cartier love collection

anonymous asked:

How did the hunhan cartier thing start in the first place and why does everyone disregard xiumin's matching jewelry? Does sehun even have a matching jewelry with anyone? Sorry im not trying to be rude to hunhan or sehun

idk really how the whole thing started. From what I know is, Sehun and Luhan both have cartier love bracelets that are similar in color and I guess that’s what made them automatically a pair? The only difference is apparently sehun has a diamond on his bracelet while Luhan doesn’t. idk what it is why people keep disregarding Xiumin’s ring. It’s also part of the Cartier Love Collection. It’s funny how a long time ago, some people would say Luhan’s bracelet and Xiumin’s ring don’t go bc they’re two different kinds of jewelry and cuz Luhan’s bracelet //AHHH-BVIOUSLY// goes with Sehun’s bracelet because of the reason mentioned above. But now that Luhan is seen with his Cartier Love Ring and has openly talked about there being another one, people STILL disregard Xiumin’s ring as being the possible other pair to Luhan’s ring and insists Sehun has to have the other ring.

Here’s a couple of pics of Xiumin’s ring.

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