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Deaf Awareness Week

Hi there! May is for many different things. EDS awareness, fibro, celiac, CF, a bunch of other stuff. 

This week is Deaf awareness week.

Here’s something you didnt know about me: I have moderate conductive hearing loss due to EDS (which is progressive). I wear hearing aids and use assistive technology to get by. 

I am oral and I dont know ASL or lip reading, but im trying to learn. 

I need captions to watch TV or Youtube videos. 

I like to use CART (real time captioning) in group conversations. 

When talking to me please face me and speak clearly. 

There are 25 million people in the united states with some level of hearing loss

most insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids but will cover cochlear implants

Deaf culture is a thing and being hearing isn’t inherently better than being Deaf. 

Everyone (especially people with chronic illness) should get a hearing test every year, just like you get an eye test. 

This made me cry a little….

(To bless your dash…)

I had this entire thing and it was beautiful but Tumblr fags were like NAH MATE GOTTA UPLOAD THAT SHIT TO VIMEO or whatever the fuck that is…

Lakehouse - Of Monsters and Men

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