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- Helping him making some Music;

- Hanging out with the squad;

- Cheek kisses;

- Late night drives;

- Long talks;

- Passionate sex;

- Cuddling a lot;

- Spending time whenever you can;

- Calming him down whenever he’s nervous for the tour;

- Playing with his hair because he loves it;

- Johnson being always sweet with you;

- Supporting each other no matter what;

- Tight hugs;

- Hugs from behind;

- Whenever you wear his shirts, he confesses you, they look better on you;


Many of you have been Requesting a Masterlist so here you go! Also keep requesting xx Love you guys.

Hayes Grier

Her over me Part 1

Her over me Part 2

Her over me Part 3

Her over me Part 4

Dancing with the stars

Pregnant Times


Nate Maloley

Talking shit

A baby

Sick boys

Cameron Dallas

It’s not a lie Part 1

It’s not a lie Part 2

It’s not a lie Part 3

It’s just too much



I love clingy

Moved on

Scary Movies

Nash Grier

Little spoon

She’s mine

Geometry Class


Staying over





Breaking up


Maybe too jealous?

Vacation & Interruptions


Sammy Wilkinson

Pool party

Another baby Part 1

Another baby Part 2


Jack Gilinsky

A love so fake Part 1

A love so fake Part 2

A love so fake Part 3

Missing out


Swimming & Teasing

Shawn Mendes


Matt Espinosa

Hitting on you

Aaron Carpenter

Meet & Greet


Taylor Caniff

He thinks your flirting


Best friends and Boyfriends

Hayes Grier + Nash Grier

Choose Part 1

Choose Part 2

Choose Part 3


Little things

His Phone Background

Text AUs

Nate Maloley-Random convo

Jack J- He likes you

Nash Grier- Jealous


- Spending hours cuddling on the couch.

- Playing with his hair a lot.

- Him smirking whenever he catches you checking him out.

- Neck kisses.

- Teasing each other at all the time.

- A LOT of sex.

- Always protecting each other no matter what.

- Calling each other random nicknames.

-  Forehead kisses.

- Laughing at jokes he tells you.

- Watching movies together and stealing popcorn from each other.

- “I love you loser”.

- “Love you more babe”.


AU: You’re Matt’s girlfriend. One day Matt reads a tweet of Carter when he says “Y/N is so hot”. Matt was with Carter when he read the tweet.

12/12 snapchats plus others

So I was kinda keeping these private but I’m just kinda yolo

Nash: lifeofnash
Cameron: camerondallas
Matthew: notmattespinosa
Shawn: shawnmendes1
Jack G: Jackgilinsky
Jack J: Jaaackjohnson2
Taylor: taylorcaniff
Carter: reynolds.carter
Aaron: aaron-carp
Jacob: jacobontour
Mahogany: itslox
Hayes: yaboyhayesg
Sammy: sammywilk11
Dillon: dillonrupp1 // dillonrupp

Andrea Russet: andwizzle
Andrew Lowe: lowecow
Brent Rivera: brentrivera // thebrentrivera
Christian Delgrosso: christiandelg
Daniel Skye: danielskye123
Dylan Holland: deezyontour
Jack Gilinsky’s Dad: dgilinsky
Jake Foushee: drfoosh
Bryant Eslava: eslava
Willie Jones: heywilliejones
Grant Landis: grantstourlife
Jc Caylen: chamclouder
Jerome Jarre: jeromejarre
Kenny Holland: kennyholland
Princess Lauren: lglaurennnn
Lohanthony: aanthoony
Maggie Lindemann: magsmoneymil
Nate Maloley: natemaloley
Dylan Dauzat: ohdauzat
Ricky Dillon: ricky.dillon
Sam Pottorff: sammpott
Sierra Dallas: sierra-dallas
Sebastian Olzanski: spaceshipseb
Kian Lawley: swifferme
Trevor Moran: trevormoran

You’re welcome ✌️

One of my worst fears is meeting one of the boys and looking like complete shit


Derek Luh Lockscreens (Requested)

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This got me in tears, literally, there is not a new ocean, it’s just me crying, oh my god, credit for the video and for making me cry and for making me feel like a proud momma because that is what i am to whoever who create this amazing video.

The only way im getting a thigh gap is when gilinsky is in between them