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“God Nate! why are you making this such a big deal??”
“because Y/N! you kissed him! IN FRONT OF ME!”
“I only did it because we were playing TRUTH OR DARE! I had to!”
“no you didn’t! you have control of your body! you could have said no! or ‘actually guys, I’m here with my boyfriend, I don’t feel comfortable.’ but NO! you kissed him Y/N!”
“Nate! this is all your fault! if you hadn’t forced me to play we wouldn’t be in this situation!” I yelled.
I heard the front door open and Sam, Jack, and Gilinsky walked into the house and right into our argument. “whoa…. what’s going on in here?” Sam hesitated.
I crossed my arms and huffed which I used as my reply.
“Y/N, kissed a guy right in front of me” Nate yelled.
“it was truth or dare! give it a freakin rest!” I yelled and threw my arms up.
Nate was about to scream something back when Sam butted in. “okay, look, both of you. SHUT UP.”
I instantly became quiet and so did Nate.
“Y/N, I’m taking Nates side on this! it was wrong of you to kiss the dude. especially in front of Nate! i mean, if your gonna kiss a guy, do it behind his back!”
“Sam.” gilinsky interrupted to get him back on track.
“point is, Y/N, this is kinda your problem… you messed up on this one.”
“I have to agree with the boy on this one” Jack said as he and gilinsky turned to go upstairs.
“great! so it’s me against all of you?!” I was loosing strength in this fight.
“y/n…. I think we need to take a break.” Nate whispered.
I wanted to cry, but I had to stay strong. I couldn’t look like an even bigger fool.
“okay…. if that’s what you think.” I wiped away a tear that slipped out and grabbed my purse from the couch and ran out the door.


“haha Nate! come on!” I was running across the beach, trying to catch the ice cream truck before he left. Nate was trailing right behind me and he had the money, so it was everything was riding on him. no pressure or anything.
“Y/N chill! he sees us! he’s not going anywhere!” he laughed and caught up to me.
Nate and I had made up but we weren’t dating. we had stuck to just friends and right now everything was perfect.
well, almost perfect. I really missed being more with him. the kisses, the long lazy days on the couch, the warmth of his body in bed. there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t regret what I did to screw up our relationship.
we reached the truck and Nate ordered for both of us. we grabbed our ice cream and headed to a bench to sit and watch the waves while we ate.
“I bet I can eat this Popsicle faster than you” Nate shot me a wink.
“your on Skate!” I laughed and we went to town on our Popsicles.
“I win!” I yelled and started to laugh at Nates face when he had realized he lost.
“no fair!” he whined and I just laughed. Oh how I wanted to kiss him right then and there.
“haha Y/N you’ve got a little something…” he laughed and pointed to my face. I probably had Popsicle all over my mouth. no shame.
“here I’ll get it.” he whispered and leaned in. he planted a gentle and soft kiss on my lips. I instantly smiled and kissed him back wrapping my hands through the thick hair is missed so much.
I knew then things were going to be okay.

Nate Maloley (Imagine)

Request: Can I have an imagine - Everyone’s hanging out with Nate in the studio, y/n and Madison are on their way, they’re going to stop and buy some snacks and when they’ll come in the studio Sammy will run to the, hug them and be like ‘Omg, I love you!’ so Nate and G will come to them, show him away and kiss their girls, they will eat, talk, Nate will be in the booth and then cuddle into y/n, it will be kinda fluffy, maybe? Please?
I look at myself in the reflection of Madison’s car and hop in. “Hi boo” I say greeting her with a kiss on the cheek. “Hey love” she says and starts driving down the road. “You look hot today” she compliments. “Thanks I’m trying for Nate ” I say laughing . “Oh I know what you mean Jack is always bugging me about getting out of sweatpants and into jeans and I always ignore him but once in a while I switch it up” she says laughing with me . “I don’t get why he wants you out of sweatpants you look good in anything.” I say making her open her mouth in mock shock. “Oh hell NOOO have u seen my in pajamas I look like my grandmas ass !” She says and I burst out in laughter. The whole ride to the store is filled with laughter and good music. Once we get to the store we decide to buy lots of junk food for the boys and then we head over to the studio which was conveniently a block away. I look down at my outfit a pair of high waisted black leggings, a white body con shirt and some heeled booties that Nate had bought me last week. Madison opens the door to the studio and we get through the security guards down to where the boys were. Sammy opens the door for us and engulfs us both into a super tight hug. “Oh my god….. Sammy I can’t breathe !” I say breathless. “Oops sorry I just missed you guys!” “We missed you too Sammy ” Madison said shaking her head while laughing. Nate glares at Sammy’s back and comes over to me after greeting Madison. “Hi baby girl, you look amazing” he says in my ear while hugging me. I blush and thank him quietly. He looks at me for a minute and leans in to kiss me on the cheek but I move my head at the last minute making us kiss on the lips. Nate laughs in the kiss and kisses me hard. “Woah guys leave some for tonight!” Gilinsky says laughing while his arm is wrapped around Madison’s waist. I blush (again) and bury my head in Nate’s shoulder. The producer calls Nate into the recording booth so me Madison and jack go to where the other boys were and we eat and listen to Nate’s recording. He sounds amazing, when he finishes he comes to where I’m sitting and picks me up so I’m sitting on his lap. “Do u like it so far babe?” He says “yea it sounds amazing baby” I say in awe. “But not as amazing as you ” he says while giving me a peck on the lips. I giggle and turn to see Madison but she and Gilinsky seem to be having a really deep convo so I turn back to Nate and get off his lap and onto his side and cuddle into him. “I love you so much baby girl you don’t understand. Promise me you’ll never leave me?” He says while holding his pinky out. I without a doubt lock his pinky with mine and say “I promise” —————— ———————————— kim 🌹

Shawn Imagine- Airport✨

✨Shawn imagine where it’s yall meeting up at the airport from him coming back from tour and all the fans are saying how yall are their otp✨

Your foot tapped the gas pedal as the slowly moving traffic crawled forwards. You were tapping along to the tune of ‘Drag Me Down’ by One Direction. The traffic began to clear and you quickly drove into and parked in a spot close to the exit doors.

