An illustration of Moril’s portrait as displayed in Tannoreth Palace from The Crown of Dalemark.

[The] portrait that truly fascinated her…
was called  'Unknown Minstrel Boy’ and she kept wishing she knew more about him. He was probably about her own age and he had red hair -which Maewen had always secretly wanted for herself- with the paleness that always goes with such hair. He was rather richly dressed in dark maroon satin, so either he was a very good minstrel or a young aristocrat posing as one. Good minstrel, Maewen decided. It was in the way his pained eyes met yours and yet looked away, full of thoughts and knowledge and strong sadness…
The minstrel boy had his hand dreamily wrapped across the cwidder, half hiding the strange old lettering inlaid in the  front.

(With apologies to anyone who actually understands textiles and musical instruments, how they work and what they look like.)

Oh right! So as I was rereading Cart and Cwidder before, I copied down all the descriptions of songs in the story. If anyone wants to use this information to make a Dalemark Quartet fansong, I would love you forever.

I also added some mentions of what things/people in the story look like, in case anyone wants reference for fanart/cosplay?/etc. This is only for Cart and Cwidder, sorry, but please feel free to reblog and add other reference notes for the rest of the series if you like!

Also note, this does contain spoilers if you haven’t read all of Cart and Cwidder.

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