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Magcon/Omaha Squad Preference: 13 Reasons Why Favorite Character and Quote.

(quotes don’t necessarily match with the characters and quotes could come from either the show or book.) 


Character: Sheri

Quote: “You don’t get to fuck with me because you don’t like who you are.”

Jack J:

Character: Jeff

Quote: “Your pain is important to other people.”

Jack G:

Character: Justin

Quote: “It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow.”


Character: Clay

Quote: “Some of you cared. None of you cared enough.” 


Character: Hannah

Quote: “You can’t love someone back to life.”


Character: Jessica

Quote: “In the end, everything matters.”


Character: Alex

Quote: “Betrayal. It’s one of the worst feelings.”


Character: Zach

Quote: “You can hear rumors. But you can’t know them.”


Character: Ryan

Quote: “Here’s a tip. If you touch a girl, even as a joke, and she pushes you off: Leave. Her. Alone. Don’t touch her anywhere. Just stop.”


Character: Tony

Quote: “You can’t rewrite the past.”


Character: Montgomery

Quote: “People grow apart, and sometimes, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”


Character: Tyler

Quote: “When you try rescuing someone and discover they can’t be reached, why would you ever throw that back in their face?”


Character: Mrs. Jensen (Clay’s Mom)

Quote: “Life is unpredictable and control is just an illusion. And it makes us feel small and powerless.”  

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- Helping him making some Music;

- Hanging out with the squad;

- Cheek kisses;

- Late night drives;

- Long talks;

- Passionate sex;

- Cuddling a lot;

- Spending time whenever you can;

- Calming him down whenever he’s nervous for the tour;

- Playing with his hair because he loves it;

- Johnson being always sweet with you;

- Supporting each other no matter what;

- Tight hugs;

- Hugs from behind;

- Whenever you wear his shirts, he confesses you, they look better on you;


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Hayes Grier

Her over me Part 1

Her over me Part 2

Her over me Part 3

Her over me Part 4

Dancing with the stars

Pregnant Times


Nate Maloley

Talking shit

A baby

Sick boys

Cameron Dallas

It’s not a lie Part 1

It’s not a lie Part 2

It’s not a lie Part 3

It’s just too much



I love clingy

Moved on

Scary Movies

Nash Grier

Little spoon

She’s mine

Geometry Class


Staying over





Breaking up


Maybe too jealous?

Vacation & Interruptions


Sammy Wilkinson

Pool party

Another baby Part 1

Another baby Part 2


Jack Gilinsky

A love so fake Part 1

A love so fake Part 2

A love so fake Part 3

Missing out


Swimming & Teasing

Shawn Mendes


Matt Espinosa

Hitting on you

Aaron Carpenter

Meet & Greet


Taylor Caniff

He thinks your flirting


Best friends and Boyfriends

Hayes Grier + Nash Grier

Choose Part 1

Choose Part 2

Choose Part 3


Little things

His Phone Background

Text AUs

Nate Maloley-Random convo

Jack J- He likes you

Nash Grier- Jealous


AU: You’re Matt’s girlfriend. One day Matt reads a tweet of Carter when he says “Y/N is so hot”. Matt was with Carter when he read the tweet.


Derek Luh Lockscreens (Requested)

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Magcon Bsm #3 : You're dating one of the 1D boys

(your boyfriend)

Carter (Niall);*his pov* “(y/n)” I yelled, I knocked on her door, and she didn’t answer, weird, then I hear her crying, I opened the door, she was crying, “hey hey what’s wrong?” I said and hugged her, she hugged me and started crying again, “car-carter th-they h-hate me” she said and started crying again, “what are you talking about?”, “h-his fans they keep te-telling me I’m not g-good enough for him” she said and hugged me, “shhh you know that’s not true, don’t listen to them” I said to her, “you know that he loves you, I think you should call him and wish him a good time in his show today it’ll make him happy, and forget about these messages, they’ll stop when they realise that you really love him” I continued, she looked at me and nodded her head, “thank you Carter you’re the best” she said and kissed my cheek.

