carton of milk

Luke Glendening - Big green Nachos.

This is for the wonderful @sillylittledrabbles! Here you go darling sorry for the wait! Side note this actually happened to may mom lol. 

challenge for you …. the following book quote with luke glendening “An errand is getting a tank of gas or picking up a carton of milk or something. It is not getting chased by flying purple pyromaniac gorillas hurling incendiary poo!” ― Jim Butcher, Blood Rites.

“Did you take your new sleeping pill?” Your boyfriend Luke asked you as he walking into your shared bedroom. 

You have had trouble sleeping since you where young. You can’t count how many different sleeping pills or different sleeping remedies you have tried over the years. With some luck Luke finally got you to go back to the doctor and see if there was a new sleeping pill you could try. You gave him that look. 

“Y/N. You need to take the pill. Come on. Where did you put them?” He asked walking over to you and placing a sweet kiss to your lips. 

With a sigh you said “I put them in your sock drawer.”

“Why my sock drawer?” He laughed as he walked over to his sock drawer. 

“Because you never look in your sock drawer.” You giggled. 

“Smart thinking.” He said as he grabbed a pill out of the pill bottle and handed it to you. 

Once you took the pill you two said you good nights and laid down. Within minutes you were fast asleep. 



“I want taco bell.” 


“What!” Luke shot right up. He looked over at your sleeping body and smiled. 

“Luke! I want taco bell. Pleaseeeee.” 

Luke looked over at the clock. It read 12:45 am. Well it wouldn’t be the craziest thing he has done for you at 12 am. Luke climbed out of the bed and grabbed his pants. 

“What do you, from taco bell love?” Luke asked as he pulled his pants on. 

“I want big green nachos.” 

“Okay…wait big green what…?” Luke walked over to your side of the bed and bent down. “You’re still sleeping.” He than walked over to his sock draw and pulled out the pill bottle. *Warning* May cause sleep talk or sleep walk. Over eating.  “Okay than.” Luke took off his pants and climbed back into bed.

“Did you get my big green Nachos?” 

“No, they were all out.” He laughed as he pulled you into his arms. “We will get some in the morning, lets get some sleep right now, okay.” 



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i will let you know that bagged milk is great and carton milk can go suck it. when i was a kid i used to be confused about milk cartons and drinking "right out of the carton" because we didn't have those Heathen Devices. i will fite you on a polar bear with tim hortons in one hand about bagged milk (although, as mandated by Canadian Law, i will be apologizing profusely the entire time

listen my guy i don’t like milk regardless of the receptacle. but like…wouldn’t a bag be rly inconvenient? it seems like it’d be hard to hold and pour and stuff. and how do you drink straight out of it? is there a straw? anyway i’ll meet you in the pit w my bald eagle and dunkin donuts on the border, tomorrow morning.

There are some weird advertising characters out there. This is one of them: Darigold milk during the mid-1980s was putting Milkwalker, a pint of milk with arms and legs (and rather scary ones at that) and huge soul-gobbling eyes, on its boxes with tips on how to live your life safely. Those hinge knees, man.

I’ve found no origin story, no other record of his being a thing that answers any questions about what Darigold was thinking and how long he was (to them and the schoolchildren who saw him daily) a thing.

*climbing through moffat’s kitchen window* i just find it funny, and by funny i mean unbearably annoying, how sherlock just completely ignored john’s vatican cameos *dusting myself off and going to the fridge* i mean, the entire point of this season and tbh the rest of the show was that john and sherlock need to cooperate to work efficiently *gets a carton of milk and chugs it* and sherlock just went against alla dat even though we know he’d learned from his mistakes after the reichenbach fall. also *pours all the remaining milk over my head* sherlock was gonna shoot himself and john just stood there like a fucken idiot???? whats up with that???


“What took you so long, I just sent you for a carton of milk?”

“Bumped into your ol’ man on the way.”

“Oh great, what did he do, harrass you like usual?”


 “I swear I’m gonna CHOP him good one of these days!”

“Lets make him a grandpa, should suffice.”



 “Wait. Soul…..did you just…?”