carter and abby


female couples on the red carpet at the 2015 AVN Awards

  • Abby Cross & Ava Addams
  • Dani Jensen & Katie St. Ives
  • Katerina Kay & Cali Carter
  • Madison Scott & Sasha Sean
  • Gabriella Paltrova & Veruca James
  • Brandy Aniston & Maddy O'Reilly
  • Jessica Drake, Asa Akira & Stormy Daniels
Do you ever imagine yourself in your favorite show and make up your own character and the connection you have with your favorite character and what they would say and do. I don't know might just be me...

I am done choosing between my womanhood and my blackness. 

Stop giving me fictional white female characters and telling me “these are the fictional women to admire, the ones that break the mold, the feminist icons, the representation you’ve been longing for.” 

Stop asking me to squint to see myself represented on screen. Stop telling me to “wait my turn”, to support shows with white female leads as though this was a rare occurrence, as though there haven’t been thousands of them through the years. As though white women haven’t been held as the pinnacle of progress and feminism on TV since Lucille Ball.

Stop telling me that a white woman playing a spy, is innovative and feminist when you’ve had Wonder Woman, Charlie’s Angels, Scarecrow & Mrs. King and Alias before Agent Carter.

Stop telling me that seeing Jessica Jones, a white female character with PTSD, on screen is a long time coming, a revolutionary feminist act, when Joss Carter, Abbie Mills, Olivia Pope, Sasha Williams and Michonne aren’t afforded the same treatment regarding theirs from writers, media and fandom alike.

Stop telling me that “romance is not part of the show” when said show is built on the loss of the White Male Lead’s love interest. Stop labeling black female characters as one half of a “brotp”, as the supportive friend, a mammy that does everything but wipe the white man’s ass or tuck him into bed, only to prop up the Random White Woman In The Background as the obvious choice for a new, better suited love interest.

Stop giving me Trojan Horses, those black female characters I’ve longed for, the ones I finally can see myself in, the ones that you’re praised for creating and writing, the ones you make money off of only to kill them later, once they’ve served their purpose.

We are not your first step towards success, we aren’t a tool to be used to avoid criticism, or appease higher ups afraid of losing money because of the lack of diversity and representation in their shows.

We are not either women or black, we are both and we deserve to be spies, the fated love interest, the damsel in distress, the selfish one, the vulnerable one, the pinnacle of feminism and progress, the one who’s turn has come, the one who was a long time coming.

Stop giving me a drop of water and calling it the sea.


Abby: You’re going to have some dirty birds.
Carter: Grandpa liked to drive the power lawn mower around.
Abby: Into the birdbath?
Carter: Not on purpose. He was having a fatal MI at the time.
Abby(laughs) I’m sorry.
Carter: Gotta die somehow. Not a bad way to go. Sunny day, out on the mower (they both start to laugh) Don’t, don’t laugh.
Abby: Then stop it!

me walking into some of these writers rooms lately like

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Imagine watching Ghostbusters with Sharon, Natasha and Wanda

(y/n): “so, i’m thinking halloween costumes are sorted for this year?”

Wanda: “(y/n), its june, we can’t be thinking about this now.”

Natasha: “and besides, i thought we were all going to swap outfits this year.”

(y/n): “look, girls, the costumes sound fun, but i don’t think any of us could wear Nat’s outfit and look good, except for Nat, obviously.”

Sharon: “alright, ghostbusters it is then!”


GALLAGHER GIRLS CLASSIFIED WEEK: day 1 →  favorite banter exchange

“Why were you there, Zach?” I whispered, growing desperate.
“Not now.” His voice was soft but strong.
“And don’t say it was because we were in danger, because at the time we weren’t in any danger.”
“You want to take a nap or something?” he whispered.
“Yeah, and while we’re on the subject, why are you here?”
“I could ask the same thing of you, Gallagher Girl, except we should be shutting up now.”


gallagher girls meme: [3/5] relationships >> abby x townsend

Even after the plane took off, they kept debating security perimeters and protocols. I’m pretty sure they argued for forty-five minutes about where the best place for cappuccino was near the Colosseum.

(also for ((belated)) ggshipweek)

ER fans

Guyyys, how many of you used to watch ER? Can I get a reblog, because I wanna make 1/15 posts and I’m gonna need your help?

anonymous asked:

What fictional couple would you say you're most invested in?haha

omg I love this fucking question

I know you asked for my current but my favorites have been:

Carter and Abby from ER. I had a geocities website dedicated to them in 2003ish! hahahhaa

Haley and Nathan from One Tree Hill

And Glenn and Maggie from Walking Dead!

I ship other couples from tons of shows but those have been the ones I am most emotionally invested in.