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The Flower Shot

The flower shots were pretty far and away the hardest for me.

I ended up making 3D models of the flowers to use as reference for the final shot.

But to start at the beginning, working out how the flowers would grow was the first thing I did on Freaking Out. I couldn’t help with the story boarding or puppets so I just did concepts for the various effects.

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Ok since the dragon games I think the thing that most people are talking about is this:

Now a lot of people have been debating whether Apple woke up because of Darling’s “mouth to mouth” or “true love’s kiss”. Now I’m going to hopefully prove to you that this was because of “true love’s kiss”.

first. The light

If this really was mouth to mouth I don’t think that there would light emitting from where their lips touch (Classic true love’s kiss trope right here!).

second: The poison apple

(Yeah I know this is from Snow White not the cartoon but I couldn’t find it) You have to remember that Apple is poisoned by a magical poisoned apple. This is enchanted, normal mouth to mouth wouldn’t do anything to counteract a magical curse. Plus this curse can ONLY be unbroken by “true love’s kiss” kind of suggesting that only a kiss from her true love could wake her up.

Try to prove me wrong! (I know someone will)

MPHFPC autistic/neurodivergent headcanon thingy

I don’t see a lot of autistic/neurodivergent headcanons for Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. Probably because despite being a best seller it’s not the most popular book series ever, plus the movie adaption (that I refuse to acknowledge exists) for it is a bit more popular at the moment, which is annoying since the book is so wonderful and the movie doesn’t even begin to capture that. But I didn’t come here to rant. It surprises me there’s not a lot of neurodivergent or autistic headcanons for this book because in so many ways this book is like one big metaphor for neurodivergence.

The peculiars are very, what I lovingly have deemed “spectrum-y” or “neurodivergent-like” They have Peculiarity, which is people born and wired with unusual gifts. These gifts are, well, gifts, but can also be disabling in many aspects; A blessing and a curse. It’s, in a lot of ways, like being born neurodivergent. It’s apart of how they’re wired, is the very core of who they are, and affects the way they think and process the world. It develops that way too, some people know right away, some people don’t know until later. Some people are born with their traits, others traits don’t start appearing until later. Some people don’t develop their peculiarity until something happens. But they’re all equally peculiar. There’s no such thing as “sort of” or “a little” peculiar, it makes up the core of who they are, not some of it. Peculiarity is a pervasive thing, and no part of who they are is untouched by it.

P̶r̶e̶p̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶l̶e̶v̶e̶l̶ ̶1̶0̶ ̶i̶n̶f̶o̶d̶u̶m̶p̶i̶n̶g̶

(Headcanons under the cut because it’s gonna be loooong. I tried to make this as short as possible, but I have no ability to write short posts, I tend to overexplain and write too much, plus I took this from a blog post I did on representation and adapted it for my Tumblr, so… I did my best. Also since there’s so many characters and I wanted to talk about each of their traits, it’s gonna be long by default. Like I said, I tried.)

(Also, if you disagree with autistic headcanons or this headcanon or anything I write just ignore this, and move on. I see people getting unnecessarily angry over these things and I just don’t get why people can’t just ignore it and let it go. I’m not hurting anyone. Just simply talking about characters and how I see them. When it comes to headcanons no one is wrong, ultimately the author is the one who knows what’s canon)

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Gravity Falls:

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Is no one going to talk about Steven and his gem powers because:



He had NO idea what he was doing. 

Ted the Animator: “…what’re you laughing so much about over there?”

Carl the Animator: “I just drew this *amazing* Shaggy face in the middle of a freaking-out animation. Oh man… it’s too bad no one else will ever see this stuff.”

Dear Steven Crewniverse

Thank you for making the first children’s show same-sex identifying kiss that wasn’t a joke. 

I am so happy that this finally happened, thank you. 


cartoons freak me out and I love it

“...I’d never thought about how much of the show is just us watching Shaggy freak out over various things.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah… if it wasn’t called The Scooby-Doo Show, it would prolly be The Shaggy Yelling ‘Like, Zoinks!’ a Lot Show.

Ted the Animator: “I’d bet all the moments of him freaking out would be reeeaaally funny together….”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…hint hint?”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, alright, fine… I swear, the things I do for my public.”

*2 hours later*

Carl the Animator: “…yeah, ok, you were right, that WAS hilarious.”

Ted the Animator: *still doubled over with laughter*

@jeremy_zag: December 6 !!

I saw this during gym but I couldn’t do anything until I got proper freedom so I got real fidgety for that final hour of English.


How to Animate Curly, of the Three Stooges, Freaking Out About Not Having a Comic Book While in an Airplane During a Scooby-Doo Guest Star Episode

Because you never know when you’ll find yourself needing to animate a scene just like this.