Two days ago I found a very interesting video on youtube about iterative drawing, it gives tips on how to improve with art faster and i think the exercises it gives are really helpful as a warmup as well!
So i wanted to share some exercises i’m doing to improve with anatomy and style, hope they motivate you to practice 💪🏻💪🏻😍😃 

Shaggy kicking Scooby over a jungle chasm?

Nothin’ too odd there, that’s explainable enough.

Eyeless Daphne’s arm turning into a twig for a frame?

…no explanation. Not even a guess.

Some things are better off left unknown.

Help, I’m in love with a creaking, centuries old tree TTvTT
No but, why - WHY do I find this guy so easy to draw, and yet something like a human face is impossible to me?

Well, tried some more unusual and expressive expressions this time~
Really happy with how they turned out! :D

Also, the second episode of season 5 gave me chills - I have a soft spot for whump <3
(Like, even when I was a kid, I LOVED when the good guys got hurt, bad guys too… what’s wrong with me??)

ENJOY! and feel free to comment! C:

Art © :iconseffiron:
Aku, Samurai Jack © Cartoon Network