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I’m not that kind of girl - Chapter 19*

Cameron Dallas Fanfic

*WARNING: Smut (tiny little bit)

Word count: 1′409

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You woke up shortly before it was 10am. „Fuck.“ You mumbled as you got out of your bed. You went straight to the bathroom. 

You just got out of the shower wrapping a towel around your body leaving the bathroom. You found Cameron sitting on your bed. „Oh I like that.“ He said standing up. „How did you get up here?“ You approached him. „Your sister was just about to leave and let me in. She’s going swimming with her friends. Also she told me you were up here sleeping and…“ He interrupted his speech by giving you a short sweet kiss before pulling away. „Your parents aren’t home.“ He whispered leaning in again. You still held onto your towel with him deepening the kiss. 

You pulled away. „Yeah well I don’t think so.“ His face was full of confusion. „I just got out of the shower. I haven’t eaten yet. I am hungry and no, I’m not hungry for you right now. Please Cameron. I’m really not a morning person.“ You whined. „Alright. Get dressed I’m waiting for you in the kitchen.“ He was a little pissed off you could see it in his face. He left the room.

Shortly after you followed him down, you wore a dress. Well it was more a big t-shirt that you wore like a dress. He prepared you a bowl of cereal and some fruit. „Wow. Chef Cameron is going all the way today.“ You laughed and he just gave you a smile. „Thank you.“ You said as you went up to him leaving a kiss on his jawline. „You should eat.“ He simply said. He’s pissed that’s for sure. You sat down at the dining table and he sat across from you watching every move you made. „I know that Cameron Junior is probably pissed for killing the mood. But I can’t go full energy mode without fuel.“ You took a strawberry and took a bite. He chuckled. „Cameron Junior is not pissed. He just really missed you.“ You didn’t say anything to his respond and just continued to eat. 

After you were done you got up bringing the plates to the dish washer. You leaned down to put them in when you felt his hands on your waist. „Now that you are done…“ He pulled you closer to him as you stood back up straight. „We can continue where we were interrupted yesterday.“ He left a kiss on your neck. A quiet moan escaped your mouth and you could feel how his lips formed into a smirk. 

You turned around to face him. His arms were tight around your waist as your hands scammed his chest. With one smooth motion he lifted you up and sat you down on the counter. Your lips connected. His hands slowly found their way up your thighs and pulled up your dress a little. His fingers played with the material of the thong you were wearing. Your hands grabbed onto the back of his hair and around his neck. Your tongues were twirling as he slid off your thong. You grabbed the hem of his shirt pulling it off.

He pulled down his short as well as his boxers. Before you knew it he slammed into you. You couldn’t hold back a moan. His lips moved to your neck and you felt how he sucked on the same sweet spot as he always did. His pace became faster. Your face hid in the crook of his neck moaning into his skin. Your legs tight around his waist as he thrusted into you. You felt his teeth in your skin. Your head fell back and you let out a loud moan. You felt one of his hands move upwards your thigh finding your clit and playing with it. Your moans only got louder. Soon the both of you reached your climax. Your head fell back onto his shoulder as he rode it out.

His pace got slower and finally he stopped. He left a soft kiss on your neck and lifted his head as did you. You leaned in to kiss him. It was short. His hands rested on your thighs before he pulled his pants back up. You jumped off the counter and leaned down to grab your thong. You felt his hand on your ass. „I love you.“ He said as you got back up. „I love you too.“ You said and his hands found themselves around your stomach. You leaned back onto his chest. His breathing was steady. „By the way. I invited everyone over to my place tonight. We are gonna have a little BBQ as you wanted to.“ He whispered in your ear. You smiled. „Thank you.“ 

You spent some time just laying around cuddling. Than you decided to go out for lunch. You went to the diner you went to often. 

You sat there facing one another. He held your hand as he often did. „So.“ You started trying to get to the Europe topic. He simply smiled at you waiting for you to continue. „Europe.“ You slowly said watching how his smile slowly faded. „Y/N can’t we just enjoy this time we have until you go.“ His thumb stroke over your hand. You looked down. „You’re right.“ With that you left the topic.

*two months later*

After you were done with your job you mostly spent time with your friends. You had two weeks left until you’d be off to Europe. Most off the time you’d spend in England but you had at least a month planned to explore the different countries and cultures. 

You and Cameron still hadn’t talked about how it’s gonna be when you leave.   But he had his occupation. He made vines and people actually liked them. He was getting bigger and bigger. 

It was a lazy Sunday. You were at Sam’s place. „Why don’t you just tell him, look Cam, honey, babe, I think this isn’t gonna last.“ She giggled. „Shut up. As if you’d do it like that with Ethan.“ I whispered in as respond. Ethan and Cameron could be back any minute. They went to get you all some food.
„Come on. You have to figure it out. You have like what three weeks? And if you decide to break up…“ There it was Sam said it. Break up. „You don’t want to do this the day you leave, right?“ You nodded. „You’re right. I should talk to him as soon as possible.“ And there it was the door shut and the footsteps cam into the living room. „Food’s ready.“ Ethan said. You felt Cameron’s soft lips on your cheek.

After you ate you went to Cameron’s place. You told your mom that you would sleep at his place. She was not against it but she wasn’t happy about it either. You cuddled on his bed. Your head rested on his chest. His arm slung across your back rubbing up and down, slowly and steady.

You sighed. „Cameron. We’ve been avoiding this for quite some time now and we really should get it over with.“ You said slowly unsure where it was going. „I wanted to talk to you too.“ You felt how he shifted and you sat up next to each other. „I love you and that won’t change for the near future.“ He started. „I know you are going to Europe but I won’t and I don’t think that long distance will last.“ You couldn’t look at him but his arm was around your shoulder, trying to comfort you. „I love you too. I actually think the same.“ You felt his lips on the side of your head. „What are you going to do?“ You whispered. „I got an offer.“ You looked up to him. „I’m most likely going on tour.“ He didn’t look at you until you pulled his chin towards yourself. „Really?“ You didn’t know what to say. He simply nodded. You leaned in to kiss him. It was shortly after when he pulled away. 

„So how is this gonna go? Are we continuing until the last day? Are we going our own ways from now on? In a week or two? What do we do?“ His eyes were closed his forehead leaning against yours. HIs voice was soothing as always. „Lets enjoy the time we have left. Until I am standing at security.“ You answered slowly. He kissed you again.

A/N: I’m sorry this was so short I’m simply running low on time. I’m trying to get so much done with the writing but I failed so badly. Hope you like it and enjoyed it. Have a great week! Love you all :)




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