carters tattoo

I’d kill for another kiss but another kiss would kill.
—  A.K.R
You have to kiss a lot of fuckboys before you find your daddy.
—  Orion Carloto

Aesthetic dir. David Fincher

I have customers that look at my Captain America/Agent Carter tattoo and insinuate that I’m basically a nutjob because of it. They’re rather insulting, asking “Why Captain America?” “Agent who?” “Is that a real tattoo? Why?” “Why did you get it on your wrist where everyone can see?” and every one of them gives me the same look you would give a rabid fox.

I don’t get their thinking. First of all, tattoos are highly personal. It doesn’t have to mean anything at all to anyone but me. As long as it means something to me, and I’m happy, that’s all that matters. Why is your tattoo of a mostly naked anonymous cartoon woman with huge boobs such a better choice for a tattoo?

Secondly, yes, I actually am aware that both of these characters are fictional. But guess what? The values and integrity that both Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter possess…those aren’t fake. Their honesty, determination to do the right thing, bravery, etc…I admire all of that. THAT’S why they are both my heroes. Because real people can espouse those same values, and fictional characters can encourage real people to become better people.

Ok, I’m done ranting now. I feel like Tumblr is the only place where people can understand my obsession lol.