Final Video and Winner Announced

Our last video is also our winner. It’s creativity and all around polish made it the favorite here in the studio. The icing on the cake was when Carston said it was his favorite too.

So our winner of the first So You Think is Nate Balli.

Check out Nates video here and stay tuned for more once we start collaborating.

We really want to thank everyone who sent in their reels, and a special thank you goes out  to the following:

Kevin Matluk

Joshua Van Patter

Daniel Dixon

Nicolas Teichrob

Joe Carter

Tom Malecha

Nate Balli 

We are humbled by how successful this contest has been. It might be something we have to do again in the future!


There are few names in the world of skiing and bike photography that are universally recognized. Scott Markewitz fits this category. As a former pro skier, it’s no surprise that since diving into action sports photography, he’s been killing it - having been published on over 400 covers from Men’s Journal to Powder Magazine. His relentless work ethic and drive to ‘get the shot’ has produced countless iconic images and one of the most diverse portfolios in action/sports photography.

We had the opportunity to follow Scott for a few days at his home base in Salt Lake City, Utah. It quickly became apparent why he’s so successful at his craft. He is very engaged with not only the sports he is shooting, but the athletes as well. There’s a certain dynamic between Scott and the athletes he works with, which is well reflected in his photos. Within a 36 hour timespan, he captured three different sports with a half dozen athletes, including Carston Oliver, KC Deane and Julian Carr.

When he doesn’t have a camera in his hand, Scott spends his time with his son Julian and wife Veronique. They were kind enough to let us in for pancakes.

For more on Scott and his work, check out his site at

Athletes: Julian Carr, KC Deane, Carston Oliver, Kevin Brower, Adam Welch
Video & Editing: Cameron Sylvester
Motion Graphics: Chad Jones & Cameron Sylvester
The New Wrong - Taco Neck
Sleeping Children are Still Flying - Blue Sky Black Death
Location: Salt Lake City, UT USA
Gear: f-stop Loka and Large Pro ICU, Canon 7D, Canon L glass, Glidecam HD4000, Budget Tripod, Zoom H4N, Shure lav mic, Hoya Filters.


Finalist Video #4

Nicolas Teichrob was able to crank out this edit before taking off to Kyrgyzstan. A well traveled action sports photographer and filmmaker, Nicolas’ recent work includes the film PARALLELS. We were stoked to have Nic participate in this contest!