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- Helping him making some Music;

- Hanging out with the squad;

- Cheek kisses;

- Late night drives;

- Long talks;

- Passionate sex;

- Cuddling a lot;

- Spending time whenever you can;

- Calming him down whenever he’s nervous for the tour;

- Playing with his hair because he loves it;

- Johnson being always sweet with you;

- Supporting each other no matter what;

- Tight hugs;

- Hugs from behind;

- Whenever you wear his shirts, he confesses you, they look better on you;


Your dating Nash and when you went to visit him all the boys flirt with you and tease you. Nash doesn’t like it to well and flips out on all of them. Later on when you retreat to your room and the boys give Nash their revenge with a water bottle.

itsanneelisehere said:
Hey Doll, I was wondering if you could do a Shawn imagine. Could it be about Shawn defending you you then getting into a physical fight with another magcon boy because they were saying mean and untrue things about y/n. Then y/n takes care of Shawn when they get home. Thank you! Btw, I love your imagines!!!!


I was pretty much hated by a couple people, for reasons, I myself don’t even know about. I was having a party at mine and Shawn’s house. Shawn, my boyfriend of a year and half, and a couple of his closets friends where among the few people here.I was having a good time dancing, when Mahogany came over to me “Y/N, carter’s talking about you” she whispered in my ear “why?” I questioned back. I’ve never done anything to no one, especially Carter of all people. “I don’t know, he’s calling you a lot of names and saying you tried to fuck him, and when he denied you, you started rumors about him” “but I never even knew he existed until I met Shawn” “I know” she put her hand on my shoulder. At this point, I was fed up. Fed up with the lies and fed up with everything. “Does Shawn know?” I questioned “no not yet” “good.” I went past everyone, to find Carter by the pool talking to Taylor, Sammy and Nate. They did not seem to agree with what Carter was saying, yet didn’t stop him. “Well, well, well here comes the little slut now” he smirked at me “excuse me?” I sent him a glare “you heard me” he chuckled “what the fuck is your problem” I questioned “you” he said serious “what did I ever do to you?” I almost yelled, he smirked which got me even more angrier. “What haven’t you done to me?” He sarcastically said, “I’ve never done anything to you Carter, I did even know you existed until i met Shawn. Now your telling people I tried to fucking get with you and you rejected me, and I started rumors? Like get your story straight kid, cuz I’d never try, and get with someone like you, nor will I waste my precious oxygen spreading lies. Your not worth my time nor my thoughts. If your gonna say shit, say the fucking truth. You and me both know your mad that I rather be faithful to Shawn then cheat on him with a no good person like you.” I snapped back. His face changed to anger “says the slut who was practically begging me to fuck her, remember? Oh wait your gonna say you don’t because you were too busy being "faithful to Shawn”, your nothing but a nobody that fucks with anyone and everyone she can fuck with" he chuckled “what did you say?” I heard a soft voice that I could only recognize as Shawn, I looked over to Sammy and his face shifted uncomfortably, and I knew I was right. Carter looked up and got nervous. “What?” He questioned back “I said, what the hell did you say about my girlfriend?” Shawn said walking past me “Shawn stop, he’s not worth it” I said pulling his wrist “your not worth it” Carter chuckled under his breath but Shawn caught it. “What the fuck is your problem” shawns voice grew louder “your fucking slut of a girlfriend is my problem” Carter said. Before I knew it Shawn had punched Carter straight in the nose “SHAWN NO!” I screamed. I tried to break it up but Nate picked me up pulling me away “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” I screamed trying to break free “your not getting hurt, let them be. Let Shawn get his anger towards Carter out. Shawn’s been waiting for this moment for a long time let em be.” He said pulling me farther. Tears came down my face, I looked, and in that moment Carter punched Shawn in his lip, causing blood to gush out. “SHAWN NO!” I yelling, I broke free, and ran but Nate caught up. Fists were flying, blood was everywhere. I needed to stop this and I needed it to be stopped now. “I’m sorry Nate” I said “what?” I kicked him in his balls, causing him to drop me, and fall to his knees in agony. Carter and Shawn stood up to deliver more blows, when I got between them. “Get out of the way” Shawn yelled “Yeah listen to your boyfriend, whore.” Carter spat. “NO! I’m not letting you hurt him” I yelled at Carter. I turned to a bloody Shawn and placed my hand on his cheeks “babe please… For me?” I said looking him in the eyes. His eyes shifted from mine to Carter, when Sammy finally got in it blocking Carter. “For you” Shawn said cleaning his lip, and walking inside the house. “Everyone out now” I yelled going after Shawn. I went upstairs, and found him in the bathroom. “Sit” I said pointing to the toilet seat. He walked over, and sat down. I got towels, first aid kit, and a couple bandages, and helped clean him up. I got on my knees, and cleaned his lip. After a 20 minutes, Shawn was back to normal, with a couple scratches and bandages here and there. I helped him over to our bed and lied him down. “Why did you do that?” I asked him sitting on the bed, “because, he was saying things I know for a fact where not true.” He said brushing his hand through his hair “if you knew they weren’t true, why stoop down to his level and fight for me?” I questioned “because, your worth it” he said sitting up “but” “no butts, he needed to be taught a lesson. He goes around, and does what he wants. Not caring who he hurts in the process, he’s picking on your for no reason, calling you all these untrue names for what?” “For the simple fact, he doesn’t have me like you have me” I said pushing him to lie back down. “Are you mad?” Shawn questioned “no, I just don’t like seeing you fight, and get hurt. I love you, and love the fact that you were looking out for me” “I’m sorry babe, but no one, and I mean no one will talk About you like that. Ever!” He said rubbing his hand against my face “I love you” I said cuddling into his chest “I love you too, never forget that” he said kissing my forehead, as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Annon asked: Hey! Are you taking requests? Can I have a Shawn imagine when me and him are just friends and my dad is the tour bus driver so I end up staying with the crew + Shawn for a few months… We’re left alone and we end up making out because he knows I haven’t had my first kiss. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu babe

