cartoon cat tattoo

Looking for people to follow

Hey there guys! My dash has been dead recently, so I’m looking to bring it back a little!

If you could, reblog or like this post if your blog includes:

  • Art (any kind! Super bring neon? AWESOME! B&W pics of skulls? HECK YEAH!) 
  • Silly Videos/Pics
  • Cats
  • Anime (Always looking for new recommendations!)
  • Cartoons (Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Avatar, ects…)
  • TV shows (anything from Hannibal to Parks and Rec)
  • Social Issues
  • Tattoos
  • Cats
  • The world is pretty neat” type of stuff once in a while
  • Puns
  • Mermaids
  • Poetry
  • WIPs (of anything! Process pictures are so cool!)
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide (literally any mention and I’ll love you forever)
  • Theater
  • Cats
  • Video Games

Even if you don’t regularly post about any of this stuff, if you react with this post I’ll check out your blog. :)