Matt (Harry);*his pov* I was watching tv when my sister walked into the room and sat next to me with a bag full of chocolate, “can you share it?” I chuckled, “shut up matt” she said, “what’s wrong?” I asked, she looked at me and she was crying, “tell me”, “I miss him” she sighed, I knew from the start that a relationship with a famous boy won’t be good and she don’t believe me, “I know that you don’t like him that much…” she said but I cut her and said, “does he really make you happy?” She looked at me, “answer me”, “yes he does he’s nice and sweet and he cares about me” she said and gave me a little smile, “you know you can call him, or even better you can go and visit him” I said to her, “what?! Really oh my god I love youuu” she said and hugged, I never knew how important this relationship for her, but now I know how much she cares about it.

Jack G (Zayn); “jack this is zayn my boyfriend, zayn this is jack my brother” you introduce both of them, “nice to meet you jack” zayn said, jack looked at him and said, “nice to meet you too”, zayn is meeting your family for the first time, and jack is acting weird, “I will go and see if mom need help” you said and kissed zayn on the cheek, and looked at jack and whispered, “be nice”. *his pov* finally (y/n) left us alone, I just want to talk to him, “listen you better not hurt her or you’ll…” I started talking but he cut me and said, “don’t worry man I won’t hurt her, I promise you” he said to me, something about him made me believe him, I nodded my head, then (y/n) entered the room, “anything happened?” She asked, “no, but please take care of zayn, and don’t punch him when he eats your sandwich” I chuckled, “jaaack shut up” she said and started laughing.

Cameron (Liam);*your pov* I was in my room watching some videos, then cam entered the room, “what is this?” He asked, I looked at him and said, “what are you talking about?” He then gave me a magazine, it was a picture of me and liam, and there was a “LIAM PAYNE NEW GIRLFRIEND?”, I looked at him and said, “what do you want?”, “explain this!” He said, “he’s my boyfriend” I said, “really? How do you even know him” he said, “I met him in a club and we talked a little, I didn’t know that he was the famous liam payne, he asked me to go out with him” I said, he nodded his head, “I need to meet him and I mean it” he said and walked out of the room.

Nash (Louis); *his pov* I was watching tv, when they started to talk about celebrities, “so do you think that it’s true that louis tomlinson is cheating on his girlfriend (y/n) grier?” What? No it better be a rumour, “(Y/N)” I called her, “yes?”, “look at this” I said to her, she looked at it, “it’s a rumour you know that! I trust he wouldn’t do that to me” she said, “are you sure?” I asked her, “yes like I said I trust him, and you should trust him too” she said, I nodded my head and said “I’m just trying to protect you” I said, she smiled at me and hugged me, “don’t worry I’ll be alright, just promise me that you’ll trust him” she said, “okay I’ll try”.

Hayes (Liam); *his pov* I was taking photos with the fan, and they were asking me questions, “hayes is it true that (y/n) is dating liam payne?” I looked at her and nodded my head, “yeah it’s true”, “so you approve of their relationship?”, “yeah I mean as long as (y/n) is happy, it’s okay” I said, “you’re so sweet” she said to me and I smiled at her, “thanks”.

Jack J (Harry);*your pov* “Harry you can sit in the living room until I get ready” I said to him, and he nodded his head, then he kissed me, “just give me 5 minutes” I said and ran upstairs. *his pov* “hey, what’s up?” Someone said, it was harry my sister’s boyfriend, “hello” I said, “what are you doing?” He asked me, “eh nothing” I answered him, then I looked at him, I need to tell him this, “listen we can be friends, just take care of my sister, and If you hurt her, or you make her cry, I will kill you and I mean it”, he nodded his head, “I would never do that I really love her, I swear I won’t let anything happen to her” he promised, “you can sit, when she says 5 minutes that means ten” I laughed.

Aaron (Zayn);*his pov* I am a little sick, so I want to go to the pharmacy to get some medicine, I entered the pharmacy, and picked the medicine, then I ran into a girl, “oh god I’m sor..” I said but then stopped when I saw that it was (y/n), and she was holding a… condom, shit, today zayn her boyfriend will come back from tour, “Aaron? What are you doing here?” She said, “you know that I should ask you that question” I said to her, “I’ll be late, bye” she said, I grabbed her hand, “what about this!”, she looked at me and said, “I’m old enough, I know what I’m doing”, I looked at her, “c’mon Aaron just forget about this, forget that you saw me her, and everything will be alright” she said, and started walking away, and then she turned around and said to me,”just forget this Aaron…. just forget it”.

