In 1945, Only 2 African Nations Were Self-Governing

When people tell you European colonialism and imperialism were a long time ago, and that people need to move on, remember this map.

All my grandparents were over age 10 in 1945. They remember when World War II ended – and that it did not mean freedom for the world, just for Europe.

The First Chinese Globe Was Crafted By ... Jesuits?

This is the earliest surviving Chinese globe, and dates from the early 1600s. It was not made by the Chinese, but by two European missionaries, Father Nicolo Longobardi and Manuel Dias – they actually signed the globe using Chinese versions of their names, Yang Ma-no and Long Hua-min.

Both men introduced important Western geographical ideas into China, and the globe helped them to do this. The globe is inscribed with a number of complicated geographical and astronomical concepts. These include an explanation of the theories of latitude and longitude, and a description of the way eclipses of the sun and moon prove that the world is round.

The Chinese already had a long and esteemed map-making tradition. One inscription on the globe pays tribute to this by referring to terrestrial magnetism – the magnetic force that pulls a compass needle to the north. Chinese scientists were aware of this force about forty years before it was understood in Europe. Chinese maps traditionally showed China at the center of the world. They called China “the middle kingdom” for a reason. Far-away continents and countries were generally unknown, or downplayed. This globe does not downplay China, but simply puts it in context with other continents and countries.

The city of Keylor- Originally just a castle on the banks of a river, used as a defensive structure. Over the years its grown and blossomed into a fully fledged city; with exterior walls, docks that lead out into the ocean, sprawling farm lands and its own social and political hierarchy.

However growth has its own problems; slums and areas that can’t keep up with other parts of the city, walls that stretch across rivers that aren’t fully protected, a growing underground and attracting unwanted attention from creatures in the forest to the North.