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There will be two more heirs to the throne soon 👑🐝(based off Empress Victoria of Germany family portrait)

MORE Things I want to see in Infinity War

Groot giving Wanda a flower (I would die of happiness)

The Peters bonding over their name and their taste in music

Tony and Steve being good dads


Bucky calling Natasha ‘Natalia’ and everyone being like ‘what?’


Someone (probably Sam) singing “soft Kitty, Warm Kitty’ to T’Challa

Staron being a hot & badass couple


Pepperony wedding (?????)

Bucky being scared of the Guardians and not knowing whats going on

LOKI - even if he’s bad, you’re lying if you don’t want to see him

Someone calling Thanos a ‘space grape’

3rd of August, 2017: Michelle Carter sentenced to 2,5 years

Michelle Carter was charged with involuntary manslaughter and got sentenced to 2,5 years of which she has to serve at least 15 months in prison. She had encouraged her boyfriend, Conrad Roy (18), to commit suicide. The case involved a lot of text messages, phone calls and emails between Michelle and Conrad. In the final phone call she had told Conrad to get back in his truck when he became scared. Conrad Roy committed suicide by poisoning himself with carbon monoxide fumes in his truck on the 13th of July, 2014.


“Here we were giving everyone what they had longed for, what they had been teased about, what they had been cheated of in the movie, what they had been given in a kind of bogus scene in season six. We gave them the real thing here, we gave them a passionate kiss. And I think David and Gillian were up for it. I mean, I saw them. They were kind of giddy and giggling before it happened, and it was hot.”

— Chris Carter (DVD commentary)


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When drawing fan art for The Kane Chronicles, please remember:

• Although Sadie Kane and her mother’s side of the family are mostly white-passing, Egyptian people typically aren’t.

• Carter Kane has dark skin and so does his dad and uncle Amos.

• Zia and Walt are both confirmed to have dark skin.

• Most of the Egyptian gods including Bast and Bes (but excluding Anubis and possibly Thoth) have dark skin, unless their skin is another colour like blue.

• It is safe to assume that Cleo, Felix, Jaz, and the other kids all have dark skin.

• It wouldn’t be unlikely if Sadie was the only white-passing Egyptian in their Nome.

• Check the official art before drawing a character as white or white-passing to avoid erasing the ethnicities and races of any more characters.