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LET ME START BY SAYING THAT IT WAS COLD THAT EVENING!!!!! (You’ll get what I mean after watching this au) Guys decided to film a q&a video together
And Nate is so insecure when Y/n’s around
And when she decides to do THIS, he don’t know what to look at to avoid looking at her

Requested by the lovely anon 💕
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Magcon/Omaha Squad Preference: 13 Reasons Why Favorite Character and Quote.

(quotes don’t necessarily match with the characters and quotes could come from either the show or book.) 


Character: Sheri

Quote: “You don’t get to fuck with me because you don’t like who you are.”

Jack J:

Character: Jeff

Quote: “Your pain is important to other people.”

Jack G:

Character: Justin

Quote: “It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow.”


Character: Clay

Quote: “Some of you cared. None of you cared enough.” 


Character: Hannah

Quote: “You can’t love someone back to life.”


Character: Jessica

Quote: “In the end, everything matters.”


Character: Alex

Quote: “Betrayal. It’s one of the worst feelings.”


Character: Zach

Quote: “You can hear rumors. But you can’t know them.”


Character: Ryan

Quote: “Here’s a tip. If you touch a girl, even as a joke, and she pushes you off: Leave. Her. Alone. Don’t touch her anywhere. Just stop.”


Character: Tony

Quote: “You can’t rewrite the past.”


Character: Montgomery

Quote: “People grow apart, and sometimes, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”


Character: Tyler

Quote: “When you try rescuing someone and discover they can’t be reached, why would you ever throw that back in their face?”


Character: Mrs. Jensen (Clay’s Mom)

Quote: “Life is unpredictable and control is just an illusion. And it makes us feel small and powerless.”  


“you chose a child, when you had a woman.”
so this is my first fake text and ig au, so lemme know how y'all like it and request some. 😊


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● Dating Ethan Dolan would involve (Instagram’s version)

Requested by anon :

Can you make a instagram version of dating ethan dolan? That would be sweet, and if you do then thank you xx

His smile is so big and bright it makes me MELT


Your dating Nash and when you went to visit him all the boys flirt with you and tease you. Nash doesn’t like it to well and flips out on all of them. Later on when you retreat to your room and the boys give Nash their revenge with a water bottle.


Cameron Dallas


Dating Cameron Dallas would involve

Just friends

Texts AUand Twitter

At the end we are still together (GIF)

Facing hate

Stop lying to yourself

Dolce & gabbana summer 2017

Noticed outside

Jealous of Taylor

#ToiPlusMoiChallenge (preference)


Dating Cameron Dallas when you’re on a sassy mood would be like

Come over


rough sex (short)

Nash Grier

Texts AU and Twitter

Internet friend

#ToiPlusMoiChallenge (preference)


Ruined date

Hayes Grier


Freaky couple

Shawn Mendes


Dating Shawn Mendes would involve

Texts AU and Twitter

Y/N’s fan

#ToiPlusMoiChallenge (preference)


Shawn being silly with you…

Jack Gilinsky


Soccer’s queen

Jack Johnson

Texts AU and Twitter

Jack G’s sister who got a thing to Jack J


Diving competition

Mattew Espinosa

Texts AU and Twitter

Your ex tried to impress you

#ToiPlusMoiChallenge (preference)

Taylor Caniff

Texts AU and Twitter

#ToiPlusMoiChallenge (preference)

Ethan Dolan


Dating Ethan Dolan would involve


All over his phone

Grayson Dolan


Dating Grayson Dolan would involve

Derek Luh


Dating Derek Luh would involve

Sammy Wilkinson


Dating Sam behind Nate’s back


OK I felt the need to respond to the requests I’m getting in some way, so you guys know I’m working on them and not gonna ignore you :). SOOO here’s a Masterlist with all the AU Memes/Imagines I made so far and the ones requested that I’m going to make. 

🔜 = I’m working on it!
⭐️NEW = Uploaded recently!

