wow this music video is literally relationship goals


Going In Again @jamisonkrusen #singing #cartales #debbiethedart

A grainy, wet appetite as Delvin the new-age dragster sleeps silently within his master’s reach, waiting and waiting for the sun to shine and his engine to roar. #cartales from the sweeping crypt of metal machinery and life-like transformers.

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1. Write your name in song titles 

M method man - wu-tang clan
A all caps - madvillain
R red and gold - mf doom
I i am the walrus - the beatles (but fuck the beatles)
E emotion - destiny’s child

2. Why did you choose your URL?
i have a crush on felix cartal
3. What’s your middle name?
i don’t have one because my name is already long as fuck
4. If you could be a fictional/fairy tale being, what would you be?
i’d be komatsu (toriko’s bitch)
5. Favorite colour?

6. Favorite song?
right on time - joey bada$$ 

7. Top 4 fandoms?

i don’t care about fandoms so i don’t know

8. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

hot people call me pretty sometimes so that’s why i’m here

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popppycock asked:

Are you still doing the playlist thing? Can you please do Kimberly? Thanks 😊


K - Kate x Arty

I - Immigrants x The M Machine

M-  Memories x Project 46 & Laidback Luke

B - Blind Heart x Cazzette

E - Eye of the Storm x Gareth Emery

R - Redline x Wolfgang Gartner

L - Let It Go x Felix Cartal (i promise its not the song from frozen)

Y - You Were Here x Paris Blohm & Mako

hope you enjoy them! :D

♡ Tag ten people you want to get to know better ♡

Name: marie

Nicknames: cartal

Birthday: january 13th

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: hetero

Height: 4'11"

Favorite Colors: yellow

Time and Date (Presently): 07/17/2015 5pm

Average Hours of Sleep: 5-8 hours

Lucky Number: 3

Last Thing I Googled: dorito flavours 

First Word That Comes to Mind: dogs

Places That Make Me Happy: school cuz i know im gonna get that gwap after graduating  

What Are You Wearing Right Now: pjs (ive been home all day dont judge me)

Favorite Fictional Characters: toriko
 gon gintama 

Favorite Book: i have too many

Favorite Animation: anything studio ghibli or disney 

Favorite TV Shows: running man, return of superman, family outing, the 100, oitnb uhh i dont really watch a lot of stuff because i dont have enough time 

Favorite Foods: pho, cha gio, and congee 

Last movie I saw in cinemas: does it look like i go to the theatre im a cheap hoe

Dream Holiday: with a rich man lol

Dream Wedding: with a rich man 

Dream Job: eating on webcam 

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New Scene (feat. Ofelia) by Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal- With You (Feat. Natalie Angiuli) [Bronze Whale Remix]

Felix Cartal- With You (Feat. Natalie Angiuli) [Bronze Whale Remix]

Bronze Whale was asked to do the first official remix of Felix Cartal’s latest track ‘With’ you after they hosted his weekly podcast show the weekend before. What a remix it is… The relaxed atmosphere that Bronze Whale creates absolutely backs up the angelic vocals of Natalie Angiuli as she sings her way into your heart and Bronze Whale delivers the song to ease you into utopia. The simple melody…

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chainedloves asked:

Do mine!!! my name is jillian :)

J - Javelin x Gareth Emery & Ben Gold

I - Insomnia x Audien

L - L’Amour x Bingo Players

L - Lose Myself (Paris Blohm Remix) x Seven Lions

I - I Lived (Arty Remix) x OneRepublic

A - All By Myself x Dubvision

N - New Scene x Felix Cartal

i hope you like these :D :D :D 


New Scene (feat. Ofelia) by Felix Cartal

Palo Alto: Pastis owner to open second French restaurant

#tennis #FrenchOpen [Palo Alto Online]Bernard Cartal, owner of Pastis French Bistro on California Avenue in Palo Alto, is opening another French restaurant just steps down the street. Cartal has taken over 415 California Ave., most recently the short-lived home of haute hot-dog eatery Chez Franc.