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andi mack is very very cute. good on you disney

Dear Lapislazuli

So I’ve just watched the episode where they play baseball against the rubies and i was fangirling the whole time cuz it was the same softball tshirt as the deh team.

I looked for a pic of Lapis in the episode but I just found this cute fanart (if you know the name of the artist pls notice me) and i put the deh sticker made by myself.

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

W.I.T.C.H Fan Cast

Okay, so I’ve finally made up my mind about the ideal cast that I would like for the main girls of W.I.T.C.H. 

As it’s a Disney franchise, I thought it would be interesting to pick some of the Disney’s new generation of actresses that could definitely rock the part of each of our favorite magical girls. I also tried to pick not too old women for this, as all of them are in their 20′s (so they could still be playing teenagers, but probably not as ‘teen’ as in the beginning of the comics)

Disclaimer : It’s my vision of the girls and anyone can have is own, or disagree with mine. I just been wanting to make a actual fan cast for a very longtime so here it is.

First off : Will Vandom // Sofia Carson

I’ve always pictured Will as biracial because of her mother, and I discovered that many of you in here think the same way. I have this headcanon that Susan was actually from a (fictional??) Latino American country. So, there I chose Sofia who is Colombian. I know that she’s not a red head, but hey hair dye exists (and then again it’s my vision of things). Other than that I think some of their features actually look alike. [eye color; smile :D]

Next up : Irma Lair // Ryan Newman

I just think these two look alike so much. I’ve discovered Ryan as she played in a Disney XD TV show I watched when I was younger, as she played ‘the evil little sister’ in a way. I think she has this touch of mischief and playfulness in her eyes that is so significant of Irma. 

In third place, my favorite : Taranee Cook // China Anne McClain

I’m in love with China ever since she starred in Jonas. Her personality is just so bubbly and adorable but at the same time she’s very educated and woke in general. I think this description fit Taranee as well, as the is very study oriented but also very nice and gentle. AND, Taranee loves photography and dancing, and China is an amazing dancer!!! A WOMAN.

Then comes : Cornelia Hale // Olivia Holt

THE BEAUTY IS THE BONE STRUCTURE OF THESE GIRLS’ FACES. (Also I know they eyes don’t match but, hey contacts exists :D)

Last but not least : Hay Lin // Leah Lewis

Leah is a Chinese descent, which was super important for me to find for my fan cast because P.O.C are not interchangeable. Hay Lin’s Chinese heritage is something very essential in the comics (and the cartoon) so it was crucial to not overlook that in order to choose a potential actress. 




Let’s kick off the insanely unpredictable world of 2017 with the most insanely unpredictable cartoon cast of all time! Yes, INVADER ZIM!  Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rikki Simons (Gir), and Melissa Fahn (Gaz) reminisce, talk shop, and break into musical numbers while discussing the iconic series. What was it like working for the legendary Jhonen Vasquez? What is Zim’s favorite episode? And, why was there bacon in the soap, Gir?! SILENCE! Zim’s empire of podcast doom begins NOW!

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A fan art for one of my favorite AT episodes, “Everything’s Jake”!!!

It was a Futurama reunion that nobody expected (or imagine would happen). All that was missing was Katey Sagal.

Remember when SvsTFOE was just a “princess go to school” cartoon with a full cast of teenage characters and beat some random bad guys?

Before becoming a heavy focused story with a lot of lore and developed characters, building the foundations to a giant battle between monsters and a magical humanoid race from another dimension? AND the biggest battlefield of Ship Wars for two consecutive years?

Leaving those aforementioned teenage characters as simpleton nobodies used just as filler background characters in not lore-focused episodes, even Star FUCKING OMG…FUNKING SAID THIS:

This is an statement, of how a cartoon that wasn’t suppose to be a big deal, relinquish everything that makes it a formula and advances BEYOND expectations, sacrificing the roots of what made it in the first place…which in this case is a good thing.

the original autor of these beautiful gifs is dazthedazzler check out his stuff is amazing


The Care Bears know that no single bear is perfect for every situation, while all of them care deeply for others, they know that every person is special and unique and what works for some, won’t work for others.

So there are lots of them on call to help the people of Earth deal with their troubles.

Out on a Caring Mission - Harmony Bear, Loyal Heart Dog, Playful Heart Monkey, and Birthday Bear.

AoEx Casts’ Fave Cartoon! 

(Requested by @derpyramen! I hope you enjoy!) 

Rin Okumura - Steven Universe

Yukio Okumura - Ben 10

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - Ed, Edd n Eddy

Shima Renzou - Adventure Time

Kinzou Shima - Teen Titans

Juuzou Shima - Tom and Jerry

Konekomaru Miwa - Amazing World of Gumball

Shiemi Moriyama - We Bare Bears

Izumo Kamiki - Total Drama

Noriko Paku - Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Shura Kirigakure - The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Amaimon - Codename Kids Next Door

Mephisto Pheles - Courage the Cowardly Dog

Arthur Auguste Angel - Samurai Jack

Lewin Light - Clarence

Hojo Sisters - Powerpuff Girls

Nemu Takara - Uncle Grandpa

A long time ago before the fandom was clinging to the last vestiges of life I was going to write a long meta on exactly why I love Osomatsu-san and its cast so much, but here’s an ultra abridged version: even though the show writers and voice actors compared the characters to “actors in a play”, that’s not exactly accurate. Osomatsu-san’s cast are cartoon characters that are aware of their existence as cartoon characters. They exist and operate on a meta level that’s far above and beyond just “actors in a play” and ordinary fourth wall breaking. I wanted to go through a ton of examples, but one of the more prominent ones feature them remembering/talking about times they’ve died in the past.

My favorite example is this short story accompaniment to FesMatsu, though, where they acknowledge their immense popularity with women, and Karamatsu demonstrates he’s aware that he won the character popularity polls. [Translation Source]