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Me again! Promo pic edition :) I've stared at the back of the head of whoever is answering the door for way longer than is socially acceptable (probably). At first I was convinced it was Fitz, but the longer I look the more I'm questioning if it is Alistair? The hair doesn't look quite right for FW!Fitz, but the body type strikes me as more Fitz. What do you think? Thanks again for being so awesome :)

Anonymous said:  So it looks like the Jemma/Fitz confrontation is happening in 4x20??? Also is she pointing the gun at Fitz or Alistair? I can’t tell

Anonymous said: hi!!!! i’ve just seen the promo pics and im SO excited. Any idea of why is jemma going to meet fitz’s dad???

Anonymous said:  So do you think the photos from 4x20 where Jemmas holding a gun I presume on Alistair hate happening in or out of the Framework? He’s just dressed and styled so differently than we saw in 4x18

Anonymous said:  In reference to the latest promo pic, who do you think Jemma’s pointing the gun at? (Also, thank you for all the time you spend answering these questions :))

Here we go guys!  4x20 Promo Pic Ask Round Up!

So I’ve been starting at these pictures for a few hours now, batting around a few ideas, playing in photo shop, and rewatching scenes to get the looks at the backs of peoples heads.  

First up!  WHO is Jemma pointing the gun at?

Its Fitz…Alistair….or someone left off the press release.

The first thing that jumps out at me is where they are at.  It doesn’t scream Head of Hydra for Fitz or even seem to be in Papa Fitz’s taste (I picture something more modern for them).  Next is we have seen Fitz constantly surrounded by security while he’s been in the Framework, so how was it that Jemma just walks up and knocks on his front door.  Or Alistair’s for that matter, the father of “The Doctor” would also have protection when he was out and about.  

Then I went and lightened the photo up a bit…because really we couldn’t add another light in here guys?

And then we compare the backs of heads….



I checked the guest stars and it doesn’t really match anyone on there either…maybe Burrows.  Though once again the location doesn’t make sense.  Though with this arc…we could still see a surprise or too (but no I don’t think that is Hunter).  

EARLY theories:  Bear in mind we have a ton of unknowns right now.  But it seems we are in for one heck of a twist at some point in 19.

Jemma is getting Her man back and going to give Alistair all sorts of hades while doing it. My “Its a Trap” theory is right and Radcliffe played Daisy.  

  • Those ‘safeguards’ he was talking about actually reset the the Framework and make it the happy place he intended it to be.  The “Farewell Cruel World” is literally and the “Cruel Part of the the Framework goes away.  
    • This also works if the system resets after AIDA get’s what she wants from the Framework.
    • This would also explain why some aren’t ready or are unwilling to leave.

Adding to that idea is Papa Fitz here….looking awfully ‘dad’ like there.  And a hint of Season 1 Fitz with the patterned shirt and cartigan.   Quite the difference between the Alistair we met last week.

  • If they system resets for whatever reason, and the Framework gets sunshine and rainbows, the version of Alistair we see is the father FITZ wanted to him to be.  Loving and supportive.  However the the trade off is he is still missing his memories of Jemma and the team.

Another option is there are 2 Fitz’s in the Framework.  

  • “The Doctor” was created by AIDA For Ophelia to mimic the relationship and get Looking Glass going.
  • While the ‘real’ Fitz has been off living in the country with his ideal father.  His memories of Jemma and the team are gone but he’s been relatively ‘happy’ out there.

A deal has been struck:  

  • My Papa Fitz is in cahoots with AIDA and/or Radcliffe is true and once AIDA gets what she wants she wipes Fitz’s memories again and gives him to Papa Fitz for another do over.  

Something to do with Project Looking Glass:

  • IE this is an effect of it being activated.

Finally, its a massive fake out and Papa Fitz and Jemma aren’t in the same location at all.

Other things we need to note:

  • Lil and Iain both have doubles for this episode, the only main cast members that do.  
  • Jemma is still in her Framework jacket.
  • Jemma could be one of the ones unwilling to leave, we could get a “I’m not going anywhere without Fitz” moment.
  • Jemma seems to be alone, so perhaps a parallel of Fitz’ searching for her/information on the monolith.  Daisy has left for the Real World to get to the hostages physical location.  
    • I suspect there could be some sort of loophole in play that the hostages will gave to go through the backdoor themselves to go.  Because why else would it matter if they were willing to leave.  
  • No matter who it is…Jemma’s there in order to get Fitz and the others back.