Shawn (Niall); you are at the airport to say goodbye to niall, he was going on tour, and now you’re so sad and you’re a crying mess, “shhh babe you can come and visit me” niall said and hugged you, “I need to go now, take care” he said and kissed you, you nodded your head, “bye” you whispered, then you walked to your car, and you started driving, you finally arrived, you opened the door to the house, you walked to your bedroom, on your way you saw shawn, “hey what’s wrong?” He said, “their tour started” you said, “aww come here, we can watch some movie, so you can feel better” he said, you smiled and said, “you’re the sweetest brother” you hugged him.

Taylor (Louis); “where are you going?” Taylor asked you, “I’m going to the airport, louis finished his tour finally” you said, you are so excited to see him, “Taylor do I look nice?” You asked him, he chuckled and said, “you always look nice”, “I know but I want to look extra nice for him” you smiled, “ohh no funny stuff okay? I’m not ready to be an uncle” he said, you laughed and said, “shut up taylor”, “no seriously I’m too young” he said, you smiled and said, “goodbye taylor”.


This got me in tears, literally, there is not a new ocean, it’s just me crying, oh my god, credit for the video and for making me cry and for making me feel like a proud momma because that is what i am to whoever who create this amazing video.


Preference 1: Day out with your boyfriend (original 9+ Jacob)
1) Taylor
2) Aaron
3) Shawn
4) Carter
5) Jack G
6) Cameron
7) Jacob
8) Matt
9) Jack J
10) Nash


- Spending hours cuddling on the couch.

- Playing with his hair a lot.

- Him smirking whenever he catches you checking him out.

- Neck kisses.

- Teasing each other at all the time.

- A LOT of sex.

- Always protecting each other no matter what.

- Calling each other random nicknames.

-  Forehead kisses.

- Laughing at jokes he tells you.

- Watching movies together and stealing popcorn from each other.

- “I love you loser”.

- “Love you more babe”.

Magcon Bsm #2 : you lose your favourite teddy bear and get sad (age 3)

Nash;*his pov* I was talking with my dad in the living room, then my little sister came in the room, she has puffy eyes and looked sad, “what’s wrong pumpkin?” I asked her and picked her up, “nash I lost Mr.Brown” she started crying again on my chest, I looked at my father wondering who is mr brown, “her teddy bear” he said, oh I remember the last time his name was “white chocolate”, “shh it’s okay love, how about I go with you to get a new teddy bear?” I asked her, she looked at me with wide eyes, “relly?” I nodded my head, “I want to get six” she said and put three fingers up, I laughed and said “this is three, c’mon let’s go and get some toys for you” I said she kissed my cheek, ” I love you nashy”.

Cameron;”c’mon (y/n) we need to go back home before it starts raining more” he said and picked you up so he can walk faster, “cam my teddy” you cried when your teddy bear fell on the street, “caam teddy” you cried more, he didn’t understand what you were saying, so je just kept walking, when you guys finally got home he put you on the floor, and you ran to your mom crying, she picked you up, “what’s wrong baby girl?” She said, “cam” you cried, she looked at him confused, he just shook his head and said, “I don’t know what she’s talking about”, “you let go of teddy” you cried, “oh cam she dropped her teddy bear” your mom said to you, he looked at you a little guilty even though he didn’t mean to drop it, “I’m sorry, come here” he said and took you from your mom, “you know I didn’t mean it right?, tomorrow we will go and I will buy you all the teddy bears you want” he said, you looked at him and smiled then kissed his lips, “only one” you said, he smiled and kissed your cheek.

Carter;*his pov* I was watching tv, when my little sister and mom entered the house, “hello guys” I said, “hello” my mom answered and I looked at my sister, she gave mom a look then walked to her room, “what’s wrong with the queen?” I chuckled, “she lost her teddy bear at the mall, and she says that I’m the reason” she said, “okay I’ll come back” I said and walked outside to my car, I started driving to a toy store, I will buy her a new teddy bear I can’t stand to see her sad, after I bought a teddy bear, I started driving back home, finally when I arrived I locked my car, and ran to the house, “where were you?” Mom asked, “I bought her a new teddy bear” I said and she smiled, “she’s in her room” she said, and I ran to her room, and opened the door, “hey” I said, she looked at me and said “hi” in a cute sad voice, “don’t be sad I bought you a new teddy bear, look it’s even more beautiful than the last one” I said and gave her the teddy bear, she looked at it and hugged it, and said “it’s pwetty and fluffy” she said, then looked at me and hugged me and said, “you’re number one”, I smiled then kissed her.

