February 11, 2016

Today We Honor Whitney Houston

With over 170 million combined album, singles and videos sold worldwide during her career with Arista Records, Whitney Houston has established a benchmark for superstardom that will quite simply never be eclipsed in the modern era. She is a singer’s singer who has influenced countless other vocalists female and male.

Music historians cite Whitney’s record-setting achievements: the only artist to chart seven consecutive #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits, the first female artist to enter the Billboard 200 album chart at #1 and the only artist with seven consecutive multi-platinum albums.

Whitney has won her worldwide following the old-fashioned way, digging deep down into her soul and finding common threads with her millions of fans.

- CARTER Magazine

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anonymous asked:

Carter, when he's like 3-5, would totally go into his dads' room while they were still sleeping and get in between them

I’ve been in a writing block lately, but this pulled me out. Thank you.

Part 1    Part 2

Nico’s entire body tensed. After a little more than two decades, his senses were fine tuned to any form of danger. His subconscious woke him up quickly. Danger! It screamed at him. He assessed his surroundings and determined that he was, in fact, still in his bed in his house. He heard Will snoring softly next to him and felt a small, warm body pressed against his. Oh. That’s what woke him up. He looked down and found the small form curled up tightly, wedged in between Will and Nico. The curly, black hair blended in with the darkness and Nico could barely see it. Only his senses and the lite trembling coming from the body told him his son was there. 

“Carter?” He called softly, not wanting to wake his husband. The inky hair moved and Nico saw the intense blue eyes that looked like they could belong to no one but Zeus. 

“Papa.” The voice wavered, trembling with emotion. “I didn’t mean to wake you up. I’m sorry.” Nico sat up quickly, stirring Will beside him. 

“What happened?” Even though Carter frequently climbed in bed with Nico and Will in the middle of the night, he almost always crawled on top of one of them so they knew he was there. Tonight, though, Carter slid in with the shadows, coming in silently and managing not to alert either of his battle trained fathers of his presence.

“I had a bad dream.” Carter looked down, his eyes watering and his bottom lip trembling. Nico quickly picked him up, pulling him into his lap. At this point, Will was now awake, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and looking at Carter in confusion. Nico mouthed bad dream over Carter’s head and Will immediately softened, scooting over closer to the two.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Will asked softly, placing his hand on Carter’s back and rubbing soothing circles on it. Carter trembled harder.

“Papa was gone.” Carter whispered. “And then those people came and took you away too, Daddy.” Carter buried his face in Nico’s shirt, his hair tickling Nico’s chin. Those people. Nico knew who the people were Carter was referring to. It was the people who came to them from Camp Half-Blood. Every time they came, they always took Nico or Will away. Carter began to dread them, their presence always led to the absence of one of his fathers for a while. And when they finally came back, they were always weary and tired, and in Nico’s case, usually injured. When they were called back to camp, it was because their skills were needed, either Will’s healing or Nico’s fighting. Nico held his son tighter.

“Baby, Daddy and I aren’t going anywhere. I promise.” He gently ran his fingers through Carter’s dark curls. “We’ll always be right here.” Will moved closer, pulling Nico sideways between his legs and wrapping his arms around the other two. 

“We love you too much to ever leave you.” Will said softly. 

“Promise?” Carter’s small voice shook slightly.

“We promise.” Nico said, kissing the top of Carter’s head. Carter relaxed and Nico was willing to bet he smiled.

“I love you.” He said quietly, yawning.

“We love you too.” Nico and Will replied at the same time. Eventually, long after Carter fell asleep and Nico and Will spoke in hushed tones, everyone fell asleep wrapped around each other. Nico protecting Carter and Will protecting Nico. They would explain to Carter what happened when they went away when he was older and would understand, but for now, they slept quietly, wrapped around each other.

The ending is kid of meh, but yeah. That comment made me smile so much.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a fic (short or long) where Will and Nico are taking care of their baby for the first time with no assistance from their friends who already have babies

Including my fave little baby OC: Carter

Also, Will can’t hold babies.

Will found himself in a very strange arrangement. 

Carter was crying, and Nico was still asleep.

