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dom ceo!jimin & reader + “I’ve had this plug in me all day, when do I get to feel your cock instead?”

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➾ 1/13 parts for jimin’s smutfest 2017/ jimin’s birthday celebration

Amazon is a fucking liar, and you have half a mind to sue them for putting wrong information on their website. What they listed as ‘discreet packaging’ ended up being a clear, see-through bag with no sort of protective wrapping at all, and you’re fuming.

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Day 1: Childhood

Fashion is weird. For an industry obsessed with newness and driven by the next big thing, it certainly loves to look back and sigh wistfully. Young creatives reminisce fondly about collections shown before they were born. Old magazines are akin to family photo albums. ‘Wasn’t everything better in the 90′s?’ For my guest curation I’m thinking about nostalgia, starting at the beginning with childhood. A source of both inspiration and angst, early life is also a perennial trend. Cartoons, toys and glittery fonts are ubiquitous on catwalks and Tumblrs alike, but are we being sentimental or ironic?