Matt;*his pov* we just moved in to our new house, “it’s nice” my mom said and I nodded my head, I looked around to see my little sister looking inside the boxes, “what are you looking for?” I asked her, she looked at me and asked, “have you seen snow?” She was talking about her white teddy bear, she calls him snow, “no it was with you, or maybe mom put him in some of the boxes” I said and looked at mom, “no it was with her” mom said, then (y/n) started crying, “he’s gone” she said and hugged my legs, “he’s scared now” she said again, she look so cute, I picked her up, and said to her, ” no he’s not scared, I’m sure now he found his family, and I will get you a new one” I said, she looked at me and said, “family?”, “yeah, like you’re happy here with us, and he’s happy with his family” I said and she looked at me, and nodded her head, “I luv you mat” she kissed me.

Jack G; you just came back from a vacation with your family, when you finally got home, all you wanted to do was to sleep, “mom gimee jay” yo said to her and she looked at you and said, “but it was with you darling” she said and you looked at her, “no no” you said, “go and ask jack maybe he saw it” she said, you run to his room, “Jay Jay” you said, he looked at you and smiled, “what’s wrong?” , “where is jay?” You asked, “I don’t know it was with you” he said, you looked at him sadly and sat on the floor, “he’s gone” you said as you were about to cry, jack got you this teddy bear and you loved it, jack looked at you and said, “it’s okay I will get you another one” he said, you looked at him, “but what if I lose it again” you said, “then I will get you another one” he said, and you looked at him with a little smile on your face, “now c’mon let sleep” he picked you up, and you both fell asleep on his bed.

Jack J; you were searching at your teddy bear, you’re sure it’s somewhere in the house, jack looked at you and asked, “what are you looking for?”, you kept searching and said “teddy bear”, you sat on the floor with a sad look o your face, “I can’t find it” you said, jack sat next to you and said “hey why are you sad, he walked out of the house to find his family” you looked at him like he has two heads, “dummy toys don’t walk” you said to him, “what? You remember toy story right?” He said and you nodded your head, “so toys can walk” he said, “but it’s just a movie” you whispered, “okay whatever you want, but I think he found his family and walked out of the house” he said and walked out of the room, you looked at all your toys wondering if really toys can walk.

Shawn; you were in the car with your brother and mom, the window was open next to you, but you couldn’t get up, cause you were on the baby chair, so you decided to let your teddy bear take a look, so you put it out of the windows, but your little hand couldn’t hold him any longer so you let go, “nooo” you started crying, “what’s wrong?” Your mom asked worried, “winnie jumped out of the window” you said, “but, ehh, I’m sorry we can’t stop right now” your mom said, you just kept crying, “shawn” you called him, “yes?” He answered, “winnie is gone”, “don’t worry we’ll get you another one, it will be bigger” he said, you stopped crying, and said “pinkie promise?”, “yeah pinkie promise” he said.

Hayes;*his pov* “hays hays” my little sister ran to me, “what?”, “come and help, I can’t find blacky” she said, blacky is her favourite toy, “can’t you wait I’m watching tv” I said, “hays he’s scared” she looked at me with a sad look, I can’t resist it, “okay c’mon” I said and started searching for her toy, “what are you doing idiot?” I looked up to see nash, “I’m looking for (y/n)’s toy blacky she is crying, she can’t find it”i said, he looked at me and said, “yeah she told mom this morning, take this we bought for her, tell her that you found it” he said and I nodded and took the toy from him, “(y/n) I found him” I said, and she started running, “tank you hays” , I luv you” she said and kiss me then took the toy and ran to her room.