Normally, Nico shot up out of bed the moment he heard Carter start crying, but tonight, he was dead to the world. Will glanced over at the form of his sleeping husband. His eyes had deep, dark circles underneath them from countless sleepless nights tending to a baby, and, if Will were being honest, he was starting to get a little on the thin side. Will got up quickly, hoping to get to Carter before Nico woke up from his much needed sleep. He walked across the hall to the nursery and picked up his son.

His son.

He still grinned when he said it and felt ecstatic when he heard it. 

“Shhhh, hey, hey little guy,” he spoke quietly, gently bouncing Carter up and down to try and soothe the baby, “hey Bubby, hey what’s wrong? Are you hungry? C’mon, let’s quiet down so we don’t wake up Papa.” 

He walked into the kitchen, gently setting Carter in his highchair and pulled out a jar of baby food. When Carter squealed happily, Will smiled and knew he hit the nail on the head about Carter being hungry. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it little guy?” Carter squealed again and reached for it, causing Will to chuckle quietly. He grabbed a spoon and started feeding him.

“Will?” A groggy voice called from the hallway. “Are ya ‘wake?”

Will stood up and strode over to Nico. “Why are you awake?” He asked him, gently turning him around and herding him back into the bedroom.

“Why are,” he yawned, “you awake?” 

“Carter was hungry. But I’ve got it. Go back to sleep, baby.” Will helped Nico lay back down under the blankets and pecked his forehead. Nico was asleep before Will left the room.


“Will that is not how you’re supposed to hold a baby. Babies aren’t footballs. I thought you were a pediatrician?” Nico commented dryly, moving one of Will’s hands so he was supporting Carter’s head and neck.

“I am a pediatrician.” Will shot back, opting to just lay Carter against his shoulder instead of trying to hold him the complicated way Nico sometimes did. 

Nico simply snorted and went to make a bottle for Carter. Will watched his husband warily, walking over to him and kissing the back of his head. “Why don’t you get something to eat and take a nap?” 

“Not hungry,” Nico responded and Will sighed, “And I slept almost all night last night.”

“But-” Nico shook his head and took Carter from Will, gently putting the bottle nub in his mouth. “Hello my little burrito.” He cooed. “Will, you’re going to be late for work.” 

Will looked up the clock and cursed quietly. Nico was right, as usual, if he didn’t leave, he’d defiantly be late for work. 


Will looked down at his phone during his lunch. He got a message from Nico earlier and didn’t get the chance to open it until now. 

Miss you :)

Attached was a picture of Carter smiling with food all over his mouth. His bright blue eyes and dark hair that so mirrored Nico’s made Will’s heart ache. Carter may not be his child biologically, but he looked like the perfect cross between Nico and Will. Carter’s giggling face was next to Nico’s smiling face and Will wished with everything he had he could be home.

Will smiled and sent a text back.

Miss you guys too. Wish I could be home.

When Will got home from work, he was greeted by a scream, Carter’s famous happy scream, and a dead-on-his-feet-husband. Will pecked Nico’s forehead and promptly sent him to bed after taking Carter from him and promising he’ll hold him right. 

“It’s just you and me little guy.” Will smiled when Carter clapped happily and took him into the living room. Twenty minutes later, Will found himself playing with a train more than Carter was, who was content just sucking on his fingers. “Trains go choo-choo!” Will said, playfully running the train over Carter’s leg and earning a loud squeal. 

“Choo-choo, huh?” Nico said from the door frame, smiling softly at his husband and son. 

“Nico!” Will smiled, getting up wrapping his arms around his husband. “How are you feeling?” 

“Like I was hit by a bus.” He slumped into Will’s arms, letting Will guide him to the couch. Will chewed on the inside of his cheek. Nico was getting sick, he was almost sure of it. But as soon as Carter squealed happily at the sight of Nico, he seemed to become fine. He stood up, gently brushing Will off, and picked Carter up. 

“Hello, Burrito. Were you good for Daddy?” He rubbed his nose against Carter’s and smiled. 

“Of course he was good. He’s always good.”

So this became less “Nico and Will’s guide to parenting” that you asked for and more of just an everyday Solangelo with a baby. I’m sorry. But I hope you still like it. 

Okay, so I know that ended abruptly but I really saw no end in sight for this so if you guys really like, I’ll do a second part if requested. 

Also, to the anon that requested secretly dating, I got it, but I won’t be able to do it until tomorrow.