My dad, has a pretty amazing job. My names Y/N, I’m 17 years old and my dad is the tour bus driver for the one, the only…. *dramatic drum roll*… SHAWN MENDES! I mean his job honestly, is the best job ever. I’ve been staying on the tour bus with my dad, Shawn and the crew for 3 months already. I don’t mind it, especially being around Shawn, we’ve bonded so much and he makes every day am adventure for me. I was listening to music, while drawing when I got pulled outta my thoughts by the door of the bus opening. I looked up to see Shawn, “finally” I said throwing my pencil and notebook to the side. “Sorry, I had an amazing show” he smiled plopping himself down on my legs. “Your all sweaty Shawn” I tried moving away, but his weight kept me pressured down. “Come onnnn play with my hair” he nagged while searching through Twitter, I rolled my eyes and began playing with his hair “only because I’m in a good mood” I chuckled, “yes” he said extending the s’s.

My dad started the car once everyone was packed in, “you wanna go somewhere private?” Shawn said grabbing his guitar, “sure I smiled”. We made our way to the back of the tour bus where there was a door that we could lock. The both of us sat Indian style on the ground, “so I learned a new song” I smiled over reaching for his guitar, “really? Let me hear it” he smiled. I adjusted the guitar strings before finally getting the right cords.
“There was a time
I used to look into my father’s eyes.
In a happy home
I was a king, I had a golden throne.
Those days are gone,
Now the memory’s on the wall.
I hear the songs
From the places where I was born.”

