cartoon motion


Carl the Animator: “Wassup?”

Ted the Animator: “I swear, it’s impossible to move the people *in* the van perfectly in sync *with* the van.”

Carl the Animator: “Like, scaling them as it comes forward?”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, just look at it.” 

Ted the Animator: “I try so hard to keep it accurate frame by frame, but they still bounce around like crazy and slide to the left.”

Carl the Animator: “Weird. So, the tracking’s broken?”

Ted the Animator: “…the what?’

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, the motion tracking.”

Ted the Animator:…”

Carl the Animator: “Keyframing the passengers? 

Ted the Animator:

Carl the Animator: “…tying their position in the frame to the van?”

Ted the Animator:You can do that?!”

Carl the Animator: “Um… yes. You can even have it scale dynamically according to how big the van gets.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’ve been doing it by hand for months, why didn’t you tell me?!”

Carl the Animator: “You’re normally the one who knows all the techniques and stuff! I sorta assumed you’d know about such a basic thing by now.”

Ted the Animator: “…eh, I guess that’s fair, I am usually the smart one… how do you access that option in the program, anyway? I can’t find it.”

Carl the Animator: “Right-click the object. Second menu item.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh. Thanks.”

Carl the Animator: “You’re welcome, smart one.”


Animation Studios (Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, LAIKA & Studio Ghibli)

I want to visit them, I want to work at them *——–*

Why does no one talk about Supermansion?

I mean its a stop motion animated super hero comedy starring Bryan Cranston, Keegan Micheal-Key, and even has Chris Pine voice two villains (and you’d never know unless you were told he kills it) and yet no one seems to talk about it. I just its two seasons in and  … HOW? Is no one talking about it?

The series is about a Superman parody who both ages (poorly) and has such a terrible libido his awful choices because of it is a running gag, trying to keep his equally unhinged teammates in line. Which includes…..

A Captian America parody who is the man removed from time thing played utterly straight. He often uses terms and thinking that were fine in the 1930s but  are straight out offensive now. Also he constantly brings up the fact he was frozen for decades as a BAD thing. 

A Batman parody sans the “My parents are dead” i.e. he plays the tortured dark hero bit buuuutttttt his parents are billionaires and he simply refuses to grow up. Also way more obsessed with his Joker analogue than said Joker is to him. 

A Hulk parody who gets his powers from drugs rather than anger and is oddly the teams most stable member. Despite his addict tendencies.

Then we have a Robot who questions it’s position in the world often making quick life altering decisions, i.e. it learns its creator had a typically jewish surname so decides to convert to judisim with very little forth thought.

And Finally a Tigra spoof who’s literally a cat turned into a person instead of the other way around. Despite being given hyper evolved intelligence it gives her little more than average or below average human intelligence because she is after all a cat. She gets distracted by laser pointers, can’t focus well and will go feral if left outside. She’s also fucking hysterical. 

Add on for good measure a more bureaucraticial Nick Fury, an easy going Joker, an even more self involved Iron Man, villains remarking that they are being unfairly held in the teams basement, and it makes for one hell of a good time. 

I mean i’m not even getting to the shockingly touching moments the show can have, or Yvette Nicole Brown’s character in season 2, not to mention a really fun twist in season ones storyline. It just such a fun series i don’t get why more people aren’t into it.

Zodiacs art styles

Aquarius: Cartoon-Realistic
Pisces: Calming-Cute
Aries: Realistic
Taurus: Rebel-Realistic
Gemini: Calming-Cute
Cancer: Emotional-Cute/Cartoon
Leo: Motion-Realistic
Virgo: Low-Cartoon
Libra: Rebel-Cute
Scorpio: Realistic
Sagittarius: Fun-Realistic
Capricorn: Serious-Realistic