You got out of the car and pulled on your sunglasses. A ton of girls were standing outside of the gates and when one spotted you the rest rushed over after she screamed, “Oh my god, it’s (Y/N)!”

The girls were on you in an instant, screaming and asking for photos. You took a few with them but explained that you had to go on into the terminal to get Shawn.

You hadn’t saw him in almost three months and your heart sped up. People began to walk towards you, the crowd getting thicker. You nervously glanced at your watch. If Shawn wasn’t here in three minutes you’d have to pay ten dollars for parking your car.

You looked up and saw a large figure looking around. Shawn!

You ran over and hugged him fiercely.

“Well hey babe!” Shawn said hugging you back. He kissed the top of your head before moving down to your mouth. The kids was full of passion and longing for each other.

“You know how much I missed you and how much I wanna kiss you and catch up but we have two minutes to leave before I have to pay ten dollars.” You laughed.

Shawn took the hat off of his head and put it on yours backwards. His arm went around your back as yours went around his.

The fans were still outside and, if possible, they were on you quicker than they were the first time. Shawn’s grip tightened on your back as you steered yourself and him to the car.

“Shawn I love you!”

“You and (Y/N) are my otp!”

“Follow me on Twitter!”

“Shawn, (Y/N) is so pretty! Can I have a photo?!”

Shawn stopped for a few photos but got into the car after. You quickly put in your keys and drove out of the parking lot. You began to talk about Shawn’s tour, asking him questions about the cities and the fans.

As you left the airport you grinned at your watch, seeing you had 30 seconds left to leave. Shawn laughed as he noticed what you were grinning at.

✨two imagines in one day, whaaaaat?! I hope you guys liked this!✨

Nate Maloley (Fluff)

Request: Do you think you could do an Imagine where y/n is making pancakes for everyone and suddenly pair of arms (Nate’s) would creep around her waist and be like ‘Morning beautiful’ in this sleepy voice, kissing her cheek, resting his chin on her shoulder, holding her thigh 🙈 She would smile, turn her head a little so she could kiss him and be like ‘Morning handsome’ 🙈 Aaaaaaand than One of the boys would be like 'Aya, looook at them!’ pretty please?


I yawn looking at the bright sun peaking from the curtains. I carefully started to get out of the bed to trying not wake up Nate to start my small routine which was brushing my teeth. I walked down stair to make breakfast, I hummed a few song from Arianna Grande while mixing the pancakes batter. I squeal when I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. “Good Morning, Beautiful” He whispered huskily on my ear. “Good Morning Baby did you slept well” I said turning around to Nate his matted hair causing me to giggle. he nodded, taking the bowl out of my hands to help me whisk the batter. “Strawberry Or Blueberry” I said looking at the topping for the Pancakes. “Strawberry” he said adding butter on the pan. “I’ll cook the Pancakes because you almost burn the house last week” I said pouring the pancakes on the pan. He put his head on shoulder lazily looking at me cooking. “I wanted to make breakfast for my Lil mama” he whine pecking my cheeks. “Oh My god look how adorable you guys are” Sammy snickered while the Jacks nodded in agreement making me blush light rose color and Nate to smile goofily.

Hayes Imagine- Chapstick Challenge✨

✨Can you do a Hayes imagine where y'all do the Chapstick challenge✨

“Mmh, peppermint..” Hayes laughed after planting a small birdie kiss on your lips.

“Fresh mint but I’ll give you the point.” You laughed back.

It was Hayes’ idea to film a video for his YouTube channel with the two of you doing the Chapstick challenge. Partially because you loved Carter and Maggie’s video of it but also because he could silence the drama with him and Maggie.

“Look away!” You laughed as you grabbed another, your raspberry and pomegranate EOS lip balm.

“Okay, go!” You said. Hayes turned around and planted his lips on you once again.

So far he was winning 4-3 and this one was one of the two chapsticks you had left to use.

“Strawberry?” He asked as his face screwed up in concentration. Hayes repeatedly smacked his lips trying to guess the flavour.

“Final answer?” You asked him.

“Uh, yeah I think so.” Hayes replied.

“Computer says ‘No!’ It was pomegranate and raspberry. The score is equal and we have one more to go!” You said excitedly, making Hayes turn his head the other way.

You applied your coconut EOS and pulled Hayes’ chin around. He kissed you once again and say for a minute guessing but you could tell his mind was beginning to wonder to another place.

“Um..well, is it uh. pine-pineapple?” He said slowly.

“Hayes come on think!”

“Apple?” He asked.

“Nope! It was coconut and I win 5-4 for your stupidity. Now I get to wax your leg.” You giggled.

“Hm, I have another idea for a forfeit.” Hayes smirked.

“And what’s that Grier?” You asked him.

“Just wait and see babe. We aren’t uploading that video anymore.” He said, turning the camera off and leaning in towards you..

✨Hope you liked this anon! ✨