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What was it like on the set of Black Lightning? 😊👏👑💯

(just be mindful that i can only speak about my experience for the first episode, since that’s the only one that aired so far)

I’ve been wanting to get into acting since I was in middle school, but my parents didn’t want me to be a child star, they wanted me to have my childhood. So I just did school plays and talent shows alot.

For most acting gigs for television you need an agent, but background acting is open to all. I didn’t wanna just sit and do nothing, so I decided to get into it.

In March 2017 (pilot season basically) the put out a casting calling for people to be students for a new show called Black Lightning. I knew what it was because of the dc shorts that used to come on Cartoon Network, so I was interested. It was really hard for me to get any other kind of background acting gig at the time too. So I signed up and 3 days later I was picked!

I was a senior in high school at the time and I skipped class to go, lol. And It was a short filming day, most filming days are long. We were only there from 2pm-6pm. The people were really nice and I made some really good friends. I got to meet Cress (the man playing Black Lightning) and he is so nice. Also, the set is really hot. 

The show got picked up for a full season later. In September 2017, I was asked if could come back and I said sure! Hurricane Irma was going on at the time so it was a mess getting there cause of the weather. The college was closed and that was great because I wouldn’t miss class. Alot of the people that were there in March came back so I was happy. I met China and I fangirled omg, but she was nice about it. 

The next week we did the banquet scene, and that was such a long day, but it was fun. I skipped class to do this day. It was really hot that day too, it was like 90 degrees. The director is also really nice, Salim Akil is the coolest male director ever. He picked me and friend to be a band in that epsiode and took a picture of us and posted it on his ig (he also posted me on his ig a week earlier).

The last day for of that epsiode for the people playing the high school students was the next day, when we did the scene where Anissa flipped Will. This was the best day ever, I had so much fun. They placed me and one of my friends by Dabier (the guy that plays Will) we talked to him and he is Hilarious. I also got a chance to speak to China again and she’s so sweet, she’s really funny too. 

My experience on the first episode was really good, the hours are long, but I didn’t mind. The whole cast a really nice and talented, and most of the crew is too.

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Who's the lovely person managing this blog and answering our questions?

Thanks for the nice question ☺️ This is Chris running all social – I’m the director of the game and I also founded the studio. I love chatting with you guys!

My posts of course also represent the general thoughts of our team here at Grumpy. A quick shout out: There’s only nine of us full-time here in AZ developing the game (though w/the support of our friends and producers at Cartoon Network Games in Atlanta), and we’ve all put in countless overtime, late nights, and time away from families to make STL the best it can be. I’m so proud of what my team accomplished on this – they’re incredibly talented and dedicated people.

And I always have to give props to our friends at CN Games for working just as hard to make this game happen, and allowing us the opportunity and creative freedom to do what we do.

I’m looking forward to continuing to interact with all our followers directly, especially after the game comes out and we can hear what you think!

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How did Thomas meet the cast?

Here’s the full story of how Thomas met the SU cast:

  • Backstory: I know Deedee cuz of my Pearl rap series & bc I work at CN, and I know Zach because I invited him and toured him around Cartoon Network’s office in Atlanta, and we’re friends and talk fairly regularly (they’re both awesome)!! 
  • A couple weeks ago I made a video that edited together a bunch of Vines into Steven Universe scenes with lip syncing.
  • One of the Vines I made was this one with audio from a Thomas Sanders Vine.
  • Thomas, being a huge SU fan, really liked the video! I messaged him and told him I was a fan and he told me he the edit was awesome and he’d love it if I did more!
  • About that same time, Thomas released a video called “Cartoon Chaos”, where he had a bunch of really big-name voice actor cameos (AWESOME video). 
  • Knowing Thomas loved SU, I saw this video and was like, huh, I wonder if he’d ever considered working with the Steven Universe voice cast? Maybe he has just never gotten the chance to get in contact with them?
  • After some prodding by @l-a-l-o-u and @crystal-peridot, I decided to message Thomas and offer to get him in contact with Deedee and Zach to hopefully make something.
  • Thomas responded and said that was something he would be really interested in, so I reached out to Deedee and Zach as well. 
  • Both Deedee and Zach knew his Vines and were actually fans of his as well, so they were really receptive of the idea of making a video with him!!
  • I kept messaging back and forth and telling each party, “y’all guess what, both of you are interested in working together, you should so totally do it!“ And at that point, they got in contact directly, and since Thomas was in LA at the time, they were able to meet up and make a super cool video!!! And I lived vicariously through literally every single person in that video!!

Really happy it all worked out the way it did and so glad I was able to at least get the ball rolling!! I had a hunch that, knowing Zach and Deedee, they would totally be down to make a video with Thomas, and knowing that Thomas loves SU, I assumed he would love to make a video with them as well!! THEY’RE SUCH COOL PEOPLE!!! So everything worked out, everyone is happy, the world is amazing, IM YELLING


As I promised, here are pics of my cosplay pics as Caveman Spongebob from Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016. 

Special shoutout for me getting a pic with Team Fourstar doing the same pose with me :D 

The 2nd set is here 

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You could voice a Pearl/Steven fusion omf

LISTEn………………………… LISTEn……………………………… IF THAT HAPPENED………. IM LITERALLY GETTING TEARS IN MY EYES JUST THINKING ……… HO MY GOD………………………………….. OH MY GOD………. IF THAT HEPNE.D………………………….O HMY GOD…………………….. HELP…………… ME……… ICA.NT…………… BREATHE…………… IM IN THE STUDENT CENTER IM GETTING TEARS IN MY EYES JUST THINKING ANOUT THIS……………………….. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..O HY MGOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NY MYOGD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OYH MGOD Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD DIE!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! OH M Y G O D OH MH HO G D OD…………. GOD OH MY !!!!!!!!GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HLEP!!!! HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!! HEL[!!!!!!!!!!P!!!!!! 

heres the game plan

  • become the youngest intern at cartoon network digital in atlanta so ihave plenty of time To Rise ✓
  • get the ppl at cartoon network digital to know that im an aspiring voice actor , share demo reel, and get them to want me for voice acting promos in the future  ✓
  • complete first co-op this summer at cartoon network (got hired, soon to be  ✓)
  • get more voice acting credits on the side (Dream: one day voice in SU promo vid)
  • go back to taking classes in fall 2016
  • complete second co-op semester in spring 2017
  • apply for production internship at Cartoon Network studios in Burbank and like hopefully actually get it (fingers crossed af)

from here the only logical next step is for Rebecca sugar herself to see me and be like “wow you should be the voice for the steven/pearl fusion youre so cool mckenzie wow!!!!!” and im like “oh my gosh rebecca I cant belive u are so kind thank u so much!!!” and then i voice the fusion and die when it airs bc i have a heart attack

after this i

  • complete 3rd and final co-op term at CN in atlanta fall of 2017
  • graduate by 2019/2020
  • work at cn forever
  • die eventaully? maybe become immortal, questionable