cartman did it once

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I've read your Heiman rant and it was hands-down the most well-written, very precise, straight-to-the-point essay I've ever read on this blog yet. We seriously need to spread the word out there. I don't hate Heiman, I never did. I just feel that Heidi isn't "the one" for Cartman. The one good thing Heiman did for us is prove once and for all that Cartman "is" capable of being in a healthy relationship, so people can put that in their pipe and smoke it. Well done Yummy. Powerful speech as always!

Thanks so much! Heidi definitely is not suited for Cartman unless he makes some drastic changes. But hey, anyone can change with age.

Ugh I love that Kyle is one of the people who Cartman goes to whenever he has a problem. I mean, he did it once to convey his plan against him before >_>;; but besides that, he really likes Kyle’s advice, even when it’s Kyle telling him about himself haha love it. Like, he wanted to hear from Kyle’s mouth that Jewpacabra wasn’t real so he could feel better- man that’s something.