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Either Will or Nico playing the floor is lava game with Carter and the other walking in the room pretty please? You're amazing!

More Carter. He’s about six

Will jumped to the long “L” side of the couch from the rocking chair hearing it scrape against the hardwood with the momentum of his launch. Carter laughed from his spot on the coffee table and Will grinned. “Hurry up, Carter, the table is sinking, you don’t want to get burned by the lava!” Will held his arms out to catch Carter, but Carter shook his head, yelling a war cry and jumping onto the couch unassisted.

Will laughed as Carter glanced back at the coffee table worriedly. “Papa really liked that coffee table. He’s gonna be sad.” Despite the fact that the table was perfectly fine on in front of them, Carter looked at it sadly before standing up next to Will on the couch.

“Don’t worry, buddy,” Will assured him, “Papa will be so happy that you made it across the lava that he won’t even think about the coffee table.” He lifted Carter up, who squealed and hit Will’s back playfully.

“What about my coffee table?” Nico was drying his hands on a towel and came walking into the room, an amused smile on his face. Will set Carter back down on the couch and Carter shrieked and dashed over to the end of the couch closest to Nico.

“Papa you’re going to get burned in the lava!” Carter launched himself at Nico, who dropped the towel hurriedly to catch his son. Carter must have lept harder then he needed to, because Nico stumbled backwards, catching his hip on a cabinet and sending him sprawling onto the floor. Will winced at the sound of Nico hitting the floor and quickly jumped off the couch.

“Papa! Papa!” Carter was hitting Nico’s chest with an open palm. “You fell into the lava! You’re dead!” Nico huffed and Will carefully pulled Carter off of Nico, setting him on the couch and helping Nico sit up.

“That was quite the jump, little man.” Nico mumbled, rubbing his hip. Will didn’t fell anything broken when he touched it and figured it would probably swell and bruise but that would be the extent of the injury.

“I tried to save you, Papa.” Carter mumbled sheepishly and Nico stood up.

“I see, the floor is lava, hm?” Carter nodded and Nico, albeit a little slow from his tumble, made his way onto the couch. “Well then, we better stay off the floor so we don’t burn.” Carter grinned and Will quickly joined back in on the game, though he made sure Nico wasn’t jumping around just in case. Carter had launched himself at Nico much harder then was necessary and Nico was probably going to be sore for a few days.

“He really does have boundless energy.” Nico commented while Will was sitting next to him trying to catch his breath. “He gets that from you.”

“He gets those sharp features from you.” Nico huffed a short laugh and Will kissed his temple. “Sorry Carter slammed into you.”

“It’s fine, just make sure he doesn’t break my coffee table. That would be the third one.” Will laughed quietly and promised he wouldn’t let Carter break it.

It’s been a really long day

Today In History We Honor Paul Robeson

‘Son of an escaped slave, Paul Robeson is an African-American singer, athlete, actor and political activist. Robeson rejected a career as an athlete and enrolled in Columbia University where he pursued acting. In 1930, he was the first black actor to portray Shakespeare’s Othello in an all-white cast. He rose to prominence in a time when segregation was legal in the United States, and Black people were being lynched by racist mobs, especially in the South.’

(photo: Paul Robeson)

- CARTER Magazine

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Hey so I love Carter and the gang and I was wondering if you could do a short one where either nico or will walks in on Carter and a significant other getting it on, in like a pg13 kinda way, and thus give him the sex talk and family awkwardness commences??? Please. Pretty please. With ten cherries and a big hug?

This is kind of a prequel to this

Nico frowned and set his book down. “Do you hear that?” He said it in an annoyed way, like he had been hearing a buzzing of an insect that fell deaf on Will’s ears. He frowned and took his glasses off, as if that would help him hear better.

“Uh, no?” Will glanced over at Nico, nudging Nico’s cold calf with his warm foot. Will hadn’t heard anything out of the ordinary. “You’re the one who’s a bat. You hear better in the dark.” Will wasn’t sure how exactly that worked, but he chalked it up under the list of unexplainable things that Will just dubbed as “weird shit underworld kids can do”. Despite Will’s lack of assurance, Nico was already out of bed, heading towards the door.

“I’m going to check on Carter and Joseph.” Nico mumbled, pulling a pair of sweatpants on and walking out the door. Will sat up, following behind him.

“Nico, no, they’re fine, give them some privacy.” But Nico was already hallway to Carter’s door, and Will could do nothing but sigh and hope he could avert disaster. Carter didn’t ask for much, but tonight he had asked for a little privacy with Joseph, and as good of a kid as he was, Nico and Will had no qualms with the request.

Until Nico was standing stock still in front of Carter’s room, the door open to reveal Carter and Joseph quickly scrambling away from each other. Carter’s pants were discarded on the floor and Joseph’s shirt was lost somewhere on the bed and both boys were blushing furiously. Carter started stuttering out apologies and explanations, but Nico quickly cut him off.

“I knew I heard something!” Carter starred at his father in shock, as Joseph searched the blankets for his shirt. Nico was grinned and looking at Will with a smirk. I told you so. He was obviously pleased with himself.

“You’re…not mad?” Carter was watching Nico and Will carefully, and Will saw how tense he was, waiting for the explosion that he thought was bound to happen. Both Carter and Joseph still were at least half dressed with their underwear on, and they were sixteen, so Will didn’t really see the harm in the intense make-out.

Nico pointed a finger at Carter. “Your dad and I were doing just that when we were sixteen so, no. I do understand teenage hormones. I may not have them anymore, but I did. But,” he glanced at the clock on Carter’s nightstand, “it is getting late, Joseph should probably head home before his mom calls one of the other soccer moms and finds out that he was never at practice.”

Joseph paled and shot out of the room between Will and Nico, mumbling a thanks and a promise to see Carter tomorrow.

“I’m not mad,” Will began, “but I think I just want to go over a few things with you to make sure that when you don’t get interrupted, you’re safe.” Carter groaned.

“Let me get some pants on.”

Cue the awkward talk