Preference 3: Indirect Break Up Tweets






Jack G.;

Jack J.;








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12/12 snapchats plus others

So I was kinda keeping these private but I’m just kinda yolo

Nash: lifeofnash
Cameron: camerondallas
Matthew: notmattespinosa
Shawn: shawnmendes1
Jack G: Jackgilinsky
Jack J: Jaaackjohnson2
Taylor: taylorcaniff
Carter: reynolds.carter
Aaron: aaron-carp
Jacob: jacobontour
Mahogany: itslox
Hayes: yaboyhayesg
Sammy: sammywilk11
Dillon: dillonrupp1 // dillonrupp

Andrea Russet: andwizzle
Andrew Lowe: lowecow
Brent Rivera: brentrivera // thebrentrivera
Christian Delgrosso: christiandelg
Daniel Skye: danielskye123
Dylan Holland: deezyontour
Jack Gilinsky’s Dad: dgilinsky
Jake Foushee: drfoosh
Bryant Eslava: eslava
Willie Jones: heywilliejones
Grant Landis: grantstourlife
Jc Caylen: chamclouder
Jerome Jarre: jeromejarre
Kenny Holland: kennyholland
Princess Lauren: lglaurennnn
Lohanthony: aanthoony
Maggie Lindemann: magsmoneymil
Nate Maloley: natemaloley
Dylan Dauzat: ohdauzat
Ricky Dillon: ricky.dillon
Sam Pottorff: sammpott
Sierra Dallas: sierra-dallas
Sebastian Olzanski: spaceshipseb
Kian Lawley: swifferme
Trevor Moran: trevormoran

You’re welcome ✌️

Preference #1: What They Like Most About You

Cam: He loves it when you smile with your teeth. It always brings a smile to his face to see you giggle and how your dipples appear.

Hayes: He loves the fact that whenever you get nervous or anxious you twirl your hair around your index finger. 

Nash: He finds it so cute that you always tap along to songs even the ones in your head.

Carter: He thinks its so cute when you talk to yourself. Like when you are doing homework and trying to figure out a problem and you think out loud. 

Gilinsky: Its kind of cliche but he loves how you look when you are smoking weed. You rarely smoke but when you do your cheeks turn red and your eyes glaze over.

Johnson: He loves your concerned/worried look. When you are in a stressful situation he just stares at you.

Sam: He loves when your hair is being whipped around from the salty lake air. He purposefully hides all of your hair tyes when you guys go for a boat ride.

Dillon: He loves the way you watch television. Your hair is tied up in a ponytail and you are slightly bent over just gazing into the bright lights illuminating from the screen.

Matthew: He loves your hand gestures as you are telling a story. Your parents always used their hands to talk and it just stuck with you.

Shawn: He loves the way you sleep. He’s embarassed to tell you because he think you’ll find it creepy but he’ll listen to your slight snore and smile to himself.

Jacob: He loves the look you give him as he plays a song he just wrote. You are the only reason he writes so when you give him a look of achievement it means the world to him.

Taylor: He loves how you look when you’ve just gotten out of the shower. He likes how the steam rolls around your figure as you step out of the bathroom.

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One of my worst fears is meeting one of the boys and looking like complete shit

Imagine going back to Omaha with Sammy for Christmas. You’ve been teasing him since you got there, but he keeps refusing to do anything with you.

“(Y/N), Sam, we’re going out. Would you like to come?” You hear Mama Wilk ask. You glance up from your phone to Sammy who was slowly rolling his lip between his teeth, smirking at you.

“N-no, I think I’ll stay. I’m not feeling too well. Too many Christmas cookies, I think,” you smile weakly at his mom and she returned it, looking at Sam.

His eyes didn’t leave yours as he spoke, “I’ll stay too. Keep (Y/N) some company.” Mrs. Wilkson nodded, walking out the door to join everyone in the car.

You let out a breath that you didn’t know you had been holding in as the door latched. Sammy chuckled, tilting his head to the side as he looked at you. His hand moved to your leg, making you jump slightly. Perhaps teasing him all week hadn’t been in your best interest.

“The Jacks’ are coming over in about an hour,” he informed you, his eyes still not leaving yours. You nodded slowly, breaking his stare by looking down into your lap. His other hand not on your thigh moved to your chin, making you look at him again. “I don’t appreciate you making me want you so much while I’m around my family. You’re going to pay for this past week, (Y/N).” He moved from the couch, standing in front of you and pulling his grey sweats from his legs.