carter cane

Confused Hate

“Stop Cam” you giggle out between breaths. You were teasing Cam during his new video and he promised revenge, you just didn’t think it would be this. He stops ticking you and brushes your hair out of face.
“Ugh you guys make me sick” Nash exclaims walking into the living room eating a handful of zings.
“Your just jealous” you say and stick you tongue out. Cam then proceeds to get up pulling you up as well.
“When are you guys gonna let the fans know?” Nash asks with a mouthful of snacks. You look at Cam, you’ve guys have been secretly dating for awhile now. You’ve wanted to tell them you were just worried about the hate and all the attention. So far only Nash knew but that was because he lived with Cameron.
“How bout we make a YouTube video later?” Cameron suggests to you and you agree. It would be nice to be able to explain it all. “Now can we pleaseeee go get Starbucks” Cameron whines. You laughed a little because sometimes he was worse than you with drinks from Starbucks.
“Yeah just let me change real quick”
“WHYYY you look perfect” Cameron smiles and pulls you down for a sweet kiss before letting you go. You rushed up the stairs to your guy’s room and search for a better outfit than sweats and a tank top. You finally decided on shorts and a nice shirt with your favorite converse, and cute sunglasses. You then fix your hair and do a bit of a touch ups. You weren’t too big in make up so you never caked it on. When you were finished you walked down the stairs to see cam throwing his phone in the air and catching it.
“I’ll laugh if you break yet another one of your phones” you remark and he looks up from his activity.
“Ready then?” He raises his eyebrows playfully and pulls you hand out the door. He says a quick bye to Nash before closing the door. You walk side by side swinging your hands that were now connected. You put on a huge floppy hat on your way out as well, scared that you might be seen. Cameron didn’t care as much though. When you arrived you big ordered your drinks and sat down.
“So should we do like a girlfriend boyfriend tag Orr” Cameron starts as you take another sip from your drink. You shrug you shoulders, you didn’t preferably care. Just then you hear the familiar shriek. You look at Cameron. All he does he pass you your sunglasses.
“omg omg its Cameron Dallas!!” She screams. Cameron tries to calm her down a bit so she wasn’t screaming but then she notices you. “ who’s she?” She asks, it wasn’t rude but it put you and Cameron in a bad position.
“Um she’s my cousin who came to visit” Cameron stutters out.
“Really then why does she have sunglasses on?” Cameron just shrugs and comes up with another small excuse. You give her a small smile and a little wave. “Can you take our picture?” She asks and hands you her phone, you give a smile and nod. She then does multiple poses as you flash the camera, trying to get the best shots.
When she leaves she gives you a small thanks and gives a huge hug to Cameron.
“Well that was unexpected” Cameron laughs out.
“Oh right so unexpected” you giggle back sarcastically. He gives you a small slap before taking your hand to walk back to the house.
By the time you both sit down and get comfortable in sweats and tank tops, your phone starts pinging like crazy. You look up at Cameron confusingly but grab your phone to see what’s up.
Twitter was going crazy with tweets about you and Cameron. You put your hand to your mouth and open a few of them.

(R/T/N): seriously why would he date her?!! @camerondallas @Y/T/N

(R/T/N): she’s not even pretty, he could do better. @camerondallas @Y/T/N

(R/T/N): lol ok is this a joke? Your so dump able @Y/T/N @camerondallas

By now Cameron was checking his phone and you were on the verge of crying with laughter. Hate didn’t really hit you like it would some people. Cameron looks over at you.
“Why are you laughing at this?” He says but he’s starting to laugh too. “Cmon lets set up our video now.” He proceeds to get everything ready and turns the camera on.
“What’s up everyone!” He greets warmly and you give a small smile and wave because you were still laughing a little. “So I know a crazy picture got out of me and this lovely girl” he winks over at you “ so I’m making a video to explain it all”. He continues to tell the whole story of how you met and how long you dated ect. At the near end though he states how much he loves you and gives you a sweet kiss before closing off.
“So how was that?” He grins over at you.
“Eh it’s okay” you joke.
“Sucks for you because it is now posting” he winks before sending it off, letting a his fans be able to view it within seconds. Everything eventually calmed down and you both lived about your life peacefully; some of the fans even liked you more then Cameron.

Hope you liked this ☺️ requests are still open 👌🏼 it’s just going a bit slow right because school is ending soon so😅

agenderkunimi  asked:

D L R O C favourite characters?

Thank you - can I make them from different fandoms? Let me see …

D - Daichi 
L - Lucien Mulholland (Stravaganza series) 
R - Ronan Lynch (TRC)
O - Ooshiba (Days)
C - Carter Kane (The Cane Chronicles)

(This was pretty hard. I had to wrack my brain for L.)

ask thing here

I'm a sucker for unique names, so I am definitely pro-Magnus!

The Chase part just gets my li'l brain dreamin’ of the possibilities…

I mean, Rick’s been known to pull fast ones on us, so maybe Magnus and Annabeth are of 0% relation, but if they are, I would SO be all over that!

Already, I’m casting my mind forward to the epic book that will come after the Magnus story.  You know, the one that includes our beloved Percy and Annabeth, Carter and Sadie, and Magnus and whoever his female counterpart is!  <3  I ARE EXCITE.

review on "The Throne of Fire" (spoiler warning)

first impressions:

i cant say that i looked at the cover of the book, since i bought the ebook, but i did find a photo to get a general idea of it. the art work is eye catching and very Egyptian like, as we see out duo of hero’s on a boat. but were not here for the cover.

my thoughts of the book:

the book is taking place only months after the red pyramid and its jsut about as crazy as the last. this time, the brother and sister team are on a quest to obtain the book of Ra in order to wake the sun god once again. (spoiler) they need to awaken ra in order to stand a chance ageists apophis, the god of chaos.

as the book takes off we switch between the perspective of both the 2 main characters, Carter, and Sedie Cane. this is a fun experience to be thrown between the view of 2 characters and see how the story roles out from 2 different ways of seeing situations. they also work as great cliff hangers witch you will either enjoy or be frustrated with… in a good way. 

what is also interesting to note is how both stories are told very differently. you get a sense that both sedie and Carter really do contrast each other in a way that makes their characters come more alive, and more believable, like a real brother and sister should. 

along in this new book we meet a hand full of new characters that bring something good to the table. each character has a good vibe of their own personality, and its not hard to distinguish who is who. its also fun to see the reltionship between these characters unfold. 

now all the bad stuff:

the book dose offer a lot to readers who are fans of the book and of rick roirdans work, such as percy jackson. there are only a couple of things that off set me about the book.

the book seems to lack a bit of… how you say, UMPH i guess. we would build up to some great event, and rick Riordan being th writer he is, could of done a lot better with the hype of certain events. 

this book also seems a bit short of what i kind of expected. when i finished the book i wasn’t fully satisfied with how it went. like i said befor, there is all this hype build up, but not UMPH. dont get me wrong its a great book!!! great ending but i just felt maybe nto to expect what you’re expecting 

over all rating: 4.8 out of 5

over all this book is a great adventure. i highly recommend picking it up. but please, read the red pyramid first, that way you get a better understanding of the throne of fire. do yourself a favor and read percy Jackson as well.