cartlon house

imagine: you and jon have always loved each other...

this is kinda long but fam i wrote this at 4am forgive me

buut i hope you guys like this!!!!!!!! bc i enjoyed writing this


There was a celebration in house Stark and your family was invited. It always was. There was wine and fruits and food around the table for all the people to enjoy. The Stark family has always been in bond with your house, keeping faith for a close thousand years. You practically grew up with the Stark children, Robb being the older brother you never had, Sansa and Arya the younger sisters you will never had, and Bran and Rickon the younger siblings you never had. But Jon was different. Jon was secluded, always at a corner surrounded by the dark that was enclosed on him. You two share glimpses and sometimes hidden smiles even when you were both young. But things have changed. You gain two younger siblings, a sister and a brother. You grew old, but the celebrations at Winterfell never changes.

Your family slept in the guest rooms provided by the house. But whenever you stay another hour in that castle, its another hour of deeply thinking of Jon. Knowing that he sleeps beneath your room excites you and the reason you couldn’t sleep. You walked out of the room to get something to drink without waking any of the maidens sleeping. You carry your light and your small knife when you travel alone. You walked on until you spotted that pail of water and grabbed a drink. You heard a creak on the floor and you didn’t stop drinking the water, until you heard the creak again, and you threw your knife at the direction.

“Easy, my Lady. It’s just me.” You turned quick as you heard his voice. He gave you the knife as he walked forward to you and also grabs a drink.

You gulped, “My apologies. I didn’t quite feel safe with all the creaking around.” You chuckled, earning a small glint of amusement in Jon’s eyes.

He walked nearer to you. “You’ll never feel unsafe if you’re with me.” 

You felt his eyes burning into you, as you looked up at him too. He broke the silence by asking you where you learned how to throw a knife. 

“Father was fond of all swords, bows and arrows and knifes. So he taught me.” You smiled at him, keeping the knife underneath your clothes again.

You both shared a look until he closed the gap between your lips. You kissed him back, hands finding where your neck was and your hands finding the big strong back you wished to protect you always. You gasped for air when the kiss took the life out of you, and him admitting he loves you from afar.

“I knew it instantly when I first saw you. And you kept going back to the castle. You laugh keeps me going every day to find its way to this moment. I want you.” Jon said to you, keeping you close to him. What he said answered all those stolen looks he gave you and all the smiles you have hidden should have been revealed. But it all came down to one thing.

“I’m suppose to marry Lord Cartlon in the next few weeks, Jon.” You whispered, your noses close to each other and his hands on your hips. “It’s for the alliance.”

Jon nodded, knowing how it always turns out. He was a bastard. He kept quiet, his thumb circling your hips speaks a thousand words you will never hear. But that didn’t stop you to not kiss him. You kissed him with all the love that’s hidden for the past year. All the passion you have for him, giving every taste of all the love you have for him. And him reciprocating all the love he had for you, and leading into a dark room where both of you gave everything to each other.

 In the morning, you had woken up in your room and the knock you heard from the door. The maiden said it was time for breakfast so you tidied everything up and gave the biggest smile you could ever muster. On the table house Stark shares and your house shares is Jon at the end with Lord Eddard pointing at him. “He’s going for the Night’s Watch.” A big smile was on Lord Eddard’s face but the smile on your face quickly turned into one when you realize it was probably never that you’re going to see Jon Snow. You bid your farewells to the family and you and Jon held the longest look you both had for each other until he looked down.

You treasure that look for weeks when house Cartlon betrayed your house and killed your parents. Cartlon became Lord of your house, expanding his deep hatred for your family that you taught that being married to him will erase all that. You were starved and raped by men and Lord Cartlon himself. And even skinned and whipped by all the hatred Lord Cartlon has. But the time came when you have had enough and had your loyal men strongly fought for you. Although most of them got killed you and siblings got out of the hell hole. You fought for your sister and brother, killing men with the knife you had along with the loyal men your family had. And you head to the safest place you could ever think of.

Your sister died of starvation and dehydration the travel brought and even before the kid was punished by having the name Burne. You and your brother rode and rode until you have encountered people that helped you and mistreated you. Because you were a woman, sex was the work you had in exhanged for a gold or silver or food your brother.

You screamed for help as you and your brother got to where you are headed. To Castle Black. You knocked on cold wood, screaming at the top of your lungs until you heard the large door opened upon you. You entered and all the men looking didn’t care to you. All that you cared about was that familiar face you have been waiting to see after a whole year of being tortured to hell and back. And finally you spotted him.

Jon ran towards you, enveloping you in that familiar scent he always had, the warmth of your body and his. You cried in the middle of the castle and Jon lend his shoulder for you to cry all the tears you have, while the other men tended to your brother. You stayed in his embrace as long as possible. He hummed into your ear to calm you down, fully aware of the torture you had with your family as the news of betrayal of House Cartlon to House Burne.

“I should’ve protected you Y/N. I should’ve been there, with you.” Jon said, his body shaking with fury. “I will kill them all.” You hugged him tighter.

“I’m with you Jon. I should’ve been with you from the very start.” You kissed him infront of everybody, getting the taste of him again, and feeling protected by his hands and his body. He hugged you tighter as ever.

“I want you, Jon. Now and always.” You whispered. “I want you, now and always.”

He said. “I want you, and I always will.”

“I want you, Y/N, and I need you.” He said again.

You looked at him deeply, as deep as his eyes, with all the life remaining in you, and you swear to use it to be beside Jon where he goes. Where he is. Beside him, to fill the missing part of your heart and to feel ignited with a love so deep. 

“Marry me, Jon.”


If you have any requests for a specific imagine, send in plots and characters. if you want smut ;), i’ll try to do it! hope you enjoyed this as much i enjoyed writing this hella long imagine.