Military Blood

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Anonymous asked:

Hey love your stuff! Do you think you could do a bucky x reader where she’s a soldier and is related to the howling commandos by some relative?

Characters: Bucky x reader, Steve Rogers, Dum Dum Dugan (mentioned)

Summary: Bucky is dragged to an army base to help Steve recruit a soldier for Hill who wants to train someone in intelligence. While watching a fresh batch of army recruits, Bucky can’t help but feel uncomfortable back in an army base, and it doesn’t help that their new recruit is a beautiful woman, but a ghost from Bucky’s past.

Warnings: Swearing, making out???, flirty Bucky

Words: 3627

A/N: I love this idea! Thanks to the anon who requested it, hope you enjoy this xo

Walking along the military base felt wrong to Bucky after so many years. It hadn’t been his idea to come, he’d dragged along at Steve’s request, practically begging him to help out with the newest assignment. Bucky had ever so reluctantly agreed to join as a favour, but was now marching the grounds of an army base feeling like a puzzle piece that didn’t quite belong.

“Remind me again why we’re here?” Bucky asked, tugging down his left sleeve even further to conceal his metal limb from view.

“Pretty simple,” Steve said, “Fury wants us to recruit a soldier.”

“Why?” Bucky asked, what possible use would the Avengers have for a soldier?

“So Hill can move someone up through intelligence.”

“So we’re here to recruit a spy?”

“I guess.”

Bucky hummed in acknowledgement, but was of course distracted by the fact that he felt like he was walking through a distant dream. Everything about the camp was so familiar, but felt just out of reach. He listened to drill sergeants yelling commands, heard huffs of effort from the mouths of those doing push ups, and felt the ground shake with the stomping of boots on the dirt paths.

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Team SVLR Extended bios!

Thanks for the support on this post everyone, it’s made my like week! Thanks so much for supporting the kids and so before I release Summer’s Vales first chapter sometime this weekend or later (almost done but editing is hard to schedule though) But in the meantime here is the extended bio, starting with Summer Schnee (more bios and more info below the read more) Art and concept art by @chezforshire

Summer Schnee

  • Age: 17
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Myer-Briggs  ESTJ-t 
  • Orientation: Lesbian

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Cartagena, Colombia. A port that in the times of slavery was the door to South America. This colonial city rich in history and culture takes your breath away. Its gorgeous landscapes and even more beautiful Caribbean beaches really make you want to stay here, and If it wasnt for the hundreds of street vendors I would!

Some of the shots here are from Playa Blanca, a white sand beach near the Rosario Islands, the water here is like no other, so crystal clear that you could see the fish swimming around the coral reefs.

The last photo is of us at Totumo Volcano, a volcano which oozes warm mud, here the locals help you with the spreading of the mud and even wash you off once you are done. Tipping is heavily practiced here, its how they live,

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GRIMES talks about touring 

“I think it’s really important to have real cups, trying to reduce garbage. I think touring is really bad for the environment. It’s one of the reasons it really stresses me out to tour: it’s cartage, shipping stuff around, flying 11 people around the world. There’s quite a carbon footprint associated with that. We’re just trying to reduce as much as possible.“