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Can I get an image where y/n is new to town and Andy is her neighbor and his family inviter her family to dinner and when he see’d her his socket and in love and in the end he ask her out and kisses her? Thanks if you can


New in town


(Y/N) exited the moving van, carrying the last box in her arms. She ambled toward the house, and nodded a thanks to her mom who opened the door. She put the box with the others before standing back to examine the new house, hands resting on her hips. High ceilings, wood floors, vast windows.


It was certainly a nice house but the neighborhood was a different story. Sure, she had sort of a punk rock feel to her look, but she had never been treated any different because of it. But, this seemed to be more of a…’square’ neighborhood. Some of the sweatered civilians had given her strange, guarded looks. She shrugged it off though, and got to work unpacking.


(Y/N) walked upstairs to set up her bedroom. Being an only child, she had her pick of the lot. She chose the third one on the left, it was the biggest of her options. She assembled her desk near the window, which just so happened to look across the yard and into another house’s window.


She moved on to setting her bed, hanging her photo’s, setting up her bean bags, and other common room fixtures. By the time she finished, she was exhaused and flopped onto her desk chair. She nearly fell over when her eyes landed on the blue eyed figure across the way. He stood next to the window of the other house, waving with a giant red blush on his face. (Y/N) laughed, putting a hand to calm her rushing heart.


“(Y/N) come downstairs honey!” Called her mother. (Y/N) waved goodbye and jogged downstairs to be greeted by a few strangers.


“These are our new neighbors, the Biersacks.” Her mother informed. (Y/N) polietely shook their hands and smiled.


“How would you folks like to come to dinner tonight? We would love to welcome you!” They asked her parents.


“That would be lovely.” They replied in unison. (Y/N) took that as her cue to leave and get an outfit ready.


She chose a dark blue skater dress with white daisies, knee high black socks, black dr. martins, a black cartigan, and a black beanie. Black black black. But still casual.


“Cmon honey were gonna be late!” Her mother called. (Y/N) swiped on some last minutee mascara before jogging downstairs. Despite her mothers warning they were right on time. (Y/N) sat down, and played with her silver wair before someone sat across from her. She looked up and gasped silently. Mystery boy. She smirked, waving as a joke.


“Im andy.” He introduced himself with a laugh.


“Im (Y/N)” She replied, shaking his hand.


After dinner, they all moved to the living room where the now tipsy parents engaged in cherades they thankfuly werent included in.


“Pst. Follow me.” Andy whispered before slipping out.


(Y/N) giggled before following him and running up the stairs. She went into the room he though she saw him dart into and gasped at the sight. Bat-man, and rock bands. Everything.


“This is- everything I dream my room could be!” She laughed as she spotted andy at the desk.


“Well theres more.” Andy said eagerly before opening the window and climbing out. (Y/N) followed, laughing at his estatic personality. Andy walked across the slanted surface before reaching a metal latter and climbing up. (Y/N) followed, though she wasn’t sure why. Finally, they reached the top of the roof and sat down. The sun was just starting to set, coating the land in a golden haze.


“This is gorgeous!” (Y/N) gushed.


“Yeah, so are you.” Andy said smoothly.


“Oh hush.” (Y/N) blushed, looking down at her boots.


“No  really. Wanna go out sometime?” Andy offered.


“Why not.” (Y/N) shrugged, but she was smiling as he pecked her lips with his own.


(A/N: so cute to write omg sorry it took so damn long)

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Derek sighs wistfully at the men's cardigans because he bets they're super comfortable and soft but he has nowhere to put them since the loft doesn't have a closet or a dresser and he couldn't bear the thought of just stacking them on the floor with the rest of his clothes.

ru telling me Derek Hale has to go antiquing to find a suitable object to hold his softest most boyfriendy cartigans?  Derek Hale does not go Ikea shopping.  Derek Hale scoffs at your swedish craftmanship.  Derek Hale only likes rich pieces with history, with scuff marks and well worn edges.  Derek Hale gets kicked out of so many antique shops for excess sniffing.


My wife’s parents took us out to dinner tonight, as a thank you for fixing their computer a while back. The food was really good, and it was super-nice to be able to go as myself!

I got to wear a new skirt and a nice cartigan our friend left at our house. I felt super-cute :D

Also, I realized that now that I’m out I don’t have to hide everyone else in my life - so I snapped a couple photos with my beautiful wife. She has stuck with me through all the crazy shit I’ve gone through so far, and I love her to bits!