup*


Never mind, I guess there wasn’t any snow blowing after all. We must have all just imagined it. 

…anyway, the gang meets a guy with a head shaped like a butternut squash,

–Scooby reacts to a bunch of potentially-spooky things,

–and they’re shown to their room.

After all this stuff happens, several minutes later, we cut back…

and that wolf is still howling at the moon, in that exact same position, having not moved at all.

I guess wolf union rules aren’t too stringent about taking breaks.

  • someone: wow how do you do art/animate like that i couldnt even draw a stick figure i can't mentally comprehend the skill required to create these things
  • me: oh i dunno i mean i just do it, i guess?
  • someone: (reads things, knows shit, talks goodly)
  • me: hwatht the fuckgk/?? howd you ..
Here we see the Chameleon Coat in its natural habitat.

Ain’t it a beauty?

When threatened by a gang of teenage supersleuths, it utilizes its truly remarkable natural camouflage.

Once it’s been identified as a clue, recognized by its distinctive yellow and brown coloration…

…it quickly transforms into white and green, ready to throw them off the scent!

Isn’t nature amazing?