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Ok since the dragon games I think the thing that most people are talking about is this:

Now a lot of people have been debating whether Apple woke up because of Darling’s “mouth to mouth” or “true love’s kiss”. Now I’m going to hopefully prove to you that this was because of “true love’s kiss”.

first. The light

If this really was mouth to mouth I don’t think that there would light emitting from where their lips touch (Classic true love’s kiss trope right here!).

second: The poison apple

(Yeah I know this is from Snow White not the cartoon but I couldn’t find it) You have to remember that Apple is poisoned by a magical poisoned apple. This is enchanted, normal mouth to mouth wouldn’t do anything to counteract a magical curse. Plus this curse can ONLY be unbroken by “true love’s kiss” kind of suggesting that only a kiss from her true love could wake her up.

Try to prove me wrong! (I know someone will)

The Flower Shot

The flower shots were pretty far and away the hardest for me.

I ended up making 3D models of the flowers to use as reference for the final shot.

But to start at the beginning, working out how the flowers would grow was the first thing I did on Freaking Out. I couldn’t help with the story boarding or puppets so I just did concepts for the various effects.

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“My entitlement, narcissism, CRIPPLING LONELINESS, and my irrational attachments.”

Like I get Rick’s attachments but we are over looking the crippling loneliness.

Current Fandoms

Gravity Falls:

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Steven Universe:

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Star Vs. the Forces of Evil:

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Rick and Morty:

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Miraculous Ladybug:

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“...I’d never thought about how much of the show is just us watching Shaggy freak out over various things.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah… if it wasn’t called The Scooby-Doo Show, it would prolly be The Shaggy Yelling ‘Like, Zoinks!’ a Lot Show.

Ted the Animator: “I’d bet all the moments of him freaking out would be reeeaaally funny together….”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…hint hint?”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, alright, fine… I swear, the things I do for my public.”

*2 hours later*

Carl the Animator: “…yeah, ok, you were right, that WAS hilarious.”

Ted the Animator: *still doubled over with laughter*

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Are there any cartoons that still freak you out today? There's a Courage episode with Katz running a hotel full of massive spiders that I still can't watch all the way through even though I'm in my late teens.

This isn’t a cartoon but… remember Mr. Meaty

Is no one going to talk about Steven and his gem powers because:



He had NO idea what he was doing.