So grateful I had the opportunity to complete this glorious Namibian Sodalite set! 1" plugs, 7/16" cartilage plugs and 4g (5mm) Single Flare Conch Plugs, all bookmatched and sexy as hell!

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Incredibly stoked to be working with this gorgeous Namibian Sodalite this week! Intense & deep royal blue material with hints of salmon and white make for a seriously enchanting set of jewelry. The pair of 20 mm Teardrops pictured is available HERE

This is the best sodalite I’ve seen in person and I’m lucky I had the opportunity to cut it! I do have a very small amount of this material left for small plugs, single flare plugs & labrets

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7/16" (11mm) Bookmatched Namibian Sodalite Plugs with 13mm front flares and 12mm back flares for comfy cartilage wear & easy insertion


Superb sodalite this month! Here we have a spectacular set for a very lovely lady consisting of 1" (25mm) plugs, 7/16" (11mm) cartilage Plugs & 4g (5mm) conch plugs

I love making matching sets of jewelry, there is something exquisite when each piece seems intricately tied to the one next to it

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