It really pisses me off when people belittle cartoons down to nothing but, “worthless shows that only lazy people who don’t have real careers make and are only there to make your kid shut up for a few minutes.”

Like, wow, no.

You are watching some animators hours upon hours of work dance across the screen in a well thought out manner.

You are watching a voice actor say their lines over and over until they are proud with the way that one line was delivered

You are watching the writers talk and try their very best to get the story to be funny, clever, and it to all fit into a nice time setting.

You are watching Characters on screen develop and learn lessons that you might have learned already or have not learned yet. 

You are watching someone make their ideas and dream a reality for all to enjoy and judge.

You are not watching a “dumb kids show”

You are watching a well thought out piece of ART. So show some gosh-darn RESPECT. Please and thank you.