“Y’know, we could save some time by using the main background people for the audience cutaway.”

Ted the Animator: “Meaning?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, right after the shot of the creepy audience…”

Carl the Animator: “…the next frame, it can cut straight back to her, but with most of the same people!”

Carl the Animator: “Boom. Minimal re-drawing.”

Ted the Animator: “Yyyyeah, I don’t think that can stay in the movie.”

Carl the Animator: “What? Why?”

Ted the Animator: “As much as I admire efficiency… I’m not so big on teleportation.”

Carl the Animator: “There’s not that much.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, there’s Weird-Charlie-Brown-Shirt-Butt-Chin-Guy moving from back-left to front-right… Tan-Uniform-Guy stealing Creepy Grandpa’s drink… and the wall in front of them radically changing, all in a twelfth of a second.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, sure, but think of the valuable stuff we could work on with that saved time.”

Ted the Animator: “Like?”

Carl the Animator: “Like getting enchiladas.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, looks like it’s staying in the movie.”

Cartoon Cartoons! By drummerboydomo (deviantart)
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays were the best! All your favorite show back to back all night long! When CN actually cared…😕