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Older Mike Wheeler. (I just love drawing his hair oh god)

I feel like my art style is actually evolving you guys??!!??

I’ve been struggling so much these last few months to kinda come back to drawing and develope some kind of style that I like doing. Not like my very cartoon-ish works, which are kinda “lazy” works because they’re so quick and easy to make. And the more realistic (or semi-realistic) pieces are SO DIFFICULT and I need million references to do them. I just wanted to find a nice in between-style and I feel like it’s slowly developing???

I still need to work a lot on my anatomy, but I feel as if that’s becoming easier too which makes me so happy 😭 I didn’t even use any references for this one and I’m honestly in shock because (to me at least) it turned out kinda good?


Jay: And there you have it folks! Cole is out of the game! Ronin wins!

Cole: CAKE~

Zane: I estimated your winnings, you won 500 zillion dinero.

Ronin: Boy if only that were true

Nya: Shouldn’t  we be doing something?


Morro: Strangely this box can trap people better than me…

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Hey! What was your inspiration for your style? How did you find out?


actually my style changed a LOT during the years (which are…almost 8??)

I tend to change stuff easily because I get fast tired of the common, I went from manga style (don’t ask, I was 12 eww) to a more cartoon-ish style 

Honestly I tend to look at many drawings and, without realizing it, use what I learnt for my drawings  (Mannerism style, yay) 

I think my style evolved into what it is now since I got to know Undertale (Finding a new way to represent characters: more simplified but with more emotions, even if I posted just shitposting there)

now, talking about my current style:

I think my style drastically changed when I got known to THE BINDING OF ISAAC (starting to draw for real angst and gore, which I did around september-haha)

THEN, I got known about flipnote (Undertale—) and around fandom related stuff I found also original animations (I don’t like to mention people, but let’s say that a couple of peeps around sudomemo inspired me GREATLY, you might know them)

From there I also started to animate (around October), and I began to put life in my drawing (MORE EMOTIONS, MORE DRAMA, MORE SHITPOSTING)

I’m honestly VERY happy to have found this style, can’t wait to see how much it will change in future!

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A towering figure could be seen across from Ace in the shady bar. The man looked almost cartoon-ish against the table that barely fit him. However, he still sat back comfortably, hat tilted down and his glimmering claws playing with a pair of dice. Slowly he peered up at Ace before letting out a deep chuckle. "You a gamblin', man?" He asked out, his voice deep and smooth like velvet.

Ace grimaced, his silken voice laced with contempt. “Quite the opposite, actually, mi amigo. I do not take well to gambling.”

I threw up all the pics of Steve Rogers in his Cap costume across all the movies we have of him so far. 

a.  That Avengers costume is the absolute worst of all of them.  If Coulson had any input on that design, bless you sir but you should never be allowed to design anything for Steve to wear ever again.  I could swear there was more coherent meta on this somewhere else, but just from my own perspective, it renders Steve as the most “cartoon-ish” of all the Avengers and it just looks jarring when everything and everyone else looks solidly real - even Loki with his ridiculous horned helmet. 

b.  Seriously, it says something about that terrible, cheesetastic costume that Steve actually looks more convincing in his soldier’s leather jacket and the silly sweater from the USO stage show. 

c.  The Age of Ultron costume and the CATFA ones are both practical and kickass and if I remember correctly, Steve actually collaborated with Howard in this costume’s design.  I can totally imagine that in-universe, Steve combined the elements of his old and the CATWS uniform and collaborated with Tony to produce this final look. 

d.  Yeah I’m biased but my favorite is still the CATWS stealth suit.  :D

“The connection between humans are the most feared, the most problematic & the most potentially transforming force on the planet.”


Sterek AU: Or the one where Stiles decided to go overboard with everything, because if he has to decorate, the least he deserves is have some fun with it. That means dozens of carved pumpkins, and fake corpses, and private graveyard, and so many awful fake lanterns he manages to get hands on. By the second day Lydia disowns him, by the fifth day even Scott begins to think about pretending he doesn’t know him. When the Hallow’s Eve comes knocking Stilinski household is the most ostentatious and flashy house in Beacon Hills. The surprise is, people kind of learned to love it by that time and everyone comes by to look at it when it’s all lit up and ready. The biggest surprise for Stiles is, that Derek loves it to bits. What he doesn’t know, is that Derek doesn’t love it per say, oh he is amused by it and was by all the preparations, but mostly he just loves how excited Stiles is about it and how his eyes shine with glee and pride, when all is set and done. 

They both spend the evening at the Derek’s place, though, huddled up in blankets, with hot cider, making out like there’s no tomorrow. Because hey, you can’t really get more halloween-y than making out with real life werewolf.