cartoon bar fight

I don't think people realize how many awesome local bands there are out there.

Yesterday, I spent a lovely autumn evening at Red Rock, a cafe/venue in Mountain View that is open to local music playing there, and it was incredible. One of the bands, Cartoon Bar Fight, I already knew, as my boyfriend and I had met them back in June and they asked my boyfriend to play with them recently, but the other band, Sea Birds, I had never heard of before but was blown away at their style and sound. These local bands just seem to have a lot more soul about what they’re doing, and they do it for themselves instead of trying to please everyone else.

If you’re tired of the music you listen to, I swear, go out and find local bands. No matter the genre, there are so many out there. As for my indie-rock lovers, check out Cartoon Bar Fight and Sea Birds on Facebook. They’re amazing.