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  • Percy: So, who are your guys godly parents? Horus? Isis?
  • Carter: Oh, no, we're not actually demigods!
  • Sadie: Just magicians!
  • *Suddenly, all of the campers pop out of nowhere, dressed in Hogwarts uniforms and screaming random quotes*
  • Annabeth: YOU'RE A WIZARD, SADIE!!!
  • Sadie: Jesus CHrist, you guys!...My father shall hear about this! HAHAHAHA!!!!
  • *They all laugh while Carter looks confused*

Amazing how Sharon Carter can look so demure here ….. like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth …… and then as if by magic she turns into a kickass Shield agent …….. no wonder Steve was attracted to her …….

….. and in the gif below she is obviously thinking …. “see I can kick ass … think twice before you mess with me…..“  

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I just realized that the Kanes are approximately 3 to 4 years younger than Percy and his friends. Percy was sixteen during the attack on Manhattan and Sadie said that she was twelve during the events of the Red Pyramid, which took place a year or less apart based on the release dates of the books.

This has got me thinking that Percy and his buddies have this cute older-sibling relationship with the Kanes, teasing them, helping them out with their personal issues with some elderly knowledge, tutoring them with class, all sorts of things that big brothers/sisters do.

Plus, Magnus would be three years younger than the Kanes as well! I could see them enjoying being older than another pantheon’s hero for once!

So I’ve done a few Percy Jackson/DC cross over things, I figured I’d put them together for people to find, let me know what you think of them send me more writing prompts on this, whatever

1. Billy Batson knows mythology 

2. Nico bumps into Tim

3. Tim Drake’s first day at camp half-blood 

4. Tim helps Billy Batson catch a hunter 

words from a warrior.

“And that’s always the truth, the truth of people who stand up in the struggle.  I know you young people will meet opposition as you travel across these nations.  You’ll meet people who want to laugh at you or point at you.  And you might meet people who even want to attack you and to take away what you have, but that’s because they don’t understand.  They’ve lost their way … So those enemies that stand in front of you and try to be an obstacle, they’re actually the ones that you’re helping … So on behalf of the relations here, we all wish you well.  We all want to ask for you to have success because when you succeed, then we succeed over here, too.  Because we’re all one, we’re all one family, we’re all one circle.  We’re all here together to do this.  So I thank you my young people.  I pray that each and every step that you take, I hope it’s a prayer for our people.  And it will be a prayer for our people. Aho! Mitakuye oyasin!”

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an AU where Will and Nico had a fight and broke up and Will never found out about Carter's existence since the kid grew up in the underworld until he overheard a few demigod souls talking about camp and idk he managed to sneak out and find his way into camp but then since his body isn't used to living in the surface he got sick and Will was the one who had to take care of him and Will can't explain it but he feels overprotective over the kid and then here comes Nico and uh oh. I need it. Please.

I really like this scenario

Looking back on it now, Nico realized that the decision he made in the heat of a fight with his was-fiancé was not a good one. Most people used having a baby to bring crumbling relationships together. Nico? He had the kid and never told Will about it. He used it to get away from Will.

To be fair, the child wasn’t Will’s fault. It wasn’t why Nico and he decided to split, it was simple because they were no good together. Will needed someone who wasn’t selfish and lonely, and Nico needed someone who wasn’t going to work a twenty-four hour shift twice a week. They both wanted different things and had different goals. It was a wonder they had even stayed together long enough to get engaged, let alone have a baby.

No, none of that was little Carter’s fault, so Nico decided to keep him a secret. He raised their son in the Underworld, away from Camp and away from the surface world and other people.

In hindsight, that was a really bad idea.


Will routinely visited Camp Half-Blood one weekend a month, just to check up on everything and to help out his young siblings that ran the infirmary. He was usually only there for a few hours, unless a serious case came in that needed his skill.

On a particularly slow Saturday, one of Will’s siblings brought in a small boy. He was perhaps eight or nine, and he was as pale as a ghost. “What happened to him? Who is this?” He couldn’t understand why the raven hair or the small, button nose seemed so familiar to him, but he pushed the feeling away to focus on the kid. He didn’t seem to have any outward injuries, no bleeding or bruising, but his skin was burned all over. He turned to his sibling for an explanation.

“We found him just outside the boarder. Literally just on the other side. He must have been about to cross it when he passed out. No one knows who he is. No one’s seen him before. He must be a half-blood though to get through the barrier.” Will didn’t want to think what would have happened to him if they had brought him across the border and he was mortal.

“Let’s take care of these burns and get him on a saline drip. I’m sure he’s dehydrated. We can ask questions later.” For some reason, when one of Will’s younger brothers tried to take the kid and put him on a bed, Will held onto him a little tighter before realizing what he was doing and setting him on the bed himself.

There was something strange about that child that drew Will in and made him want to protect him.


“Will?” Nico had stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his ex-fiancé in the infirmary, tending over Nico’s son. Nico and Will’s son. Only, Will didn’t know that. Carter looked half dead, and after sneaking out of the Underworld and getting up to the surface, he was half dead. His skin was peeling off in large, red patches from sun burn, and the IV that was put in his elbow had already caused a dark purple bruise to snake up his arm. Nico was incredibly lucky that Carter even made it Camp before dying, and that someone had found him. Hades must have been looking out for his grandson.

Nico felt his throat close up when Will turned to him. “Nico?” He looked shocked, his eyebrows shooting up above the rim of his glasses. “What are you doing here?” Nico wanted to ask Will the same question, but clearly, he was working in the infirmary.

“I’m here for him,” Nico nodded towards his son, who he hoped was only sleeping. “Carter.”

Will looked surprised again. “Oh? Is he someone you know? A relative or a demigod you found?” Nico wished the answer was that simple. He and Will had parted on civil terms, hell, they were still friends, it was a mutual separation, but that didn’t make it any easier to tell Will that Carter was their child.

Taking a deep breath, Nico steeled his nerves. “He’s my son.” If it were possible, Will’s eyebrows shot up even higher. “He’s our son.”

I really liked writing this one

Before Your Eyes

Steggy Positivity Week | Day 5: Tropes, Kinks or Cliches

No one needs to say what’s going on between Steve and Peggy. They can all see it.

Erskine discovers it because of a fight, and because he has always been perceptive when it comes to other people.

He’s busy going over all the final preparations for the procedure that will, he believes, change the course of the war (there’s no room for false modesty in this), when Phillips appears in the doorway. The colonel looks if possible even more disgruntled than usual and barks out, “If you want that skinny kid to actually get to the injection part, you might want to point out that getting himself beaten to a pulp on a regular basis ain’t going to help.”

Which Erskine understands to mean that Steve Rogers has gotten into yet another altercation with one of his fellow recruits. Not that the official paperwork will say that, of course. Steve doesn’t report whoever it is that he keeps fighting with, and the recruits will close ranks if asked. But they all know where Steve’s “training injuries” are really from.

He makes his way to the medical bay, but stops at the entrance when he realises Steve isn’t alone.

Agent Carter is standing beside the bed, looking down at him, her arms folded and her forehead creased into a frown.

“Tell me,” she’s saying, “are you trying to get yourself killed?”

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