I strummed slowly, and really connected with the song. I took glances at Shawn as he watched me in awe. As I went on his head started to bob, and he started make a little beat on his leg. I made my way to the end of the song slowly strumming, “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child.See heaven’s got a plan for you.Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now.“Yeah!” I finished, and placed the guitar on the side of me. “That was amazing” Shawn chuckled a bit smiling. “Thanks, but I’m not as good as you” I played with my hair. “Your amazing stop, who sings this?” He questioned, “Swedish House Mafia” I smiled. “So what’s our next stop” I layed on the floor, “New York” he let a breath out, “your excited aren’t you?” I said looking over to him. “Ecstatic. There’s nothing like meeting the people that made this all possible and being able to preform for them” he said staring up at the ceiling.

There was a light knock at the door before it opened a bit, “Y/N?” My dad called out, “yeah dad over here” I said sitting up. He opened the door wider before walking in. “Me and the crew are gonna go eat, well be gone for 20 minutes, I’m leaving you in charge of this bus which means I’m leaving Shawn in charge of it” he smiled at Shawn “okay dad” I smiled back “behave, I’ll get you food” he said leaving the room. A couple minutes later and the tour bus door closed. “So what do you wanna do to pass the time?” I asked Shawn. He thought about it for a moment, “truth or dare?” He smiled, “I’m down” I chuckled back. “Truth or Dare” I asked, “dare” “I dare you, to tweet a double chin picture” I laughed, “oh come on” he protested, “should have never picked dare” I laughed. He took a quick picture before posting it, “truth or dare” he asked with a slight bit of hope that I would respond with dare. “Truth” I smirked, “Is it true you finally had your first kiss?” He asked with a slight bit of interest. My face grew red, “that is false” I tried to smile, “what??” His eyes grew big “it still hasn’t happened?” Shawn knew I hadn’t had my first kiss, he asked me one day and I just told him. Since then, he’s been trying to get me to experience my first kiss. “Of course it’s not gonna happen when majority of the time, I spend it on the bus” I awkwardly chuckled.

“I’m gonna describe what would be a perfect first kiss scenario would be like” he said looking me in my eyes, “go for it kid” I chuckled. “A perfect first kiss would be random, I’d be off guard but be filled with passion. She’d sit there unaware of what the man is thinking” he said looking Into my eyes, “he’d be thinking of how to approach this situation, she’d take small breaths feeling awkward with the silence” his gaze went to my chest, “shed avoid eye contact, while he’d stare deeply at her admiring her beauty. She’d look down, letting a strand of her come across her face” i ironically looked down to avoid staring at him much longer. I pulled myself back to look at him as a strand of hair stood loose in front of my face. “He’d catch sight of the loose hair, and push it away bringing her slowly closer to his face in the process” he pushed my hair away, lightly bringing me close to him. I could feel his breaths hit my skin, “he’d tease her” his lips lightly brushed against mine, I closed my eyes preparing for whatever was going to take place. “Before he actually would do it” he used a finger to lower my chin more. His lips pressed against mine, stunned I didn’t react but I followed his pace. Our lips moved in sync, I bit his lip extending it outward. He leaned forward making me lean back. Our lips quickening, I was fully laid down on the floor with both his hands at my sides. He let his tongue roam my teeth before asking for entrance which I fully gave him access too. I flipped us over so he was on the floor and I was straddling him. He tugged my shirt, and for a moment I broke the kiss to take it off. A soon as it was off, our lips met again. This time, I tugged for him to take off his shirt. He quickly did, as we kissed my hands roamed his body, I was close to asking for his pants to be discarded when the door to the bus opened. “Shit” I said quickly hopping up and getting my shirt. Shawn got his shirt on and casually went to scrolling through Twitter, as did I. “Hunny?” My dad said opening the door, looking over at me. “Yeah?” I said putting the phone down, “here ya go sweetie” he smiled handing me a bag of food. “Thanks dad” I kissed his cheek. He handed Shawn a bag of food to before leaving. I let out a huff, “truth or dare?” Shawn asked again, “truth” I furrowed my Brows, “is it true you had your first kiss?” He smirked, “yes I did and it was with someone amazing” I smiled to myself as I bit into my burger.