cartoon flips

fuck this. // rubberraptor

// this doesn’t actually turn smutty i promise // requested by @therubyjailcell

“Okay, okay.. I got thi- Ross, FUCK YOU. You are a sadistic asshole and your fucking levels ruined my life. I’m divorcing and suing you for causing deep emotional distress because of your goddamn levels.” Arin sort of let himself ramble on in rage as he reset the level yet again, teeth grinding and knuckles white from gripping the controller. 

“We aren’t even married, Arin! You can’t divorce me!” Ross laughed and leaned against his boyfriend playfully, kissing his cheek and smiling.

“Oh, don’t gimme that lovey-dovey shit! You’re the actual Antichrist!” Arin was about ready to snap the controller in half and throw the pieces through the nearest window. 

“You love me.”

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