Carter Reynolds Imagine for basically-avoided

You were at the Magcon tour with some of your friends. You happened to meet the actual boys and hung out with them for a few days. You were closest to Shawn. You absolutely loved his voice ever since you’ve heard in from vine. He’s actually been one of the nicest people you’ve met.

You get a text from Matt.

Hey, Faye. Wanna hang out with us after the show?

You smile and quickly use your fingers to type back.

During the meet and greet you kept exchanging looks with Carter over the crowd. You looked around to see if he was looking at someone behind you. He then decides to smile and wave at you. Well you think it was to yourself. You blush a little and smile back waiting for the show to end.

You use the secret staircase that all of the boys use to get to their hotel room. They showed you a couple nights ago to avoid being attacked by the mob of girls. You finally reach Matt’s room, 306. You knock the door as you wait for the door to open.

“Hey Matt.” You say as the door slowly opens widely. It wasn’t Matt though. It was Carter. You tuck a piece of hair behind your ear as you feel your forehead growing hot. “Hey, Faye. Matt and all the other guys are in Shawn’s room.” He says to you holding on to the door. “Oh, okay. Are you here by yourself?” you ask curiously. He looks around the room, returning looks to you. “Yeah.” He chuckles putting his hand on his neck.

“I actually was about to head over to their room, if you wanna come with me.” He says quickly snatching his room key from the table.

You smile warmly to Carter. You thought Carter was cute, funny, and welcoming. Of course he could be the quietest at some times, but you liked how outgoing he was at the same time.

You both walk into the room as you catch all eyes on you. “Faye!” the boys scream throwing pillow at you.

You groan to yourself as you notice your reflexes crouch into Carter’s chest. He laughs as he holds you close. “Not funny guys.” You say to them throwing back a pillow at Nash.

“What is going on here?” Cameron says to you and Carter. You shrug your shoulders as you take a seat next to Shawn. He had his guitar in his laps as usual. He was strumming his strings as he hummed with Jack G. “Hey, Faye.” He sang in tone with Jack. You giggle as you start playing with the bracelets on Shawn’s wrists. “New bracelets?” you ask.

He grins as he looks to you. “Fans got me this one.” He pointed. You feel as if the room kept getting smaller and smaller. The awkwardness was coming through to your head. You didn’t quite understand though. No one was talking. Everyone was just…looking. All of the boys gave each other looks. They one by one slowly walk up from their seats. “We’ll catch you two later.” Cameron says as he leaves the room followed by the rest of the boys.

You look at the boys with a skeptical face as they walk out then finally turn your head over to Shawn. He kept his grip onto his guitar as he focused on you. “What’s their problem?” he asks. “I have no idea. Why did they leave?”

“They think we like each other.” He says as he plays with the cords. “Me? You? Are they crazy?” you laugh.

“Hey, what am I not to like.” He jokes. “Nothing, nothing. I think of you as a friend Shanwn.” You explain.

“Okay, good. Because I think I know someone’s who’s a little interested.” He said raising his eyebrow at you. “Who!” you demand nudging him in the arm. “Ow.” He laughs.

“Tell me, Shawn!” you stand up. “It’s Carterrrrrr.” He sings as he plays the guitar.

You roll your eyes as you start to leave the room. “You’re an idiot.” You turn back. Shawn winks at you in return as you head over Carter’s room. This time you felt different. Like butterflies in your stomach. You hoped no one was in there with him, or at least Carter by himself. You hear footsteps in the room coming closer and closer finally revealing Carter by the door once again. “Hey Faye. Did things not work out with you and Shawn?” he says.

You slowly push Carters chest making sure no one was in the room with him. You close the door slightly as you meet eyes with Carter. He looked confused. “I don’t…like Shawn.” You say to him.

You felt scared admitting you liked Carter. You’d think he never like you. “You don’t? Everyone said you guys kinda had a thing.”

“Who said that?” you say crossing your arms.

“Ummm…Matt.” He laughs. You groan at how stupid Matt could be. “Don’t listen to him.” You say to him. You see Carter’s eyes get bigger as you tell him. “So your not into anyone right now?” he asks convincingly.

“I think I may.” You smirk looking up at him. He bits his lip leaning closer down to you. “I hope it’s me.” He whispers sharing a sweet kiss upon your lips.