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  1. make me real - she
  2. rinzler - kaskade
  3. identity -
  4. before i leave this world - ivan torrent
  5. cartographist - purity ring
  6. body - mother mother
  7. fog - robot science
  8. doin it right (city 17 remix) - daft punk
  9. endless fantasy - anamanaguchi
  10. science/visions - chvrches
  11. electric glow - tritonal
  12. the noise inside my head - assemblage 23
  13. planet - anamanaguchi
  14. this is why i was born - dawn
  15. child i will hurt you - crystal castles
  16. touch - daft punk

i was tagged by @moscateaux !! thanks millie

rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs, then tag 10 mutuals

1) girl, you have no faith in medicine - the white stripes
2) the cowardly lion doesn’t write love songs -flatsound
3) zombie graveyard party - be your own pet
4) cult - kikuo
5) hairpool - varsity
6) don’t confess - tegan and sara
7) losing touch - the killers
8) since u been gone - kelly clarkson
9) red house - jimi hendrix experience
10) cartographist - purity ring

i tag @kokiriforest and no one else bc im bad at these

50 min &...6
50 min &...6



1) Angelo Badalamenti “Twin Peaks theme”
2) HTRK “Eat yr hrt”
3) Purity Ring “Cartographist”
4) Crystal Castle “Plague”
5) White Ring “IxC999”
6) Salem “Trapdoor”
7) Shlohmo “Sippy cup”
8) Balam Acab “Expect”
9) Holy Other “Yr love”
10) XXYYXX “About you”
11) Zomby “Natalia’s song”
12) Tropic of Cancer “The one left”
13) Bruce Springsteen “I am on fire”


Purity Ring

This song if from one of my favorite albums (Shrines by Purity Ring) and I finally got the vinyl and Cartographist just touched my heart when I was laying on my carpet listening to it.

Purity is an electronic group from Canada and Shrines was released in 2012, their only album so far.


This rhythm makes me wanna do bad things

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Purity Ring - Cartographist
Yeni yıl falan dedik de ı-ıh yani, yeni sorunsallar aynı hız ve ısrarla devam etmekte. Bit, pire, sirke ve benzeri canlılara yelken açmış olabiliriz. Aramızda mutual bir ilişki var olabilir. Purity Ring eşliğinde dans bile ediyor olabiliriz. Tüm bunlar  mümkün. Sorunların yok olacağı düşüncesi de hayal. Hayat-hayal.

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