✖️ Cameron Dallas

You’re dating him

Being in a long distance relationship 🔜

✖️ Aaron Carpenter

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

✖️ Nash Grier

You’re dating him

Hayes walks in on you 

visiting his family house 

✖️ Hayes Grier

You’re dating him

Going to Hawaii together 

He mentions you in interviews 

He asks you out ⭐️NEW

✖️ Matt Espinosa

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

You’re best friends and he confesses his feelings

✖️ Shawn Mendes

You’re dating him 

He goes to your cheer competition 

You have a son 

✖️ Carter Reynolds

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

✖️ Taylor Caniff

You’re dating him 🔜

✖️ Jake Foushee 

You’re dating him 🔜

✖️ Wesley Stromberg

You’re dating him 🔜

✖️ Kian Lawley

You’re dating him 

He’s nervous because of you 

You’re in a long distance relationship 🔜

He hears you speak your native language for the first time 🔜

✖️ JC Caylen

You’re dating him 

✖️ Dolan Twins 

You’re dating Grayson ⭐️NEW

You’re dating Ethan 🔜

Grayson has a crush on you ⭐️NEW

Ethan walks in on you and Grayson  ⭐️NEW

Ethan makes fun of Grayson for being whipped (short) ⭐️NEW

They both like you 🔜

Grayson and you break up / get back together 🔜


You’re a part of the Omaha squad

You’re in a group chat with the Omaha squad 

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 /Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8/Part 9/Part 10/
Part 11 ⭐️NEW

Dealing with Sammy and Nate 

You’re Mac Miller’s sister (Sammy & Nate) Part 1/Part 2 Part 3 🔜

The Skaterade Tour Part 1/Part 2

You’re really shy and new in town / they show you around 🔜

✖️ Jack Gilinsky

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

You have a son

You meet him over a friend 🔜

Meeting his family 🔜

You’re friends with benefits 🔜 

✖️ Jack Johnson

You’re dating him

You’re a celebrity / Telling the fans

He gets jealous

He talks about you while being on tour ⭐️NEW

The boys make fun of him for being whipped 🔜

✖️ Nate Maloley

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

He’s in a Meeting and you text him (short)

Hungover Mornings

He’s being interviewed

You’re fighting

He cheers you up

Sammy walks in on you

You’re his celebrity crush

You’re sick of his lifestyle / He cheats

You make up

overprotective (short)

He hears you speak your native language for the first time

You’re in a long distance relationship

He’s turned on by you

He’s high (Text AU📱) 

You’re friends with benefits Part 1/Part 2 

The man bun 

He’s teasing you  

Getting lost in the hollywood hills 

Meeting his family 

Being in his younow  

Being cuddled up on the couch (short

You have a daughter 

You’re Romeo Lacoste’s sister 

You meet him at a Fast Food place 

You have diabetes / He takes care of you 🔜

You’re a model 🔜

✖️ Sam Wilkinson

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2

Your relationship becomes public

Going for a walk

Nate walks in on you

He worries about you

He brags about you

You break up Part 1/Part 2

He cheats on you 

You’re friends with benefits 

sitting on his lap (short

You visit his home 

You’re friends with Emily 

He helps you with depression 🔜

You’re pregnant 🔜

✖️ John Swift

You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2 

Nate walks in on you 🔜

✖️ Derek Luh

You’re dating him  


You’re having an argument ⭐️NEW


He confirms your relationship via instagram 📷




Other boys 🔜 

… would involve

being a part of the omaha squad

dating Nate 

AUs to Lyrics 🎶 

G Frsh - Panic cord (Nate) 

Video Edits 🎬 

1 - 100 (Nate) 

Drunk/High Sex (Sammy) 

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (Derek Luh)

Fort Minor - Where’d you go (Nate)

Miley Cyrus - Stay (Nate)

“If I find something good…” (JSwazz)

Eminem - Space bound (Derek Luh)

“The Nate Cam” (Nate) 

Drake - Marvins Room  (Nate) ⭐️NEW

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady  (Nate) ⭐️NEW

Written Imagines ✒️

Typical Sunday (OGOC) 

Under Construction (Nate, JSwazz)

Emotional (Derek Luh)

🙋All other Edits/Posts/Gifsets I made 🙋


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Original Magcon

When I fell in love with these boys it wasn’t because they were extremely attractive. (although that’s a nice bonus) I fell in love with their idiocy, compassion and love for fans, silliness, spontaneousness (is this even a word?), personality, and so much more. Unfortunately I didn’t discover these amazing goofballs until shortly before the original Magcon ended. But I still love them the same as the fans who knew them from the beginning. These boys helped me through things and made me laugh when I was down. I love them so much and it kills me when I hear about them crying or getting upset from hate. I honestly don’t see how it would be possible to hate these amazing boys. And, Mahogany. If I ever meet them, I don’t know if I would have enough time to tell them how much they mean to me. I like new Magcon but for me it’s not the same. But, maybe someone will discover them, and it will help and impact them like old Magcon helped and impacted me.

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What’s with Shawn and all these strawberry blonde girls