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#TeamSharnick being awesome teammates to #TeamValentay during that stressful show last week.


Dancing With the Stars - Team Nightmare

Great unison and all around team dance.

This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas

My Thoughts:

Happy that Sharna and Andy got AT…. looking forward to see that but wished she would have done AT with Nick tho…

Mark and Paula Jive…. seriously?! damn TPTB…. I wanned to see jive from Mark this season but not with Paula… Im really sad about this.

Emma and Alek rumba…… lol

Supper stocked about Witney and Nick dance…. Paso Doble…. can’t wait

I think Alexa and Derek should kill that tango…. he’s good at choreographing tango and she seem’s capable to keep up with good choreo…

kebaedits: “When we found out she was on her way back [from the hospital] you go through so many emotions a minute or two before the performance, she comes out and she looks extremely sick and Val tells me, ‘I need you to take care of her. I need you to be a leading man.’ ” - Nick Carter

iamvalc: I wish I could like this more than once 🙏🏼